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  1. caleb

    Owl's Head via Flume Slide (almost), 7/2/2011

    Great report and pics. Congrats Earl and Sue. We were further N on franc Ridge. Then yesterday we did the Ammo/Jewel loop. Great w/e..
  2. caleb

    Monroe, More Fun Than A Trip To Disneyland, 4/16/2011

    Great report Earl. John and I made it to LOC and then pushed North (away from the wind) thinking that Jewel trail would be a bit less windy. Boy were we wrong! The winds on both the Westside Trail and upper Jewel were fearsome. We had several knockdowns and by the time we reached the trees we...
  3. caleb

    NY Times piece on Wilderness Areas

    It gives me hope for humanity that we can occasionally choose to place parts of the biosphere above current perceived human needs and designs. If I want 'trammeled' I can always go to the buffer strip behind my local Home Depot. There's trees there too and not a bad looking little steam..
  4. caleb

    Great Gulf Campsites

    I would agree that hanging food anywhere in the GG and the lower east slopes is a must. At Osgood a couple weeks ago we had an encounter with a fully-habituated and very determined bear. We had to chase it off 3 times. Hang your food if you're in the back country!
  5. caleb

    How crowded do the RMC huts get on a Sat nite?

    We stayed at the Perch this past Sat Night (The perch is closed but there are 2 available tent platforms). The tent platforms were both filled by 5pm. There was apparently lots of availability at both GN and CC. The weather was perfect too...go figure.
  6. caleb

    Last Call (I promise) for Whites partners 3/7-11

    I'll be at Tucks Fri nights. Sat (MArch 6) I'm planning to loop up to Mt Wash and then return via Bootspur back to Tucks. Should be a beaut of day. Caleb
  7. caleb

    Favorite Podcasts

    Here's an Ed Abbey. Otherwise, the only outside/hiking/mountaineering I know of is from Practical backpacking
  8. caleb

    Favorite Podcasts

    A non-linear dose of possible reality. Not for the faint hearted...
  9. caleb

    AMC Executive Director pay

    Well said. My relationship with the AMC ended 2 yrs ago after I griped to Boston about a winter caretaker.. (the guy was unbelievably offensive and sexist to my gf and believe me neither of us are shrinking violets). Anyway, I got no response from the AMC. Zip. And that's when I knew...I was...
  10. caleb

    Rain Gear - What really works

    Couldn't agree more. Staying warm is the trick and it usually doesn't require staying 100% dry. When I section hiked the CDT I started out with a soft shell and had a sil-tarp backup for extreme downpours. When I got cold I either had to walk faster (or run) or get into my sleep system (down...
  11. caleb

    MSR Denali Ascent "televator" failure

    Why is this better? , pray tell ..
  12. caleb

    Interesting Situation at Baxter: Car Boot

    It could be that BSP was in 'pissed off' mode. We spent Sat-Tues at Roaring Brook/Chimney. At the South gate we were told that earlier in the week two bear cubs were captured at Roaring Brook campground for eventual relocation, with Mother bear reportedly still on the prowl... Here's the crew...
  13. caleb

    Tent Camping in Cancun?

    There’s tent camping near Playa and just south of Cancun in Puerto Morales. North of Cancun the entire shoreline is open, isolated and public. It screams to be explored by foot. Here’s a prayer that I’ve perfected over the years and put to good use all over the world, from Cartagana to Nepal...
  14. caleb

    Tent Camping in Cancun?

    Thanks for the help. Yeah Cancun is not such a good idea. The whole insect/passport/Mexican-National thing is such a hassle..We've decided to go to Boston instead, make a weekend of it. On the way back home we'll hit some malls and maybe buy tires.
  15. caleb

    Tent Camping in Cancun?

    Two us have some cheap travel to CANCUN and we're wondering about tent/stealth camping north of the city along the bch. Anyone been here lately? thNKS C
  16. caleb

    Carrigain Pond Aug 28 2009

    It took me 3 years and 3 attempts but I finally made it to Carrigain Pond. From the Hancocks, I routed down along the wilderness boundary to the col at The Captain, then skirted around the backside of the Captain to the pond. The going was rough, requiring determination and a pointed disregard...
  17. caleb

    Climbers stranded on hood as we speak

    Now THAT's an incredible book...and story. It's amazing he survived..Coming off Everest in a whiteout, utterly spent, practically decompensated. wow. it was chilling to even read. Of the larger picture of his exploits, the human toll, on himself and the others around him, it boggle das mind..
  18. caleb

    Darren's father passed away

    Best Wishes Darren. I'm sure your Dad would want you to climb back into your kayak or return to your bliss as soon as you can. He gave it to you....CE
  19. caleb

    First Presi Trip. Need a little help.

    NH schools get out this week so it's a big weekend in the Whites. Shelters and platforms are sure to be a crapshoot. For this reason we're planning a Pres Traverse mid-week starting out of Ho Jo's early to get to the Perch by 3PM. Good luck with it though...
  20. caleb

    Mother’s Day on Chocorua and the Three Sisters

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story... best, Caleb