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  1. iAmKrzys

    Old car image search on Google is a neat tool!

    Perhaps a Chevy truck from late 1940s.
  2. iAmKrzys

    Southeast Mass folks...

    Warner Trail appears to be marked on OpenStreetMap as far as I can see: Relation: ‪Warner Trail‬ (‪13578647‬) | OpenStreetMap
  3. iAmKrzys

    Gear: use it or lose it

    I generally feel pretty uneasy about devices that have built-in rechargeable batteries sometimes it is unavoidable, for example, in most recent smartphone models or inReach devices. Hence, when getting a SteriPen I went for "Adventurer" model that uses two Lithium non-rechargeable batteries and...
  4. iAmKrzys

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    It looks like New Activity stream is now a bit hidden but here is the link: Latest activity
  5. iAmKrzys

    How do we keep folks from hiking Saturday?

    I wonder a bit how accurate and reliable these measurements are? About 10 years ago there was a lot noise about neutrino that appeared to travel faster than light until eventually it was discovered that it was likely due to a faulty connection between a GPS receiver and a computer...
  6. iAmKrzys

    Estimating Hiking Time

    I totally agree that snow conditions and pack weight affect hiking speed in a significant way. My hiking speed on backpacking trips is always slower and wearing snowshoes on soft powder is a totally different thing than on packed snow. These are bits of information that would have to be...
  7. iAmKrzys

    Estimating Hiking Time

    There is a certain beauty in simplicity. When I don't know much about terrain I just assume 1.5 miles per hour. Yet I think it would be fun to analyze gps traces and figure out what really matters when it comes to hiking speed. I'm pretty sure most of these methods are based on what people...
  8. iAmKrzys

    Estimating Hiking Time

    I am usually using the following rule of thumb: 1/2 hour per mile + 1/2 hour for each 1000 ft of elevation gain (unless I'm taking quite a few pictures:) .) I am a slow hiker, so I think these proportions seem to fit me better than Naismith's Rule...
  9. iAmKrzys

    Another Falling Waters Loop Fatality

    Thank you for posting this. "[...] your phone is for taking pictures and for making emergency calls" (around 16:00 in the video) - I couldn't agree more with this especially in the context of hiking in adverse weather conditions.
  10. iAmKrzys

    The Convergence Of The Cell Phone And Satellite Messengers/ GPS Continues

    Back to OP, Wall Street Journal also had an article on this partnership between Qualcomm & Iridium, and supposedly the new technology will be named "Snapdragon Satellite." The interesting twist on this is that Garmin will administer Snapdragon Satellite emergency functions according to that...
  11. iAmKrzys

    Another Falling Waters Loop Fatality

    The right way to fight pictures is with pictures. No one reads the signs or user manuals! Reposting from an earlier thread @
  12. iAmKrzys

    NH F&G Rescue Costs

    I hate to sound like a broken record but I really think drones are the way to bring down the costs in the future.
  13. iAmKrzys

    Traction repair

    Have you considered stainless steel cable ties, for example like these: ? They are harder to form and trim than plastic ones but they are a lot more abrasion resistant.
  14. iAmKrzys

    Sort of an event, retirement

    Congratulations on your retirement! If lack of time was keeping you away from hiking or doing other things then it should no longer be a problem!
  15. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    While I love to pick up my hikes in places where trail mapping on OpenStreetMap is lacking and needs some work, I realize that searching in winter for slow running water would likely end up in failure, so I think it is more of a summer project! :) For some of abandoned trails there may be clues...
  16. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    Are these shelters still there? I'm having a hard finding any mention of them except in older books. Also, I don't see anything on Strava heatmap that would look like a path to these shelters: I have a 30th edition of WMG but...
  17. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    No, I have not as I actually haven't hiked around Mizpah Spring Hut. It is not marked on OpenStreetMap. I did find a zoomable map with a picture here: . Personally, I don't mark anything on OSM that I haven't visited or that I...
  18. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    Some water sources are marked on OpenStreetMap - they show up as little blue circles in current map visualization. For example here: you should be able to find Spaulding Spring and Gulfside Spring. The problem is that they are not easy...
  19. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    This hiker being missing was publicized in a large Facebook group early on, so attention was building up fast as people were reading about it (FB pushes trending post to the top of the feed) and there was no quick conclusion to the SAR effort. I'm not really surprised that a lot of people felt...
  20. iAmKrzys

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    If this young lady did not accidentally walk off the trail (at least for the most part of her hike) then I guess part of her bad luck was that she did not run into anyone else on the trail. If she met other hikers they might have recognized that she was in trouble and perhaps offer some...