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    Hiking Wildcat?

    Do you still need a trail pass from the ski area? Although I’d like to do a loop, I might be stuck on an out and back from the ski area. Any advice? Thanks.
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    Funding for continuing VFTT

    Done. Very valuable site. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Practicing self-arrest

    What about Wildcat with the $10 hiker access fee?
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    Plastic taste from Camelback?

    I just got my first Camelback reservoir and the water has a pronounced plastic like taste. I've only used it three times and imagine the taste will go away in time, but is there any to get rid of it faster? Thanks.
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    Winter Parking At Cog Railway Lot

    I believe plowing the FS lot came up on a thread several years ago. Someone asked the FS about the lot and was told it was not built to be plowed, that is, not an adequate base under the asphalt. When they made the lot, no one envisioned opening the road in winter.
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    Lincoln-Lafayette loop

    Falling Waters to Bridle Path. Ideal winter conditions, packed powder throughout. The Falling Waters were still today, covered by a thick blanket of snow and ice. I used Microspikes the whole way. There were a few places that snowshoes would have been better, but we're imparactical overall...
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    A new danger in the Mountains? (Tick borne disease)

    I know it was a typo, but your "1004" and "senior member" really made me laugh.
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    To Whom Do You Recommend Trail Safety Improvements?

    I noticed this spot last year. It seemed out of place on that trail, which is used by many less experienced hikers, and agree that it needs improvement from a safety perspective.
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    Globe story on a winter ski trip from Zealand to the Kanc gone bad

    When I read the article, I thought the problem was that they were skiing. If a group of six fit people were on snowshoes, it does not seem the obstacles encountered would be that tough. I winter hike and can easily imagine breaking through the conditions they encountered with five strong...
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    What is this mountain seen from I-93N?

    The location is between the New Hampton and Ashland exits. There is enough local curving on the road that Lafayette could easily appear on the left from 40 miles away.
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    What is this mountain seen from I-93N?

    Does anybody know what mountain this is? When you are driving north on I93, just beyond the 70.4 mile marker if you look slightly to the left, there is a very picturesque mountain. You get another more limited glimpse about mile 72. It is a fair distance away, since it is not there when...
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    Bushwhack On North Twin From 2nd Crossing To Ridge?

    The map is really neat. Thanks for posting it Dave.
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    Carter Dome via Its Trail

    19 Mile Brook was a highway. Carter Dome Trail to Zeta Pass was a high quality secondary road. Beyond Zeta Pass, some misguided person did not wear snowshoes and wrecked the foot path. After rejoining Carter Moriah, the way to the summit was fine. I did not go over Mt Hight, but others said the...
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    Zealand / Bonds - Out and back, or traverse? ...for our 48 4K finish!

    Traverse I just did Gale River to Lincoln Woods and the way is clear. "It's all downhill" from the Twinway/Bondcliff Trail junction. There is no comparison from a strictly hiking standpoint. Going back up to Bond from Bondcliff is tough. The walk out is boring, but that's different from...
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    1000 pound Hood ornament for 2000 pound Honda Civic - Near moose hit

    OMG, a plastic moose Too cool. Where do I get one?
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    I loved your slide show. Great pics! Thanks.
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    Bike rack at Crawford Notch?

    Thanks! I've made a few loops with a bike, but I'm really looking forward to going down "Naufords." My bike is less impressive, so I'm even less concerned.
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    Bike rack at Crawford Notch?

    I'd like to leave a bike in the train station area to use to get back to my car at the Ethan Pond trailhead after a loop hike. Does anyone know if there is a bike rack there or at the AMC lodge? Any other suggestions if there is no rack? Thanks