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  1. paul ron

    Catskill 3500 Club New List

    Well at least some of us had the honor of visiting DT and so many of the other beautiful peaks "in the good ole dayz." I havent been up in awhile, I hear how busy it is up there so Ill stay away till next winter. Once upon a time Id see one or two people on the trails.... n I knew everyone of them.
  2. paul ron

    Poison parsnip causes severe burns, blisters on woman's legs

    I meant a new invasive to worry about. I havent seen any in the ADKs or Catskills but I did find a huge hog weed plant in long island near Jones Beach.
  3. paul ron

    ADK NY Chapter elections for Bord of Directors Oct 20th

    ADK NY Chapter BOD voting coming up Oct 20 Its time to vote for our Board Of Directors again. Check the Trailmarker news letter for a ballot or request a proxy ballot from the ADK NY board. Link to ADK NY web site.... request a proxy ballot via email here...
  4. paul ron

    Poison parsnip causes severe burns, blisters on woman's legs

    OMG a new poison plant, just what we need. This should giv3e everyone more incentive for backpacking the winter months. Thanks for the heads up... I'll pass it on.
  5. paul ron

    NY ADK Chapter Invitational @ Harrimen Sept15-16

    ADK Rendezvous Weekend: Â September 15-16Â The New York Chapter is inviting members of our neighboring Chapters (North Jersey-Ramapo, Mohican, Mid-Hudson, and Long Island) to spend a relaxing weekend at our camp in Harriman State Park, Saturday-Sunday, September 15-16, 2018. We are calling...
  6. paul ron

    Been offline for a while

    hey buddy. hope all is well. i too have been oit of action for various reasons. glad to see you're still active. hope the hot tent is treating those bumb knees better? see ya on the trails. paul
  7. paul ron

    Ampersand Mountain 7/03/15

    We did that hike a couple years ago when we were staying on an island in Saranac lake. Nice bit of a climb on the way up the mtn. BUT... That long trail to it is boring as hell. We felt as though we were on an ant line on the way up, so many people ahead n behind us all the way up. I guess in...
  8. paul ron

    Great piece on Ticeteneyck Mtn. (Catskills) in current Adirondac magazine issue

    Nice job Tony.. now go find me a place up there?
  9. paul ron

    New F&G Brainstorm - Charge EVERYBODY.

    So when they give you a bill, they are double dipping? Isn't that illegal?
  10. paul ron

    New F&G Brainstorm - Charge EVERYBODY.

    OH OH OH.. how about if they tax everyone in the country n take SAR out of your income taxes? .
  11. paul ron

    Backpacking and contact lenses

    I have been using my contacts for 30 years on the trails n never had any problems. You must wash your hands well when taking em out n puttin in. I use dish soap n water to clean my hands. Bring a small bottle of solution. BTW the animals never toutched my solution, it has no scent. Sanitizer on...
  12. paul ron


    We were up on Westkill this weekend, the bugz weren't in full bloom but enough to make you uncomfortable. If it gets warmer I am sure they will be out in full force. .
  13. paul ron

    New Bridge n trail by McKinnley Hollow info please?

    Anyone been by McKinnley Hollow Rd trailhead to Balsam Mtn lately? I saw a few months ago a new bridge was being built n a small section of trail was flagged as a go around to skirt away from teh private property. Is the bridge n trail finished yet? OR.. do we still follow the old trail...
  14. paul ron

    Five hikers rescued from High Peaks

    Urinating on eachother just doesn't make any sence at all. Being wet is the worst thing of all in a cold climate. Now if they had pissed in a zip loc or a bottle n used it as a heater to reclaim heat without the wetness, that might work much better n also preserve that nice fresh smell of...
  15. paul ron

    cost of Down going up

    Then the smart thing to do is recycle your old down into new garments.. a new industry opportunity.
  16. paul ron

    Show us your Supermoons!

    I was at the NY chapter ADK lodge on sabago Lake Fri night when this huge moon appeared in the sky about 6:30pm. AS it got darker the moon seemed to get larger n larger. I wonder if this moon had any influence on night fishing conditions; I was catching huge Pickerel one after the other on a...
  17. paul ron

    Pt 2550 (near Jackman, ME)

    Sounds like a nice walk in a beautiful place. I passed through Jackman Me in 1970 on my way home from Canada n had the best fried chicken at a mom n pops full of lumberjacks eating n enjoying the end of a hard days work. .
  18. paul ron

    cleaning the funk out of a camelback tube

    Take the valve n tube off the bladder. Just go to the local pet shop or home depot n get a new tygon tube. Tube is about 25¢/foot. Othereise pull a cotton ball soaked with chlorox through via a wire or string n rinse well.
  19. paul ron

    Rare Bird Sighting Along Zealand Road. Incredible!!!

    Here in NYC we only have the common yellow peep fly through this time of year. The Pink is a rare find for sure.
  20. paul ron

    Interview with Marcy survivor

    Just enforces the need to be prepared to spend a night n to have the where withall to keep your head.. and yes groups should take a lesson in sticking together or at least maintain socme form of communication n understanding that no one is out of reach. Thanks for sharing, I'll be passing this...