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  1. DaveSunRa

    Exercise helps increase flu vaccine effectiveness

    Misconceptions about Seasonal Influenza and Influenza Vaccines from the CDC The FAQs seem to address all the questions/concerns in this thread. For people who never ever got sick, hmm, spend a day in a daycare with 3 and 4 year olds. They...
  2. DaveSunRa

    Seeking Advice on Zipper Repair

    add from the gear doc Broken Zippers? Blown Seams & Busted hardware? Ripped & Torn? We can stitch, bar-tack, serge, snap, grommet, rivet & glue, just about anything. But, it has to be CLEAN. the GEAR DOC 2991 White Mtn Hwy 10a - 5p Mon - Sat & by appointment North, North Conway 603 -...
  3. DaveSunRa

    Grand Canyon End of April into May

    Thank you all for the information. Really glad to hear that there's not to much concern about bug control.
  4. DaveSunRa

    Grand Canyon End of April into May

    Was wondering if anyone knows what the level of bitting bugs are like at this time in the Canyon?
  5. DaveSunRa

    Northern Presidentials on Saturday, (weather permitting), 3/10/2012

    Hey BIGEarl, I'm with a group of 4 also head up the ammo Saturday. We haven't pick a start time as of yet. And as you noted about the weather we might have to alter our plan for Washington. Dave
  6. DaveSunRa

    Kinsman gps log

    Many thanks Doug.
  7. DaveSunRa

    Kinsman gps log

    Anyone happen to have a GPS log from Lafayette to Kinsman that they can share? Dave
  8. DaveSunRa

    Hillsound Trail Pro

    One of mine crampon pair was loose. So when I went to tighten the bolt snapped. I returned to EMS an opted instead for a pair of Camp crampons. Not as easy to put on. However, the fix to boot is much better and the attachment to the boot is boom proof.
  9. DaveSunRa

    Stratton VT snowshoeing?

    The problem with those trails is that they are populated with snowmoblies.
  10. DaveSunRa

    Stratton VT snowshoeing?

    Just hike Stratton Mountain this past Saturday from the Arlington / West Wardsboro Road. It's plowed from the east side all the way to the trailhead. Very nice and gradual climb to the summit that has a fire tower on top. Round trip is a bit under 8 miles. This trail has better crowd...
  11. DaveSunRa

    Winter Boots ????

    I too have both boots. For me the Nepal fit my feet like no other boot I've ever had. Great quality but that come at a big cost in dollars. The Garmont are a great bang for the buck. I did have some serious break in pain with the Garmont. The Top of boot left some huge welts on the side of my...
  12. DaveSunRa

    Hiking in the winter with a Lab

    Labs even like hanging out near the wood stove
  13. DaveSunRa

    Hillsound Trail Pro

    anyone have feedback on these camp crampon CAMP Magix Crampons
  14. DaveSunRa

    Mt. Washington Trip Report -12/18/11

    fantastic Picture set
  15. DaveSunRa

    You know you are NOT a peakbagger when...

    What is peakbagger anyway?
  16. DaveSunRa

    Flume and Liberty (Sage's 4Ks #43 and #44). October 16, 2011

    Fantastic By the way, awsome book cover picture.
  17. DaveSunRa

    need quick Telemark gear help/recs please

    I'm putting in a second vote also for Dick Halls group. Hit up on one of his Telemark Primer's. You might be able to rent a setup from him for the day. Have fun and bring some Advil.
  18. DaveSunRa

    Thanks Darlene.

    Thanks Darlene.
  19. DaveSunRa

    Moving out West.....and bye-bye hike 5/21

    Mats, best of luck. You gotta eat the food when it's on the table.
  20. DaveSunRa

    New hiker in the on deck circle

    Congratulations and welcome to the Grandparent Economy