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    Help with Waterproofing Questions, please

    I have used Silicone Water-Guard for many years on boots (sueded leather), rain gear, packs and umbrellas. My last can(s) were bought at Wal-Mart.
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    Continued meanderings in the Belknaps 5/7/10

    It got a little bit of 'press' on this other site (RoT) ;)
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    Ossipees and Belknaps, 5/16 & 5/17

    Bravo!! And it's nice to see Suncook included.
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    Continued meanderings in the Belknaps 5/7/10

    The camps are boy scout camps as a large section in that part of the range is boy scout property. Also, if you continue to explore the range you might want to upgrade to the 3rd edition of the SNH Guide for updated parking and trail info.
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    The Magnificent Belknaps

    Not always :) (shhhh)
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    Amenities Chart for WMNF Fee Areas

    I (maybe like many) don’t pay a lot of attention to kiosks or trash receptacles. I recall at least one trash receptacle that had a sign to the effect: Only trash generated on forest land (i.e. don’t clean out your car or bring household trash). But I do make it my interest to know where to...
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    Discovering Mt. Major

    While Dave has produced the nice maps he didn’t compile the list. The completed list (if sending for the patch) is sent in to Don Watson who is the compiler. Looking at the Belknap County Sportsmen's Association’s website you’ll see some info on him featured in their Feb. 2010 Newsletter (PDF...
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    Sheds & Your Gear

    These are a lot of good responses if the shed is necessary. But…depending on the house don’t overlook some possible storage spaces. Rethink closets. Many closets are the typical shelf and pole across the length. If there is room behind the hanging clothes you may be able to put up hooks or...
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    insulated cozy for taller Camelbak bottles ?

    Wool socks make nice insulators for all size bottles.
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    White Mountain Parking Fee Changes for 2010

    More than once I have let my pass expire (as it is now) and more than once I received an envelope under the wiper to remind me to pay – which then I would send in with a form and check for a pass. But I have also gone almost a year on an expired pass without any notices (in fee areas). This is...
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    The Winter 48 in About a Week

    I was impressed before but WOW I am very impressed now. It's always amazing what one can do when motivated. (Edit: as a side note I found it interesting that in as of 2008 only 409 had done the peaks in winter - I guess I was thinking the number would have been higher.)
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    HELP! I need fit models for climbing gear!

    Let’s see – drive to North Conway midweek, for a few hours, every month or two, to be dressed, pinned, poked, put through moves, photographed – for “I am quite sure I could talk the powers that be into providing you with both food, and some new gear for your time.” I would rather take good $$...
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    Product Review: Kahtoola MICROspikes

    I have noticed I need to pay attention as I put them on. If not sometimes the chains are twisted and the points are not where they should be. It seems this could lead to an early demise. So far they are going strong.
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    Hiker OK After Getting Stuck On Mount Moosilauke

    WMUR link - Good job, Mr. B. (Glad it's not me in the news :D )
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    Hiker Rescued from Mt Moosilauke

    I think the important question is: What brand/model snowshoe was she wearing and where did it break?? :confused: ;) :D
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    Another fun year

    I said thank you once before but must repeat myself yet again. It’s been another good year of laughs and sighs. How many times have I had to peel my fingers away from typing something I might regret, wiped the smile off my face when I’m supposed to be concentrating on something more serious...
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    Missing hiker

    Perhaps he ran into the same problem as this hiker on the Hancock trail.
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    Missing hiker

    WMUR - Hoping for a good outcome.
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    12,000 Ossippee acres closed

    Recent Concord Monitor article.
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    You can look at the 'tag search' found with the search botton or click on the tag at the bottom of this thread -"gps" for many of the recent threads on gps.