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  1. Stan

    Beckie and Prema

    Looking at the "latest posts" and "similar threads" I see the issues are about the same as 30 years ago when Darren fot VFTT going. Best wishes everyone!
  2. Stan

    Kayak Car Roof Rack Question

    I have a Thule Hullavator and selected the footers based on the recommendation in Thule's website. When I changed cars the same footer was prescribed but for the vehicle I'm considering now, it would required a different footer. In both vehicles I attached the stern line to the tow hitch but...
  3. Stan

    More trail closings?

    Ever in search of the silver lining, and opportunity, in any situation, here are some positives to consider that may apply to current overuse of trails as described by some: 1. People have been either ordered or requested to stay home except for "essential" purposes. Perhaps some have...
  4. Stan

    More trail closings?

    I'm headed to SC and GA soon and glad they're "opening up". I can keep a social distance and face mask there as easily as anywhere else. The southern end of and approach to the AT and Springer Mtn are open and have been throughout as have been Amicalola SP and Lodge, but not the restaurant. I...
  5. Stan

    Question for anyone here who has had knee replacement...

    I've known several people with knee and hip replacements and it was conclusive that the sooner you start using it and exercising, the better. However, in a couple incidents, overdoing it resulted in either corrective surgery or an even longer extended period of relative inactivity limited to PT...
  6. Stan

    Canoe Storage Question

    A quick look did not find the sketches but I took a few cell phone photo that your way will come soon.
  7. Stan

    Canoe Storage Question

    I built one out of 2x4 pressure treated stock lumber but don't have a photo. It has three levels, one for ladders etc., the other two for kayaks. I started with 2 - 12' about 3' apart mounted on 6 pavers over a solid base. I used 4 - 8' lengthwise and 6 doubled up vertical pieces to create a...
  8. Stan

    Hiking is less fun in the internet age

    Good points all. My antidote to the first three was best addressed when I finished the "list" and felt the liberation to wander aimlessly where others generally have no interest, or perhaps time, to go. I still keep lists but they are incidental to the destination, not the destination itself...
  9. Stan

    Maine Huts and Trails not opening two huts for full service this summer and fall

    I'm in that 2nd home demographic and seriously considered northern New England, having bid on a few places and going as far as a P&S on one. The objection to me is that I wanted to limit travel to under 2 1/2 hours in order to enjoy the place year round and frequently while my favorite places...
  10. Stan

    Seeking Suggestions for an afternoon on skis or snowshoes near Conway

    Here's to those who plan their treks around the interests and skills of their friends. Faced with a similar challenge some years ago, on an unsettled winter day with a mix of whiteout snow squalls and breaking sun, we had a gratifying hike to Iron Mountain. We could not drive the road all...
  11. Stan

    worth a new "Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites" thread ?

    Reminiscing: By far, our favorite restaurant ever in the White Mountains region was Govoni's, a quaint small white converted cottage tucked between rt. 112 west of North Woodstock and a small scenic gorge of the Moosilauke Brook. Opened summers since 1914, the family operated in the winter at...
  12. Stan

    Doublehead Cabin wood stove

    You might check with the forest service. There's often a supply. We've been there with a reservation (in late Oct.) and had plenty of firewood but brought up a water supply, a couple 2 gallon jugs in addition to what one normally carries hiking. In addition, based on a previous visit, I...
  13. Stan

    Wrong turn on Jefferson Notch Road

    We followed a road from the north end of Flagstaff Lake Hut parking lot out of curiosity and found it was only about a 15 minute walk to the hut.
  14. Stan

    Wrong turn on Jefferson Notch Road

    My brain is wired with the 'seek unpaved road' option ... and I looooove paper maps. You see and experience so much more off the main roads, as with the grid in MNSHO, and my wife razzed me about always finding 40 miles of bad road. I never got trapped on a snowmobile trail, though once we took...
  15. Stan

    Walter Graf From AMC retiring

    Yes, the aggressive pursuits of self righteous extremists like Ferlander was fodder for the term Massholes and there is still some resentment of our license plates up north which, at least partially, stem from this history. Hopefully, time will heal all wounds and the good work done by various...
  16. Stan

    Glacier National Park. And others out west.

    I 2nd the notion you don't have to go as far as Yosemite. Another closer and equally dramatic side trip would be anywhere in the Canadian Rockies. Banff is closest to the border, aside from Waterton which is right at the border with Glacier. Canada's tax system makes it expensive but the...
  17. Stan

    Mt Tecumseh Elevation Article

    I'd go out on a ledge and suggest that it was sometime between 1987 and 2007. :) My 1992 edition, the 25th, continues with "E" (4041'). My 1998 edition, the 26th, changes it to "D" (4050') and explains that the Four Thousand Footer Committee changed the list in 1998. Both editions list...
  18. Stan

    The word Backcountry is now trademarked

    Be careful! The name of this very forum might be in trouble. I use "backcountry" as an adjective, a noun and maybe even a verb but now I have a couple other uses ... a profanity, an adverb e.g. That Backcountry (profanity) is not acting very backcountryly (adverb) and certainly lack...
  19. Stan

    Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday, November 4, 2017

    Thank you, Pat and Audrey, for your generous and gracious hospitality which reunites and introduces an exceptional group of hikers and their support system! I hope you can continue this tradition for many years. For me, the memories reignited by such an occasion lend inspiration for more...
  20. Stan

    Tourism pledges

    While I agree that our stewardship of all that is around us, including our own species, is our highest calling, I do not think that signing a pledge has much to do with that. I, too, would not likely sign such a pledge and I expect many that do would sign it blindly, sort of like the agreements...