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  1. Alex_NH

    Thanks again for the ride on the Kanc Saturday

    Thanks again for the ride on the Kanc Saturday
  2. Alex_NH

    Proposed $5 entrance fee for Mt Washington Summit Building

    I think they should install a few more summit signs around the park identical to the one on the true summit so people can get that instagram picture next to the sign in grey-out conditions and prevent the idiotic line from forming. No one would ever know!
  3. Alex_NH

    Help Me Pick New Winter Boots

    I'm hoping to get a pair of these this week. While I now wear Topo Runventure 2s for 3 season hiking, I wore the Bridger trail shoes on the AT. Finished about 200 miles into my fourth pair (and still wear them now), so I've had good luck with Oboz and need a new pair of winter boots. Oboz should...
  4. Alex_NH

    NH Covid Ski Area Recomendations

    Ski touring is already the fastest growing segment of winter sport activities. I don't think it will be solely the lodge situation that makes people venture out, and obviously families aren't going to bring little kids to steep and deep tree runs, but I expect a pretty big increase in the number...
  5. Alex_NH

    Parking prohibited along Ferncroft Road

    But if I'm going hiking it HAS to be a 4K!!!
  6. Alex_NH

    How crowded mid-week?

    i did a trek through dry river wilderness a couple weekends ago and while there were people, it wasn't crowded. Going midweek you would be fine so long as you keep of the high ridges. I'd also recommend Wild River Wilderness where, even on weekends I don't see too many people when out there...
  7. Alex_NH

    Trash & human waste on trails

    It is pretty tragic out there in some areas. The suggestion to 'Hike Local' hasn't been taken seriously by many. I understand the desire (and need) to get out during this pandemic, but this increase in visitors is definitely being felt. I'm hopeful that businesses which rely on this season to...
  8. Alex_NH

    Highwater Trail - A rescue waiting to happen

    Yes I have done Moriah Brook and it was great! Last season I did a short overnight up Stony Brook, C-M trail, Kenduskeag, Shelburne, Highwater, and Moriah Brook. It was my first time going over Shelburne-Moriah Mountain, by which I was pleasantly surprised by good views. That section of Wild...
  9. Alex_NH

    Hancock Notch Trail (after Cedar Brook) to Sawyer River Trail

    Did the Hancocks Sunday 7/12 with my brother and then continued on Hancock Notch Trail to Sawyer River Trail. After the junction with Cedar Brook, the Hancock Notch Trail was trimmed and pretty easy to follow. There are yellow blazes frequently and someone has done some trimming early this year...
  10. Alex_NH

    Highwater Trail - A rescue waiting to happen

    The Highwater trail really should get a different name. I've "done" it a couple of times now and it is definitely intermittent bushwhacking. But at least I found it easy bushwhacking. When I see a 'Highwater' trail I assume it's an alternate route in the case of high water, but I don't see some...
  11. Alex_NH

    Anyone here redlining NH right now?

    I'm looking forward to that bit. The stuff I've hiked in that area has been great.
  12. Alex_NH

    Anyone here redlining NH right now?

    Thanks for the tips. You're right about distancing right now. I was the same way about keeping track, but luckily I kept a journal in recent years and just started getting serious about it this year. But once I wrote it all down I was well on my way!
  13. Alex_NH

    The whites are getting hammered this morning

    Storms in Littleton yesterday morning were intense. Tons of lightning and the ammo river is pretty strong right now.
  14. Alex_NH

    Anyone here redlining NH right now?

    Hello all. I'm a new member and am happy to have an active forum of this sort. I am currently working my way through redlining the 30th edition and am about 38% complete. It's been awesome hiking some of the lesser traveled routes around--especially during the pandemic. I was wondering if anyone...
  15. Alex_NH

    Water Spigots On AMC Huts

    Greenleaf Hut also has a spigot on the back with potable water right now. Probably want to use some hand sanitizer after using.