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  1. Snowflea

    Tecumseh out, Guyot in?

    Good. If it is definitively under 4000 feet, nothing against Tecumseh which I grew to love, but I hope it is out. None of this "tradition" namby-pamby BS. Facts matter. The truth matters. Snowflea (3.5 time WM gridder)
  2. Snowflea

    Peak Bragging 2020!

    I haven't checked in here for... forever, but my weird accomplishment of 2020 was staying mostly local (NEK Vermont) and cycling, running, or walking every dirt/gravel mile of road in my county (Caledonia). With out-and-backs, it was over 1000 miles. Also was able to knock off a one-day...
  3. Snowflea

    Crazy wind yesterday

    Yes, I was near you, on Burke Mtn. It was pretty snowy and blowy!!
  4. Snowflea

    Gene Daniel Has Passed Away

    Gene was such an interesting person! Had the pleasure of hiking with him just twice. First time was his 1991 Boundary-Whitecap Labor Day weekend hike. (Kennebago Divide and the other Mt. Snow were not yet on the NEHH list.) We stayed at Cathedral Pines Campground, and I remember Gene...
  5. Snowflea

    The Cog is in the news again for potenitally unpermitted building

    Something a little odd I noticed yesterday. We did Monroe, Washington, and Jefferson via the Ammo-Jewell “loop.” Parked in the USFS lot but then walked up the road to access Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail at the Cog. The fee box was on a pole at the Cog’s hiker parking ($10 per person :D). Upon our...
  6. Snowflea

    York Pond Road closed to access Bunnel Notch and Unknown Pond trails starting Monday

    >> I think Roy S had actually been to the registry of deeds and pulled the applicable deeds. Roy May have done it. So did I. There are a couple different rights of way. Probably a moot point since the WMNF decided against pursuing the matter and “closed” the trail so many years ago. I do...
  7. Snowflea

    Is road to trailhead still open?

    When gated, you can still climb the Osceolas via Tripoli Road - and I highly recommend it - but most hikers don’t like to walk that far. :rolleyes:
  8. Snowflea

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Strange indeed. Read the book a couple of years ago and was particularly interested in the theory regarding wind and low-frequency sound waves so did my own research and I discovered that the University of Hawaii has an “infrasound lab.” (See ) As someone with a...
  9. Snowflea

    now the Grid is being speed hiked

    Since the 48 have been done in under 4 days in summer and under 7 in winter (under 5 and just over 8 myself, respectively), the least number of days to do the Grid should be around 66? 78? At least under 100 days given somewhat cooperative conditions. After I completed the (still only) Jan-Dec...
  10. Snowflea

    Lots of snow today up north

    12-14” of heavy, wet snow at 850 ft. in NEK Vermont. Still snowing...
  11. Snowflea

    Lower elevation peak suggestions

    You may like the mountains in my “backyard,” the Willoughby Lake region of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Specifically Wheeler Mountain and Mount Pisgah.
  12. Snowflea

    POLL: Your longest day?

    NH? Blasphemy! :D My contribution was an old “See Vermont” era VT plate. Spencer, I used to run 100 miler ultras regularly so have had many adventures in the 16-32 hour time range.
  13. Snowflea

    POLL: Your longest day?

    In the Whites about 28 hours doing a winter 13-peak Pemi Loop, including Owls Head. Lots of trail breaking. Outside the Whites ~32 +/- hours at Hardrock 100 x 3 and Barkley x 2.
  14. Snowflea

    Winter Rescue on Katahdin

    Yes, I remember taking certain “writer’s liberties” in filling out those applications in the mid 90s. :D
  15. Snowflea

    Backwoods cabin for rent in winter

    Green Mountain Club has a couple of cabins at Wheeler Pond in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont:
  16. Snowflea

    New WMNF sign for Owls Head Path (sort of)

    Aah, thank you. That sounds better!
  17. Snowflea

    New WMNF sign for Owls Head Path (sort of)

    FORTY people on a Meetup hike in designated wilderness? Did I read that correctly? :mad: :confused:
  18. Snowflea

    Trying to come up with something good to say about Hancock Notch Trail in summer

    Did Hancock Notch Trail all the way through once in the early 2000s and said “never again.” And I have never done it again. (I hike in trail runners 100% in summer and fall. Don’t mind the feet getting wet and muddy.)
  19. Snowflea

    Woman climbs tree to escape coyotes - Near Boston!

    One could argue that coyotes are smarter and/or more considerate than many humans then. :rolleyes:
  20. Snowflea

    Bushwhacking & Bears

    Did a Presi Traverse yesterday and saw bear tracks between Franklin and Eisenhower. Second time I have seen bear tracks in that area area. 4500 feet!