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  1. Rick

    Tree Well versus Spruce Trap - What is the difference?

    Always thought of the wells as sun heating up trees and snow melting away from trunk. Spruce traps are just that. Sideways or upside down with tire sherpa snowshoes hopelessly tangled in a myriad of stubby stout branches. Although there was a time I was snowshoeing next to a park road and...
  2. Rick

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    I always wished Kelty would have bright back the Windfoil 3, 2 and UL in Sylnylon
  3. Rick

    Who remembers Moss Tents and other innovators of the time?

    Holubar? Frostline kits? Jack Stephenson? Early Winters? Camp 7? You guys are killing me with all this nostalgic gear talk. I'd love to join up - I need to pull out my old Optimus Hunter 8R, the bluet gas lantern, Loghouse Designs Goretex bivysack, VBL, and Camp-Trails Red External Frame Lake...
  4. Rick

    The changing innovations of what we do for fun

    I’ll take a stab. Born in the 50’s, I did all the heavy boy scout camping but at least we were beginning to deal with the newfangled taffeta nylon tents, That is, until the Army. Still had canvas shelter halves and had to buddy up for a full tent. And as every young GI learned, don’t press on...
  5. Rick

    Wachusett Mountain's State of the Art Fire Tower

    Wow!! Interesting. When we lived in Sterling and this was our neighborhood-evening-hike-go-to. I need to get back there again…
  6. Rick

    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Yes, Thank you for the many years of volunteering!!
  7. Rick

    Outdoor Gear Cheap - NH State Surplus Store

    I worked Security at several stadiums through the 80's and we would fill 55-gallon drums of contraband when the Dead came around - Other groups as well, but the Dead were always the motherload. After the concerte ended we were given free reign to grab as many Swiss Army knives and other legal...
  8. Rick

    Important VFTT Announcement -- PLEASE READ --

    Thank you for your dedication and efforts!!!
  9. Rick

    Hiking with Afib

    If it helps someone - Here is my journey.. I was born with a defective Aortic valve which got me through my first 42 years, Since then, I've had 4 Aortic valve replacements starting in 2002. The last one was Jan-April 2021 - It was a long, long ICU stay - But I am alive. I have had AFIB for...
  10. Rick

    Smartphones put hikers in danger. What a surprise

    Had the same thing happen visiting my cousins in near Mt Pilatus Switzerland in 2006. Garmin took straight up single farmpath mountain roads with 2,000 ft drop-offs one side and no room to pass, but only to back up to wider passing pull-offs - fortunately only came upon a farm tractor. We...
  11. Rick

    Real Men Don’t Wear Skirts! Or Do They??????

    Wow...Talk about a Thread Blast from the past.......:)
  12. Rick

    What Winter Fleece Jackets Should I Consider?

    I went into REI near my Philly Office back in August looking for a windblock fleece to replace my 25ish year old EMS jacket. The 20 some-odd sales clerk never heard of windblock - She called over her 30ish manager - he said "Oh yes we stopped carrying WindBlock Fleece many years ago..." and...
  13. Rick

    Tenting in Seward Mnt Area (30 mile loop)

    Ditto on what Tony said - It couldn't be said better. I used to lead a trip on the Cold River Triangle with the Rochester ADK back when I managed a couple of LTs on the Ward Brook TT. Assuming you are going in on Calkins Creek TT to NPT and back out WBTT? In over a dozen trips through there...
  14. Rick

    Hammersley Wild Area (PA)

    Thanks for the memories. I spent a lot of time on the STS. I used to backpack frequently on the STS, BFT and WRT.. Hammersley WA was always a favorite of mine. Each year I tell myself I am gonna strap on my pack and get back out there but too many other things get in the way.. Maybe this...
  15. Rick

    any problems with a yard Woodchuck?

    Was a NYS Certified Pest Control operator for many years and got out 20 years ago For the past 5 years we have had woodchucks taking up rez under our deck. Over the years, I havahearted 4 out and took them 12 miles away across a river and let them go - all of them nasty. angry. vicious. This...
  16. Rick

    Kettle vs. pot...

    I carried the Trangie aluminum tea kettle for a few years in leiu of a pot when I was doing nothing but freeze dried food (Rehydrate in the bag) - but if you were rehydrating anything else, you would at least still need to carry a large mug and/or bowl. I finally settled on a dentede 2.4 cup...
  17. Rick

    Kelty Backpacks

    I have a couple of Redwing 50's from about 2006-2007. One of my hiking buds has carried the same one on the trail for about 9 years - A real workhors!!. Both of mine are in very good shape, although one has started to lose it's PU coating on the inside (I use it to carry my gym clothes, laptop...
  18. Rick

    Snowmobile mountain climb and crash

    I'd like to know the rest of the story....:)
  19. Rick

    Crowd marvels as arch is lifted onto Lake Champlain Bridge

    That is so cool!!!! I had forgotten about it - thanks for the link.
  20. Rick

    It's only ~ 12,500 miles...

    I gave him some pointers on Winter Camping needs early on when he got lost trying to find the NCT(in the Daks) and was sleeping cold and hitting motels along the way. I didn't think he would keep going after his first week of road-walks, but he is persevering. He did receive a lot of heat...