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  1. Woody

    Old school VFTT

    Wow! I even remembered my password. I’ll have to searching for some photos! I think I started on VFTT around 2004 and started joining group events in 2005. Lots of friends because of “Views”!
  2. Woody

    For those with torn knee meniscus

    I tried to sign up for this meniscus research project. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee medial meniscus many years ago. I went to the initial appointment for the project back in January and the Physician's Assistant that saw me took one look at my knee x-rays and said that I had too...
  3. Woody

    New Hampshire self-arrest practice

    I'd agree with practicing on the lower portion of Willey Slide, below the technical ice but above the railroad tracks. That's were I learned.
  4. Woody

    DSLR Lens preference?

    I use my 18-55mm kit lens most often with my Canon XSi when hiking. Usually that's the only lens I bring with me. If I want a longer lens I will bring my 28-135mm or if I need to go really wide I will bring my 10-22mm lens. It's not often that I will bring more than 2 lenses with me. I do...
  5. Woody

    What is your plan/gear for surviving and unplanned sub sero night in the woods?

    I prefer to have good route finding skills along with map, compass and gps so that I don't lose my way. Additionally, enough extra clothes for the conditions including a down parka and a bivy bag. Firestarter, extra food as well as proper footwear including traction, ice axe if needed. I've...
  6. Woody

    Pinkham (PNVC) today.....looked like rescue practice of some kind?

    My son and I were climbing Left Gully in Tuckerman Ravine yesterday and we saw the Army chopper circling overhead. They were flying around for quite a while. We assumed there was some kind of rescue going on. Glad this hiker is OK.
  7. Woody

    NH Hikesafe Card in NH House study committee

    I've read pretty much this entire 4+ page discussion. Very interesting. While it is a bit more expensive than this HikeSafe card being discussed, I'm a member of the American Alpine Club. It's an organization I want to support and it comes with rescue insurance as a benefit, so I'm not...
  8. Woody

    Norther Presi Loop - Our first trip to the Whites - not without complications!

    Sounds like you made the best out of some wet weather. Crag Camp is a great place to get out of the storm. Glad you enjoyed your first trip to the Whites.
  9. Woody

    NH 48 at midnight

    I hope you have a great night!
  10. Woody

    Hey gooly! Nice meeting you the other day. Hope you can join us on a hike some time.

    Hey gooly! Nice meeting you the other day. Hope you can join us on a hike some time.
  11. Woody

    Online site for large photo prints

    I've been using for the past few years.
  12. Woody

    New smaller Canon

    Doug, Thanks for clarifying but I think you miss understood my intent. My point was that I would be interested in the SL1 because it is a dslr but is still very small. I wouldn't have to choose between a small point and shoot and a large dslr. Best of both worlds (although there is always a...
  13. Woody

    Trip Planning/Suggestions for Mount Katahdin

    I highly recommend planning for two full days in BSP. Give yourself a better chance for good weather for Katahdin and there are lots of other hikes and paddles to do.
  14. Woody

    Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

    Based on my experience in previous years I would think that there is still a far amount of ice and snow on the Ammo trail right now. Another couple of weeks would be generally clear but I might still bring microspikes until after the first week in June.
  15. Woody

    New smaller Canon

    I was reading about the SL1 and thinking I might take a look at it for hikes and climbs when I want small size but would still prefer a dslr. I already have a few light weight Canon lenses that would work well with it. First I have to get the other camera on my wish list and it's a bit larger...
  16. Woody

    Winter Baxter Expedition Advice

    As Bob suggests, use a large dry bag to have water in the hut and filter from the bag. You can get water out of Chimney Pond. Bring plenty of beer in cans.
  17. Woody

    LT question: parking at the south end of Smuggler's Notch to Duxbury Rd

    To answer "B the Hiker" 's original question - there is a small parking lot about 3+ miles down Duxbury Road as the Long Trail emerges from the north side of Camel's Hump. I was just there on October 5th. The road walk along Duxbury Road is fairly easy as well as we hiked it the following day...
  18. Woody

    Finish of Catskill 2,000-footers

    Well done. There's always another list. You just have to think of it! Have fun!
  19. Woody

    Katahdin for the Last Day of Winter 2012!

    Here is a link to a pictorial trip report of our trip to Chimney Pond at Baxter State Park: