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  1. kltilton

    Snowing on and off all day up in the North Country

    Osceolas and top of Scar Ridge had a dusting on my way over the Kanc this morning.
  2. kltilton

    Want to get paid to sit on top of a mountain?

    I really wish I had applied for the Magalloway one when I was in college (20 years ago!)
  3. kltilton

    Mr Pizza in Gorham is Closing

    I ate at Sunday River Brewing Co. yesterday for the first time in a long time. Food and service was good and prices were in line with other similar establishments. Looking forward to seeing what they do in Gorham.
  4. kltilton

    Recent Snowfall 12/17

    13” on Bald Hill in Albany. Very wet and heavy. Power just came back on after being out since 11pm Friday night.
  5. kltilton

    Mountain Laurel Report

    They are in full bloom on Bald Hill in Albany, NH on the Tin Mtn. Conservation Center property.
  6. kltilton

    Flat Mountain Pond Trail - in or out of Wilderness & bikeable?

    I fat biked it this winter after it was broken out by a group of snowmobiles, which is legal as it is just outside the wilderness boundary.
  7. kltilton

    Are Peakbagging lists about to change again?

    Elevations on the NGVD29 datum were tied to sea level, but the current NAVD88 elevations are tied to a benchmark called Rimouski on the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec. It is held as zero elevation. There is a new datum slated to come out in 2022, but it may be delayed.
  8. kltilton

    Are Peakbagging lists about to change again?

    It has a bigger effect on horizontal coordinates. NH state plane coordinates are around 500,000 Northing and 1,100,000 Easting.
  9. kltilton

    Q: Is Tecumseh a 4000'er ?

    The elevation on the disk is based on a GPS survey by the Young Surveyors Group of the NH Land Surveyors Assoc. back in June. A report and/or article will be published soon. The GPS survey is more accurate than the LiDAR data for this particular spot.
  10. kltilton

    Lafayette Place Parking and Shuttle

    I’m guessing these barriers are temporary, until the word gets out that no parking is allowed.
  11. kltilton

    Lots of snow today up north

    We got about 2 inches of wet snow in the Conway area this morning and it’s been going back and forth between rain and snow all day.
  12. kltilton

    Future of the Nansen Jump

    I know they are looking at revising the take off and landing to bring it closer to the standards of other jumps.
  13. kltilton

    New Hampshire Stone Wall Project

    The LiDAR data was flown based on watersheds. Southern NH, the Connecticut River Valley, and the Androscoggin were flown first. The Saco Valley has been flown, and is being processed. I’ve overlaid detailed on the ground surveys (at work) and the accuracy of the data is pretty impressive.
  14. kltilton

    Trailheads near small airports?

    You can hike Pine Mtn. directly from the Gorham airstrip correct?
  15. kltilton

    Wilderness Campground recommendation along the Kanc

    The old camprground is just west of the Albany Town Forest. The Conservation Commission has expressed some interest in purchasing the property.
  16. kltilton

    Quite the conditions for the Tuckerman Inferno this weekend

    Conditions were "firm" today according to my teammate, with full coverage top to bottom. As Peakbagger said though, it's subject to change.
  17. kltilton

    March 8, 2018 Coastal Storm Data

    10 inches in Albany, NH just off the Kanc as of 7:45 this morning.