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    GPS/Topo mapping programs?

    Thanks for all the replies so far. For my use, NG Topo was perfect ( see Remix post--i plotted routes, measured distances, exported waypoints to GPS, printed custom maps with my waypoints on them) ). Has anyone any experience with All Trails Pro? Is it essentially NG Topo?. I checked their site...
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    GPS/Topo mapping programs?

    Hi all: Returning to Views after a long dormant period. Just moved from ME to southern PA (hiking opportunities expectedly weak :( ) Am near York,PA and willing to travel if you have any good hike ideas/workouts for more serious stuff. Anyway..I've long used National Geo Topo software for my...
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    TR: A hodge podge two week Wyoming adventure

    Wow, the pics in the thread and on the linked site are stunning-been past the Wind Rivers, but this makes me want to visit the Cirque of the Towers Many thanks Jim
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    First Snow

    here's hoping not :) jim
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    Tomcat's top 5 Maine hikes

    hi jt--pretty obscure, but interesting/excellent choice--doubt it will get many votes :)--swath dancing is not an exercise many engage in i thought perhaps i might expire scrambling up the "wall" to E Saddle jim
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    Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Park--advice?

    :(DP-thanks --i am very susceptible to poison ivy and trust :confused: TRs reporting it to be "not bad" on the Gunnison Route are true --hoping Black Canyon/Gunnison works out and i can post a TR of this and a few other cool hikes--beats my usual pictureless, thick woods ME bushwhacks to...
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    Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Park--advice?

    ...headed to Colorado Tues for a few weeks hiking around RMNP/ Indian Peaks Wilderness to acclimate, then some 14s in Fairplay/Buena Vista area --my nephew asked me to do a hike down to the riverbed in Black Canyon--looking at things, i suspect we'd go using the "easy" route -Gunnison...
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    BSP trip, 6/15-6/17

    thanks--no matter how many times you hike it, the Magic Mountain in the NE -did you see me on Mullen? ;) jim
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    Mullen (Baxter, ME) 300 of 300 ME "P"--done :)

    J--wow, seems like it's been a very long time since..... how quickly i forget, sorry--hope life goes well jim
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    Mullen (Baxter, ME) 300 of 300 ME "P"--done :)

    If you read my TRs, you know that i've been chasing ME "P"(prominence) peaks. I got hooked on "P" peaks looking for something to do after finishing most of the usual lists (46,67,115, NEHH, YALP, Views etc etc) and then reading PBs exploits on the 50 Finest ( first 50 "P" peaks in NE)-thanks...
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    Poland (N Maine Woods, NW of Baxter)

    ..getting down to precious few...this was another hike i've "dreaded" for a few years, because of potential driving issues rather than the hike itself as in the case of Barren last week...have driven in this "deep" on several occasions and never know what to expect..sometimes no problem, other...
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    Pineland Farm 50k Trail Run

    UH -many thanks for sharing the 50k with us-really like your willingness to put it all out there, what you're feeling/thinking all day long w/o concern about being too cool or opening up too much -maybe very different from what i do/enjoy, but then perhaps not so much.. Thanks jim
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    Barren (yeah, that Barren)-Baxter, ME

    natron--thanks...lots of different feelings among my colleagues re commenting on "whack routes" publically, but i'm easy and hope not to be shunned for this -changes? of course :) -while more people seem to use the OJI route, i have never been a fan of the OJI south slide so would still use...
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    Barren (yeah, that Barren)-Baxter, ME

    ...this one is all about the hike :)---since the "changes", i have no clue how to get pics into post..solved For several years, i have dreaded the day i try Barren. The peak has a serious rep and deservedly so. Not sure i wanted to go at all and almost afraid to go alone (my usual mode). It...
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    Acadia Memorial Weekend Bash - 5-25 to 5-28-12

    thank you--enjoyed your blog and all the pics jim
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    Kibby Mountain, ME 5/23/2012 (Trail/Bushwack)

    BDC-thanks for TR and pics-Kibby was my first hike in that area some years back and i vividly remember climbing the platform ladder gingerly even then-i think it was my first taste of the standard ME " straight up" ladders as i was used to the more benign "stairs" type in other states (for...
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    5/25 Moose & BM Laton (Kibby/Beaudry-ME)

    Hi R (pb)--been too long--always wished we'd been able to hike together to some odd, silly peak in ME my mind blurs (already) as to what is on each peak, but -the jar on Layton holds a "newer" small notebook where i saw you, Oncoman (Pierre) and OS had climbed it and the "loose" pages with...
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    5/25 Moose & BM Laton (Kibby/Beaudry-ME)

    J-- - can't remember if i crossed the collapsed("twisted") bridge when i was in there a few years back for Caribou stuff, but i do remember it seemed a long road walk in--i wasn't really focused on all the nice peaks back in there at the time or their relationship to the road and one another--my...
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    5/25 Moose & BM Laton (Kibby/Beaudry-ME)

    ..don't think i've ever had a hike day with this many unexpected occurrences....all ended well, at least for me My mouthing off about how well my body tolerated yesterday received it's just deserts (yes, that's the correct spelling, really) when i woke up at 1AM and needed vitamin "I". Up at 5...