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  1. PeterM

    Steam in the Snow January 7th

    John- Your shot made my day!! Wow I wish I was there
  2. PeterM

    60CSx just lost its memory

    I don't think theres any possible way that your mini SD memory card lost its data - take the batteries out, the chip out, wait 5 min & reassemble. And hope it doesn't happen again - when you really need it. Maybe a call to Garmin if they'll help, If it were me I'd want to know what happened...
  3. PeterM

    Trek to a Prehistoric NH Volcano, and to a Pond with a Prehistoric Feel (July 2010)

    Don't forget Pawtuckaway!,-71.19038&z=13&t=H&marker0=43.14611,-71.21639,Deerfield\,%20NH
  4. PeterM

    Deet Ate My GPS!!!

    Deet eats Plastic So how do they bottle the stuff - can or glass ??
  5. PeterM

    Bear Brook State Park Question

    Little Bear- I have a camp in Epsom, and would like to try your 5 mile loop hike Can you give me some direction here? Thx / Peter
  6. PeterM

    Anyone used MotionX GPS for the iPhone?

    Thanks Doug - I thought of that. We left from Conway yesterday down the Kanc - I didn't want to "waste" my battery. It may well be that & from the 60GSx I'm familiar as you travel a distance the acquisition time increases. All-in-all for me I'd rather be outside enjoying nature than inside...
  7. PeterM

    Anyone used MotionX GPS for the iPhone?

    Hi- I'm an infrequent hiker in the whites, there sporadically thru the seasons & just returned from doing Welch-Dickey on Friday and the Boulder Loop yesterday. We were blessed with great weather especially yesterday. I'm a month into iPhone ownership (G3s) and a couple weeks using MotionX GPS...
  8. PeterM

    NH boy finds $8,160 stuffed in charred backpack

    That'll teach you REAL QUICK not to leave your backpack on the roof & drive home.
  9. PeterM

    NH - 1st Snowshoe Hike, Slow Pace - Any takers?

    Tobit- I may be coming up late Sat nite to Epsom, and up for something Sunday or Monday if that works. I've done Major, never the Ossipees and that would be great. Either way have a good time Friday & let us know how you make out. Peter
  10. PeterM

    Looking for Snowshoeing Trails for Beginners

    Yep, I did Arethusa last winter and found it fairly easy. Not many using the trail - although there was good sign a moose had been there a few hours earlier. There were ice climbers there and/or coming in. The falls was not to be seen, with that huge shell of ice covering it. But very well...
  11. PeterM

    Cheap, Simple GPS (X-Mas Gift?)

    Product Description The Bushnell Backtrack- Never Get Lost Again with the easiest to use personal location finder. Just mark the location and BackTrack will help you get back. Use it at the mall and stadium parking lots, at the festival, the park, for travel or your next outdoor adventure...
  12. PeterM

    GPS recommendation, please

    TopoGrafix ExpertGPS Software? Doug ( & Others ) I just got my new GPSMAP60CSx yesterday - moving up from Magellan's SporTrak Pro & TOPO software from Y2k I didn't get any mapping program, but found TopoGrafix ExpertGPS online - its out of Stowe, MA and looks like it offers alot at $49 But I...
  13. PeterM

    Hedgehog Mountain 11/29/08

    Kevin - great! I did Hedgehog 10/06 then just did Potash this fall & they're both winners in my book!
  14. PeterM

    Car GPS won't give coordinates?

    My TomTom ONE 130 that I got about 60 days ago for $125 gives GPS coordinates very easily - what brand/model do you have?
  15. PeterM

    Doug finally moving up from Magellan Sportrak Pro to the Garmin60gsx - for my purposes of...

    Doug finally moving up from Magellan Sportrak Pro to the Garmin60gsx - for my purposes of seakayaking & hiking, snowshoeing I think Topos suffice but I get confused with all the software. ( BlueCharts NatGeo, NatParks etc ) - I think I'm good with their US Topo, but can I load roads/streets at...
  16. PeterM

    Great Deal on LED Lights

    Kevin- Check these out thoroughly. While it may well be a far better set the last multi-pack flashlights (i think I bought at THD) only one worked - it looked like a great bargain - and this one may very well be a great bargain!
  17. PeterM

    Jim- yea, I guess I had Devils Den confused with a Bears Den, not that I'd want to run into...

    Jim- yea, I guess I had Devils Den confused with a Bears Den, not that I'd want to run into either one there. I've corrected my error(s) - thanks for bringing it up!
  18. PeterM

    Hiking with dogs - Question

    imagine this coming up the trail! http://
  19. PeterM

    Pawtuckaway 11-22-08

    Tobit - Its partly for my wife I enjoy hiking so much - we'll leave it at that!:D I'll look up your Ossipee report & be in touch next time up! Give my regards to the missus. Peter
  20. PeterM

    Pawtuckaway 11-22-08

    Having caught the hiking bug & learning the So.NH opportunities from the family camp in Epsom, and had a great time in Pawtuckaway, back again ( 1st time with a local friend late Oct - then 2nd joined up with Kevin - Jude & Emma two weeks ago) Unseasonably crisp morning - VFFT Joe...