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  1. hikingmaineac

    Black fly reports for your area?

    Swarming and biting in Hartford, ME near Bear Pond.
  2. hikingmaineac

    Bug spray advice

    and what he said... Also - I have a head net stored in one pocket or another of every backpack and fishing vest I own - b/c sometimes swarming black flies are best kept at bay with physical deterrents such as clothing and bug nets.
  3. hikingmaineac

    Guns on the trail

    I ran into a heavy-set, middle-to-older-aged guy walking at low elevations on Giant Mountain in NY back in '04... he had a 6-shooter on his belt that when asked he said was, "For Bears".
  4. hikingmaineac

    Car camping tent

    I'd go with an LL Bean tent simply because that if for any reason it doesn't live up to your expectations you can bring it back - with no hassle - at at point - ever. I know you said a 6-person would be the minimum you'd go with, but like Quietman said - blue-tarping over any tent is a...
  5. hikingmaineac

    Coleman Propane Stove Regulator Adaptor?

    It very well might ... I'll look into it, thanks!
  6. hikingmaineac

    Coleman Propane Stove Regulator Adaptor?

    Thanks for the reply, Dana - I'm hoping that the 5LP/20# tank will solve the problem. What adaptor did you get? Did the stove have a small brass male port that you connected to? Thanks!
  7. hikingmaineac

    Coleman Propane Stove Regulator Adaptor?

    It's maple syrup season and this is my first time trying it at home. I used to work at an outdoor education center where we had a commercial-grade evaporator, but now I have to make do with what I have at home. My 2-Burner Coleman Stove (Model # 5466a) runs off of 1lb disposable propane...
  8. hikingmaineac

    Specific Questions On Goggles For Winter Hiking

    Does the company also sell shearling-lined trench coats? - hehe... I'm glad you found something that works - frosty, icy goggles are awful.
  9. hikingmaineac

    Pemi loop

    This site seems to call it 31 miles: but then cites the same link as Tim.
  10. hikingmaineac

    CAUTION for people who hike with dogs

    My dog ate a ton of home-made chocolate brownies one time and I tried to induce vomiting with Hydrogen Peroxide. He just swallowed it and looked miserable, but didn't puke it or the brownies up... That being said... I am sooo sorry for your loss and couldn't imagine the shock and dismay involved.
  11. hikingmaineac

    more New England mountain lion rumors

    Best.First Post.Ever on the Most.Viewed Thread.Ever P.S. I'm sure we'd all love to see that shot!
  12. hikingmaineac

    crampon hints for downhill

    I have limited crampon experience, but this discussion at suggests the French Technique... Note the rope use in these pictures, taken from the Gaston Rebuffat book: Glace, neige et roc, Hachette, 1970: - -...
  13. hikingmaineac

    Good Thermos Bottle

    See also:
  14. hikingmaineac

    How to make snow cement?

    Weather forecast for Bartlett, NH Any predictions as to what effect a period of true rain (Monday, 1/6/14) followed by "flash freezing" temperatures (Monday night into Tuesday) will have on trails - packed trails vs un-packed? I'm not sure about the un-traveled, un-packed trails... but I'm...
  15. hikingmaineac

    I Hate Down - Am I Missing Something?

    When hiking uphill (below the treeline) I almost never need more than a long-sleeved base-layer (often with the sleeves rolled up). On colder, less sunny days - or above the treeline - I might add a soft-shell outer layer with the front and armpits fully un-zipped. Like cushetunk, I try to avoid...
  16. hikingmaineac

    Minus33 In Ashland, NH

    Here I was thinking this was a thread about Monday night's forecasted temperatures... "By Tuesday morning we'll be seeing 10 to 20 below temperatures across the area making it one of the coldest nights we've seen in a quite a while."
  17. hikingmaineac

    Fimbulvetr - The next thing in snowshoes?

    The puns should probably stop. Criticism is a slippery slope.
  18. hikingmaineac

    more New England mountain lion rumors

    Werewolf spotted by trail camera in Maine
  19. hikingmaineac

    Speed trap

    I used this app for the first time the other day - it not only navigates like a typical map app, but it also integrates a social media aspect that allows users to share traffic issues of interest such as accidents, traffic cops, weather conditions etc...
  20. hikingmaineac

    Do hikers consume more beer than the average person?

    New Hampshire recently placed 2nd in the country in an analysis of states where the people drink the most beer ... I wonder what the correlation is between folks who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and folks who enjoy a brew? NH certainly has it's share of recreational opportunities...