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  1. andrewb

    N.E. Clean Power Connect in Maine - Should we care ?

    Yes, we can get power from someone else ... the sun. Solar power is looking like a decent option cost wise. More money over the long run (at current rates), but not by very much BUT you get backup juice when the lines are down, which justifies the fact that it will be more money to me. And how...
  2. andrewb

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    The Captain as approached from the south ... our first time we had a group with a few inexperienced people (what was I thinking?) and we headed for the slide to the east of the peak. It was a blast but our group had to turn around due to time. Then that same November, I went back with just one...
  3. andrewb

    Car Break ins at Rocky Branch Parking on RT 16

    More than we care to admit in life boils down to luck. Glad you were on the right side that time
  4. andrewb

    Want to get paid to sit on top of a mountain?

    If I was retired and lived within 15 miles ... I would think about it
  5. andrewb

    Car Break ins at Rocky Branch Parking on RT 16

    More or less yes on the deductible. It's the rental cost which is way way more money compared to using a car I own out right. I just hate the feeling. That's my car and it's been violated! I don't rent and won't due to cost I just don't want to be broken I to again.
  6. andrewb

    Car Break ins at Rocky Branch Parking on RT 16

    Uggh - my least favorite part of hiking! If it wasn't so expensive I would just rent a car and get the damage insurance ....
  7. andrewb

    Time to get rid of the NEHH

    Didn't see any path on the Captain once the old road and climbers path ended, that's not to say a path doesn't exist and my trip there was over a decade ago. The others were winter trips for me so I can't say if they had paths. A side note, since Kanc is higher than Dorset ... why is it not on...
  8. andrewb

    Bushwhacking - General "Guidelines"

    A great idea I picked up somewhere is to print out your map and put it in a ziplock bag. Go with the gallon size and store brand's better, as there's less printing on them. Some brands are totally clear both sides, this is ideal because you can have 2 maps back to back without obstructions. You...
  9. andrewb

    Karine Thate. "GRID" FINISHER #58

    Great show! Wish I had made it as well. Congratulations on the marriage also!
  10. andrewb

    Frozen in Time

    I will add this to my list - as soon as I finish "Denali's Howl" which so far is a fantastic read. It was very hard for me to get past the author thinking Mt Washington is in Maine, though...
  11. andrewb

    New AT record

    Scott is truly an inspiration in my opinion, and he's also living proof that a vegan diet not only "works" but if applied properly allows people to achieve their absolute best. I must say that his book was an amazing read. It's worth repeating that he forged on despite a knee injury sustained...
  12. andrewb

    Best Direction For North Moat Mtn Loop

    As planned, going up Red Ridge, sounds great. That's the way I'd do it for a dark descent - I would suggest thinking about tacking on the South peak if possible.
  13. andrewb

    Vose Spur

    There are two scree slopes that you could likely encounter: one west of and another southeast of Vose Spur. The west one (in between Vose and Carrigain) was absolutely incredible - especially in winter when we did it. The southeast one is hit by most of the various herdpaths ascending out of the...
  14. andrewb

    Bushwacking Tips?

    I would also second Daniel's comment about the way back out - follow your compass, not your nose on the way down. You do need to make sure you don't veer off of your ascent route because if you end up in the that north drainage, it would be a world of hurt.
  15. andrewb

    Bushwacking Tips?

    I would definitely say to leave the poles in your car. I brought hiking poles ... once. They catch on everything, it will drive you insane. If you really need them for the downhill trail section, can they fit completely in your pack? Nothing sticking out to be grabbed is a must. You might need...
  16. andrewb

    How should col depths be calculated for a NH100 peak list?

    I am split between using higher and lower rise values. On the one hand, using higher prominence yields a list of more significant peaks in the state - which are inevitably spread quite a good distance apart from each other. On the other, most people doing the 100 highest list I would imagine are...
  17. andrewb

    Carrigain Fire Tower - Nit Picking

    About 5 weeks ago, I also noticed that metal grate at the top of the tower. It swings down if you step on the end of it, it felt like a trap door and I thought I was going to plummet all the way down to the ground! That was one of my top 5 most terrifying mountain experiences. Have they still...
  18. andrewb

    Isolation North

    I agree with Tim for North Isolation. Several possible high points in that area -- no clue which one was 6 inches higher than the others, so we just went to all of them. No canisters or other markings of any kind were found. Andrew
  19. andrewb

    Hutchins Mountain Bushwhack

    Second Update: I am (slowly) recovering from a sprained ankle and regretfully need to postpone this trip yet again. It would not be prudent for many reasons to attempt this trip in my condition. I will be available late August or early September for this bushwhack. By then, my ankle will be...
  20. andrewb

    Snow machines in Moosilauke?!?

    I was sure I was seeing things today when I thought I spotted day or so snowmobile tracks near the top of Moose. I guess I was correct.