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    Netflix has some new mountain movies

    Just watched this one last nite: Mount St. Elias Sitting on the border of the Canadian Yukon and Alaska, Mount St. Elias is the second tallest mountain in either nation, and also one of the most difficult to climb. Standing at 18,000 feet, the mountain is subject to high winds, bitter cold and...
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    Grand Tetons

    We hiked Granite Canyon (the Gondola from Teton Village is a quick way to gain elevation but it was out of commission when we went). Teton Video: Part 1 We then hiked from South to North by Marion Lake through the Death Canyon Shelf into Alaska Basin Teton Video: Part 2 , up Hurricane Pass...
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    Day hike ideas in Colorado

    WOW! Thanks so much for all the fantastic ideas! Maroon Bells was on our list of must see spots. Also the Conundrum Hot Springs sound like a nice place to soak. A question about Longs Peak: How sketchy is it. There are 2 non technical guys in my group that are very worried about falling off the...
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    Day hike ideas in Colorado

    Going to Colorado for a week this summer and would like to hit a bunch of day hikes near Aspen and in RMNP. Looking to get big views, maybe a hot spring, and some decent roadside camping. Any ideas of some great hikes in that area would be appriciated! :)
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    Your Top Ten Photos of 2013!

    Hitchens Pond Overlook near Lows Lake
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    Video Trip Report from Volcanoes National Park and Hawaii's Big Island

    Thanks! Did you guys get to hike the hut system in Haleakala? I'd like to do that when we go back someday.
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    Video Trip Report from Volcanoes National Park and Hawaii's Big Island

    Took a while to put it together but here is a video from the BirdHead Boyz trip to the Big Island and Volcanoes NP.
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    ADK hiking question

    Big fan of Algonquin Wright and Iroquois. All have fantastic views if weather is OK.
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    Route 28 N...

    Saw this and got a chuckle...but its SO TRUE! This vid shows the rough nature of this stretch of road and a call to the politicians to fix the darn thing!
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    W115 done!

    Congrats U 2! :)
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    Mount Marshall, ADKs (2-16-2013)

    Here's our last trip out. A chilly day but the views were beautiful! Here is Marshall:
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    Jeremy Jones - snowboarder and mountaineer

    Cool guy. Met him in Jackson Hole at the brewery a couple of years ago. He is definitely living life! The risks that J takes are great but then again, you can pass by getting into a car and going to work as well IMHO.
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    Video - My Final NH 4,000'er

    Nice job! Congrats to you and your finish! Sounds like you guys have some great trips coming up too! Enjoy.
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    ADK Central Region backpacking ideas

    Yeah...can't go wrong with the NP Trail. Also might want to check out Sargent Lakes area near Blue Mtn., or another cool area would be Indian Lake area (Chimney Mtn, Puffer Mtn, and the local ponds/lakes in that area.
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    "Redlining" in the Adirondacks?

    I've been working on it for a while. West Central section is almost complete. High Peaks Sections and Central sections are both about 1/2 way there. It's been interesting to find so many gems in my neck of the woods (West Central) that one would not find unless they have been on some of these...
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    The largest collection of lean-to pictures ever (probably) (image heavy)

    Very cool! Enjoyed looking through em all. Keep em' comin'!
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    Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness Loop 4/5 - 4/7/12 (Adirondacks)

    Nice pics! Looks like you had some pretty nice weather for the trip. Its definitely a gem in the western ADKs. I was up there last fall and plan on heading out there next week. I missed the turn off to Lost Lake. Hopefully find it this time out. Thanks for sharing the trip pics! :)