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  1. onestep

    Baxter - International Appalachian Trail backpacking loop

    I'm toying with the idea of doing an extended backpacking loop this fall. The plan is to exit Baxter State Park towards Katahdin Lake and then follow the International Appalachian Trail north to Matagamon Campground. From there a short road walk to re-enter Baxter State Park and return. Does...
  2. onestep

    NEHHw finish on Baxter Peak 3-10-12

    Two thumbs up, Fred!! It's good to hear you finished.
  3. onestep

    Molly's Folly. A poem.

    More reasons why I like VT so much!
  4. onestep

    Molly's Folly. A poem.

    Great poem, I can think of quite a few places where this should be posted. I'm confused, though. Who set's "Wilderness policy"? The reason I ask, I just got back from a week on the Long Trail in VT. The section I walked passed through at least 2 desingnated Wilderness areas. I mentioned to the...
  5. onestep

    Trails Less Traveled

    That is such a cool loop... glad you two "discovered" it!
  6. onestep

    Slippery tent floor

    Yesterday! I did to the floor of my new Tarptent Moment what your asking about. I diluted Clear GE Silicone II with Coleman fuel (orderless mineral spirits works too) until the consistency was like 'pancake syrup'. I applied this to the tent floor using a 3" foam brush in one long continuous...
  7. onestep

    Owl's Cliff

    Nice trip report and pic's Dennis. Glad to hear things turned out alright for Mark!
  8. onestep

    Peakbagging legend visiting Northeast‏

    Well if he ends up in the Beaudry this weekend he will run into all sorts of odd characters doing the balsam breaststroke, the fir wave, and the hobble bush hop! :D
  9. onestep

    40% Off Everything @ Patagonia in Freeport, ME

    I was there Sunday... glad I didn't buy anything then. Might be back soon though!:D
  10. onestep

    Washington, Monroe, and Isolation in Twelve Pictures, 5/16/2009

    Nice 12 step program! Stay away from the 13th step if your new or coming back...:D
  11. onestep

    Baldface/Royce Backpack, May 15-17, 2009

    Nice trip! I've only day hiked in that area. Sable, the Baldfaces, Royces, etc. Your crew did it up right. Great pic's too!
  12. onestep

    Another NE3k finisher...

    The rumors are running a muck over in Barnjum that another of it's citizenry is on the verge of completing the New England 3000 Footers! Speculation, rumor, innuendo... the locals are in a tizzy!!
  13. onestep

    Mt. Blue...Tumbledown?

    Last week I heard first hand that the trail up to Tumbledown Pond was snow free.
  14. onestep

    Help needed: Trail runners/hiking shoes

    I hope I don't have the same experience as you with the MT811 lace string breaking. I just purchased a pair and wore them for the first time this last weekend while backpacking the Bold Coast Trail. I really like this trail runner. So far, so good!
  15. onestep

    Saddleback 2590 (Wilton, ME)

    Great trip report Jim. There are so many hidden gems that most never get to see. Bushwhacking, the freedom of the hills.
  16. onestep

    Bold Coast Trail

    Monday, May 11, 2009 Bold Coast Trail Topic: Backpacking The Bold Coast Trail is a 10 mile loop located in Cutler Maine. The trail winds along the Atlantic coast for almost five miles of dramatic cliff-bound hiking. Think Acadia National Park without the crowds! From the parking area along Rt...
  17. onestep

    Best Wind Pants?

    I'm happy with my Marmot Precip pants with full side zips. I wear a pair of mid-weight capilene underneath and am good to go!
  18. onestep

    Bird count shows effect from climate change

    We're doing our best up here in Maine to push our confused feathered friends back south where they belong... "On the morning of January 16, as New England was under the grip of an arctic blast, an all-time low temperature of -50° Fahrenheit was recorded for Maine. It was recorded at 7:30 a.m...
  19. onestep

    wNEHH Finish - Sugarloaf / Spaulding / Abraham Traverse 02-14-09

    Saturday 2/14/09 Al Dwyer, dRitter, and I will be attempting a Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham traverse with car spots. Al will be celebrating his finish of the Winter NEHH list on Spaulding, and there might be a beverage or two at The White Wolf afterward. I assume anyone interested in joining...