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  1. IndianChris

    North Dome and Sherill

    Hi, Anyone been here recently? Need for snowshoes? Thx!
  2. IndianChris


    Thanks Tom!...will look out for that spot. Hope all is well with you. Chris
  3. IndianChris


    Going to do a very short hike up the east side of Halcot in the next few weeks and don't really remember where I parked when I did it years ago. Pretty sure I parked just off Rt42. That sound about right? Any info on parking greatly appreciated. Thx. Chris
  4. IndianChris

    Cornell to Friday

    Thanks guys...real helpful info! Am hoping to start the hike no later than 7am from Woodland Valley. Do Wittenburg, Cornell, the bushwhacking and then back the same way to Woodland Valley. Expecting it will take the better part of the day to finish. From what I've read, it sounds like the...
  5. IndianChris

    Cornell to Friday

    Thanks a lot OnAClearDay...looking forward to the battle scars LOL. When was the last time you were in there btw? Thx Chris
  6. IndianChris

    Cornell to Friday

    Am planning on hiking Wittenberg and then on to Cornell via trail and then bushwhacking over to Friday/Balsam Cap. Was wondering if anyone has done this before and can inform what the bushwhacking is like once I drop off the west side of Cornell a bit and then head south around the "Dink"(?)...
  7. IndianChris

    First 46er...Big Slide

    Thanks guys...very helpful info! We wound up doing Cascade and Porter from the north. You right...tons of people. But the views were outstanding! Can't say it was fun keeping the dog on the leash though but rules are rules. Thanks again!
  8. IndianChris

    First 46er...Big Slide

    Thanks for info! Will remember that. After more research I think we going to do Cascade and Porter though...just not sure from which side yet.
  9. IndianChris

    First 46er...Big Slide

    Hi All, Am planning on hiking Big Slide soon (from the Garden via the Brothers and maybe Slide Mt. Brook on return) and was wondering if anyone has done this with their dog. Kinda a new dog owner, have hiked plenty with him on Long Island but not yet in High Peaks of Cats or Daks. Would it...
  10. IndianChris

    Directions please - Stony Creek Leanto

    Wow that's crazy about the water level! We didn't actually stay in the leanto but checked it out quick...couldn't imagine the water up so high! Thanks Mike...had a great trip. We had plenty of water too the first day...rained nonstop pretty much. But the next two days were awesome! Had some...
  11. IndianChris

    Directions please - Stony Creek Leanto

    Never actually made it to Stony Creek since I started this thread. After three years, I think I'm finally going to paddle Stony Creek this weekend, then over into the Saranacs. Saturday's weather looking pretty good ;) Anyway...anyone been to the Stony Creek Leanto lately? I'm guessing not...
  12. IndianChris

    big tandem sea kayak recommendations

    Wow! Nice! That's some vessel! Have fun with that...and post some more pics when you christen her ;)
  13. IndianChris

    600 Year Old Canoe

    This kind of stuff is real cool! The old canoes and kayaks of the north intrigue me a bit more but this is still awesome!... 600 Year Old Canoe
  14. IndianChris

    Foliage Report

    Hi All...just looking for a foliage report for the Adirondacks and White Mountain Regions. Leaves must be starting to change, right? Peak colors before September out you think? Thanks. Chris
  15. IndianChris

    Bog River, Lows Lake 8/28-30

    Great report! Any Matzo Ball soup?
  16. IndianChris

    Black fly reports for your area?

    Was on Forked Lake this past weekend and the black flies weren't so bad. No picnic but they were tolerable. It also rained most of the time. What were bad, depending on where we were on the lake, were the mosquitoes. Those buggers were out for blood! Fortunately our last day was pretty...
  17. IndianChris

    Forked Lake

    Recently noticed on a map that there are a few campsites on the west end of Forked Lake. Anyone ever been to these sites? Might be looking for them after sunset so any details about their location, condition, landmarks, etc...would be great. Thanks.
  18. IndianChris

    Black fly reports for your area?

    I haven't been to the mountains lately but I hear that the black flies are out in force in the Forked Lake vicinity of the Adirondacks. Spoke with the campground there this week. Would like to head there soon and hope that they wane a bit by the time I get there...but I have my doubts :o Keep...
  19. IndianChris

    Iced in still?...or open?

    Anyone aware of water/ice conditions on the big lakes of the Adirondacks? Long Lake, Lows Lake, Tupper Lake, The Saranacs, Forked... They still iced over? Thanks.
  20. IndianChris

    Solar Panels

    Never used one and not sure yet if I'm gonna even buy one. But considering that I like to listen to music from my ipod at night around a fire, I need a way to keep it powered up for three or four days. Anyone have experience with solar panels? Looked briefly online and saw an 'Instpark 4S.'...