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  1. bandana4me

    Why is it called "Red lining"???

    Not to beat a dead horse but.....when you say it goes way back,,,well the Hobbit was published in '37. The book has a distinct reference to red lining. Gandalf tells Bilbo that all his maps have "red lines" designating what trails he has completed. This was just a thought I had walking with...
  2. bandana4me

    Why is it called "Red lining"???

    I have my own idea of where the term red lining comes from but I am interested if anyone knows the real answer. My theory is from J.R.R. Tolkien.
  3. bandana4me

    Two hiking fatalities in NH, both victims in their 60s

    Another sad story from the Whites:
  4. bandana4me

    NH 48 at midnight

    Well I guess this is why you actually finish the list before posting. We changed plans at the last minute. On the long drive to the trail head (25 mins) I was amazed at how clear the sky was and how bright the moon lite the sky. I have promised myself for the last 2 years that on that one...
  5. bandana4me

    NH 48 at midnight

    Marley and I hope to finish our "NH 48 @ midnight" tonight. Weather and moon look very promising tonight for our completion of all 48 4000' summits hiked at night. Each peak, so far, we have been able to hike and sit at the summit at the stroke of midnight. It has been over 4 years in the making...
  6. bandana4me

    When does a memorial become trash in a backcountry setting?

    I am all for temporary memorials anywhere in the world, as long as they do not upset any vegetation (nails or staples in trees etc..). The memorials should be placed carefully and with great thought into what they are trying to accomplish. When the memorial is in place, take time to mourn...
  7. bandana4me

    Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

    When I was young (ages ago), I was told that mosquitoes are attracted by either scented deodorant, soap and/or shampoo. Therefore it is best to leave these products behind and do not use them prior to hikes. Seems to work well for me! It may have other benefits as well, as other hikers may opt...
  8. bandana4me


    Good call. It started pouring rain just before 5 am today.
  9. bandana4me

    GMC Hiking with Dog Video Series

    Exactly. Marley, does NOT like to patted on the top of his head. I can NOT even pat the top of his head. When people call Marley over, either with or without my permission, I tell them "Please do not try to pat the top of his head". First thing they do is try to pat his head, and when Marley...
  10. bandana4me

    GMC Hiking with Dog Video Series

    As a dog owner, I have a hard time with someone who avoids trails because of the possibilities of a dog being on that trail. It is a very commendable act, but one I feel that should never be. You shouldn't have to change plans or take alternative trails just because a dog might be on that trail...
  11. bandana4me

    End of an Era

    Kevin brings up a good point, it played on my mind hard as I hiked down. I have a very bad habit of running downhill on hikes. It started, I think somewhere in the mid 70's, my buddies and I used to do what we termed "The Tennessee Boogie". We would go downhill as fast as we could without...
  12. bandana4me

    End of an Era

    Clarification: I broke the metal piece that holds the boot in place. It snapped right at the rivet that holds the 2 pieces together on the crampon. I have decided not to try to weld or fix it. I will just get a new pair or first go to IME and check out the consignment shop downstairs. I wish it...
  13. bandana4me

    End of an Era

    On Thursday, Marley and I set out for our morning walk. I had decided the night before to go to the Carters or Moriah. I never decide until I start driving down the road where exactly we will end up hiking. I knew that going in that direction would eliminate some time from our walk but I felt it...
  14. bandana4me

    Want to kill a bear?

    Please don't get me started on this is very frustrating for me. Venting: In the "great" town of Bethlehem, every year they make an ordinance that prohibits bird feeders and trash to be left out. Of course the rule would work quite well if the rule applied to "EVERYONE"! Well this...
  15. bandana4me

    Our built landscape

    Ok here is my perplexing moment. On the Mt. Willard trail there are a series of concrete drains that were installed on the trail. They look like the drains used under the roadways. I dont think you can see them under the snow right now but come spring time they will once again pop up. I could...
  16. bandana4me

    Winter nh 48 canine finishers

    Marley on the Rocky Branch trail doing a little trail maintanence. Marley on Mt Jackson. Marley on Agony ridge. And of course Marley supervising while I shovel the driveway!
  17. bandana4me

    GPS, Maps, and cameras ILLEGAL

    My question is: Was there a specified date on the agreement to shut down the pit? The reason I ask this is because a friend of mine in the 80's wanted to build a garage. He hired a contractor and the agreement was, the contractor would be paid half up front and the remainder when the garage was...
  18. bandana4me

    Dog Gear

    Clothing for the dog is good but........please don't forget to pack a "DOG FIRST-AID KIT". You never know when you may need it and it could make a difference in the dog's life!
  19. bandana4me

    Tips for the new Dog

    Also let the dog use his scent. Scent is as important (if not more) as exercise. Let the dog stop and smell the roses! If he wants to smell every blade grass, let him. Remember it is his walk. If he needs to burn off energy, he will definetly let you know.
  20. bandana4me

    Tips for the new Dog

    My dog has become my hiking partner, which is VERY unusual for me as I have been mostly a solo hiker since the mid-late 70's. My suggestion is ALWAYS carry treats with you and reward him/her for good behavior. Marley (a husky) is trained to go 15-20 feet off the trail every time someone...