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  1. ALGonquin Bob

    Been offline for a while

    Wow, it's been a long time for me, too. Not much hiking anymore, but just back from 3 nights on Lake Lila with my friend & her new canoe. I still get up to the Adirondacks a few times a year; mostly to visit David & Terri at TMax-n-Topo's Hostel. I even watch the place for a week in January!
  2. ALGonquin Bob

    ADK New High Peaks Trail Map should be in every backpack leaving any trailhead!

    It's a great map, but now I might have to buy the 2nd edition!
  3. ALGonquin Bob

    Hiker Swept Away Crossing Feldspar Brook - Perishes

    I don't think it appropriate to have this discussion on this thread; if you're that interested in criticizing our group, that can be done privately or if/when I post the TR on a separate thread.
  4. ALGonquin Bob

    Hiker Swept Away Crossing Feldspar Brook - Perishes

    BlackSpruce: There are several inaccurate statements in your judgement; basically, everything. When I was camping in Ontario last week, I wrote a trip report for the Allen hike; since I have yet to post that, people can only make inaccurate assumptions such as yours based on incomplete information.
  5. ALGonquin Bob

    Reminder-- Kayak Rescues create risks and costs too

    Great idea. I have a USCG sticker inside my aft hatch, with my name, address, and phone listed.
  6. ALGonquin Bob

    Hiker Swept Away Crossing Feldspar Brook - Perishes

    I happened to be hiking Allen that afternoon/evening. Even the small streams were roaring, and we were lucky to be able to cross one of them on an elevated fallen tree. Later, five of us were turned back in the dark at the incredibly high and fast Opalescent River that was merely ankle deep that...
  7. ALGonquin Bob

    Heads up NH non motorized boat registration proposal

    I don't live in NH, but this comes up occasionally in New York. What those politicians that propose non-motorized registration don't realize is that paddlers tend to have several boats, as opposed to power boaters that usually have only one boat. Having to affix a sticker to the hull is the...
  8. ALGonquin Bob

    Canoeist rescued after 3 months...Quebec

    Dog defends him from the bear, and 3 DAYS later he kills and eats his pet because he was starting to get hungry?!
  9. ALGonquin Bob

    Suggested day trip on-the-Hudson

    Thanks for the ideas, but we decided to drive up to Newcomb and explore the Essex Chain of Lakes!
  10. ALGonquin Bob

    Suggested day trip on-the-Hudson

    I'll be atternding ADK's President's Dinner Oct. 26 in (edit) HIGHLAND Falls (near West Point), and would like to take my kayak with me and paddle part of the Hudson. I know almost nothing about that part of NYS or the Hudson and am asking for ideas as where to launch and paddle there. We'll...
  11. ALGonquin Bob

    Canoe Camping?

    Be very careful paddling on Lake George. I won't go there anymore, since the local so-called sheriff refused to as much as fine a man who accidently drove his power boat over a kayaker a couple years ago and killed him. There are also one or more power boaters that intentionally swamp canoes and...
  12. ALGonquin Bob

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    I drove up and did a 7-day solo canoe trip there from May 8-14. Still working on my TR, but you can follow my day-to-day TR & photos at my FB page: "Buffalo Paddles".!/BuffaloPaddles
  13. ALGonquin Bob

    Transporting kayaks on car roof

    My Toyota has a fairly short roofline. Some cars may need the special adapter to allow the bars to be spaced far enough apart.
  14. ALGonquin Bob

    Transporting kayaks on car roof

    And the length of the car vs. boat doesn't really matter. I carry 17-foot kayaks on my little Toyota Matrix and tie a red strap or flag to the stern of the boat that overhangs way past the back bumper - no problem.
  15. ALGonquin Bob

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    The flooding in Muskoka has subsided and nearly everything is accessible and open now. Opeongo Road washed out in the high water, but is repaired and scheduled to re-open Friday.
  16. ALGonquin Bob

    Your paddle plans?

    More on that route:
  17. ALGonquin Bob

    Your paddle plans?

    I'll be doing my usual solo canoe trips to Algonquin and the Adirondacks (a variety), and one 4 or 5 day kayak trip somewhere on Georgian Bay. First trip of the season is a 6 or 7 day solo canoe trek planned for early May in central Algonquin Park.
  18. ALGonquin Bob

    Your paddle plans?

    Have you researched that route? Last I heard it was impassable and illegal (and enforced). Otherwise, a nice To Do list.
  19. ALGonquin Bob

    Paddler Down

    If the author didn't bother wearing a life jacket in April, you can be sure that he wasn't wearing a dry suit, either. I'm not surprised that anyone would go out in a canoe on cold water in April without wearing a life jacket, but I don't understand why. It's good that this man survived his...
  20. ALGonquin Bob

    Lonnie Dupre has begun attempt to summit Denali solo this month

    He made the wise decision to turn back because of wind and extreme cold. Smart man.