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  1. J

    Rescue on 19-year old on Alqonquin

    He survived because of phone contact and rapid response by Forest Rangers.
  2. J

    Mystery Ranch scree 32L

    The Scree 32 has been my standard winter pack for at least three years. No problem with durability. Comfort is good with the weight mainly on the lower back pad rather than the hip belt.
  3. J

    The Galloping North Magnetic Pole

    I think that rascal Putin has something to do with it.
  4. J

    Pack bag - covered by warranty or not?

    The rep is incorrect. Delamination is a chemical degradation of the polymer. It is not “wear and tear”, especially on the interior of the fabric. I had this happen several years ago on an Osprey pack. They gave me a new one.
  5. J

    Advise for toe-heel hiker - calluses and pain...

    Mike, take a look at the LaSportiva TX3 (fabric upper) or TX4 (leather upper) approach shoes. I left the Raptors because of poor upper durability and poor wet traction with the Ultras. The TX series have similar fit and great full lacing. Two years and they are holding up well. Wet traction on...
  6. J

    Best Site For Past Weather Observations

    Take a look at this site for single day data: For example, Plymouth, NH
  7. J

    Garmin 60CSX no longer recognized by Windows 10 computer

    I have ordered a new W10 computer and soon will be getting a taste of my own medicine, hoping I can get Mapsource and TOPO! running again. What Alan is saying is that the gpx file saved in the computer can be opened under the ‘handhelds’ menu in TOPO!. I still prefer Mapsource as a simple file...
  8. J

    Porter/Cascade From Marcy Airfield

    You should not have a parking problem except on busy summer or holiday weekends. It is the overflow parking for the Garden lot. I assume you have researched the ascent. I tell people it is like climbing Mt Marcy in half the distance. Blueberry alone is a 2000 ft climb in 2.3 miles. The trail...
  9. J

    Garmin 60CSx records elevation change when stationary

    Thanks all, for your comments and discussion. I noticed last night and confirmed today that the cause of the noise and concomitant increase in ascent/descent was having the unit plugged into USB power. It does not occur when under battery power. I also connected the USB cord to the iPhone...
  10. J

    Garmin 60CSx records elevation change when stationary

    This is a good example of how smartphone technology has surpassed purpose-built GPS receivers (maybe newer GPS models do this; I don't know). You didn't say what make/model you were using. I repeated your experiment with my iPhone 5S (2 years old) with GPS (location services) on and cellular off...
  11. J

    Garmin 60CSx records elevation change when stationary

    The choices of pressure units are In Hg (inches of mercury, often used in the U.S.), millibars, or Hectopascals. Electronic barometers can measure very small changes in pressure and convert the pressure to altitude by a standard calculation. See...
  12. J

    Garmin 60CSx records elevation change when stationary

    I borrowed a Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSx with barometric altimeter from a friend, intending to do some hiking comparisons of iPhone apps (Gaia GPS and Motion X) which run on GPS altitude (no barometric sensor). With the Garmin on my desk under USB power with GPS off, I noticed that the ascent/descent...
  13. J

    traction devices

    The main cause of rusting of footwear (traction and snowshoes) is walking in road salt. Take them off earlier and you won't have a problem.
  14. J

    Personal experiences with emergency locator devices

    I used a SPOT Connect (discontinued model, used a smartphone as user interface) for about three years, or should I say tried to use. My wife was not interested in looking at a track on a web page so I sent messages periodically (which were prewritten and selected on the phone, or typed and...
  15. J

    North Brother

    One helluva effort, guys. North Brother is always challenging but this time is over the top. The bent-over trees are a real pain.
  16. J

    ADK Question

    No problem. Dog must be on leash, Eastern High Peaks.
  17. J

    Adirondack Loj And Garden Parking

    The problem is that Johns Brook Lodge sleeps 28 people and they all park at the Garden, some for days. They usually come out mid-morning, after breakfast. Then there are some openings for parking, but later than most day hikers would want to start. ADK also rents lean-tos and two cabins on their...
  18. J

    MacNaughton Mountain Adirondacks*** ELEVATION CALCULATION...

    You have demonstrated the precision of the measurement, but isn't the real question the accuracy? There must be many assumptions in creating the mathematical model which does the calculations. This is a difference of only 0.1% to a model position of sea level. Has the model been thoroughly...
  19. J

    EMS Going Bankrupt? Sister store, Sport Chalet, closing.
  20. J

    Almost feel guilty - W35 x 4

    If you are looking for more ice to make it more sporting, I know plenty of peaks to recommend.