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  1. prino

    Avalanche in Huntington Ravine: 3 hurt (Updated Subject line)

    Mount Washington Observatory are reporting that the avalanche happened in Huntingdon's ravine.
  2. prino

    Bigelows 1/1/13

    Congrats Tom and Laurie!! Nearly there!! you guys are hardcore... staying on top of the Bigelows till Sunday! Brrrrrrr!! :D
  3. prino

    Need recommendations for Mont Tremblant & the Laurentians

    Hi Greg... I remember you saying you were going up to Tremblant when I bumped in to you on Osceola this fall. Just by chance I see this post after not being on here for a while. I've not been up to Tremblant myself for a while. So what I tell you may have changed. I remember there being a good...
  4. prino

    Heaven and/or hell in the Northern Dacks

    So are we headed out on Thursday? ;)
  5. prino

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday October 27 in Lexington, MA

    Thanks again Pat and Audrey for another wonderful get together. Always a pleasure to meet up with the best people in the world! Shari and I had a great time! You guys rock!
  6. prino

    A return to the Osceola's after 15 years

    Hi Sunshine Chris!! It was a nice surprise bumping into you and Dave up there. Enjoyed hiking with you. Welcme back to the Whites. I've been away too lng too! Prino!
  7. prino

    Mount Crawford- Mount Resolution 10-7-12

    Wonderful Pictures Kevin! Thanks for those. Any chance you can hike tomorrow?
  8. prino

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday October 27 in Lexington, MA

    Sari and I will be there of course! Can't wait!
  9. prino

    NE100 + NE115 finish - Mt. Mansfield Saturday 9/1/2012

    Congrats Freddy!! We had a great day up on Mansfield yesterday and it was good to connect with friends on here New and Old!! Prino P.S. Stan.... we had a few bi-lingual conversations... lol! Merci!!
  10. prino

    Wolfjaws via slide

    Is that when postholes fill up naturally with snow?!
  11. prino

    Wolfjaws via slide

    It would be nice if all the new slides had names that everyone agreed on. As I understand your report, You went up the new south-east slide to UWJ? which is the one that branches off the slide that comes down from the North-east side of LWJ the one that ends in that dip on the south side trail...
  12. prino

    Wolfjaws via slide

    Nice one Rob!! Did you need to poke your poles and ice axe very much!? :D Maybe a dongle would have come in handy?!
  13. prino


    Congratulations! and dare I ask where the N comes from? "Never to late to start" comes to mind! :D
  14. prino

    Whiteface Toll Road

    Well according to that website they have "skiable grass" at the Whiteface club and Lake Placid resort. Does that mean regular x-c or roller skiis? :D
  15. prino

    Mount Marcy

    He's not eating enough cheese-whiz! :D .... It's full of MSG!
  16. prino

    Friends and faces.

    But the toes are just the same height !!??!!! :p
  17. prino

    Friends and faces.

    and who's this?
  18. prino

    Friends and faces.

    Neil, I think that was Inge? but who's this?
  19. prino

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    I would say it was very much worth it... judging by those fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  20. prino

    Big Brother is watching you!!!

    Alistair! You are already famous! :D ... and I'm a name known to all apparently...