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  1. McRat

    Two Bunks available for Fool Scout Ball IX

    Once again, the Fool Scouts are having their annual dinner at LLHut, Saturday March 29th. For this, our ninth year, MadRiver has put together a 'Fool Scouts at the Opera' theme. We walk up the hill, dress in formal or silly attire, and commence feastivities. $55 includes bunk, Italian...
  2. McRat

    Winter Gathering NH Barnes Field February 21-23

    Very tempting. Jan 15, 2005 - First 4K up Pierce on a crisp beautiful day led by Carole. Met a lot of current friends for the first time that night at the gathering. Set a lot of foolish things in motion. Kudos for suggesting this, coldfeet. It'd be great to see you again.
  3. McRat

    Massachusetts hikers fined for hiking closed Katahdin trail.

    Ohhh... the hikers were FROM Massachusetts. For a brief moment I was afraid of going for a local walk and winding up north of Millinocket. :p
  4. McRat

    WMNF to be Featured in U.S. Mint "America the Beautiful Quarters Program"

    Flip it over. Washington has been on all the quarters since 1932. ;)
  5. McRat

    Found Sunglasses on Bicknell Ridge Trail (NH)

    Found a pair of sunglasses on the Bicknell Ridge trail on April 16th, 2012. Please contact me at [email protected] with a description of the item and we can arrange a way to get them back to you.
  6. McRat

    Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure -- book signing dates

    As far as meeting up for a drink after the signing, I'll wait out front and we'll figure things from there. I should be there with my girls. I should be the only guy there who answers to 'McRat'... though this is Harvard Square... there may be others.
  7. McRat

    NE 100 Highest Route Info?

    For the NEHH, we drive on logging roads despite the existence of highways... because they happen to be the only way to access them. So it is with the postal communications in the era of email. Frustrating, but occasionally inevitable. I will say finally getting that packet in the mail and...
  8. McRat

    Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure -- book signing dates

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the book signing. Squeaky and I will be attending. Anyone interested in perhaps meeting up for a drink or two after the signing? I hear there may be a pub or two in Harvard Square...
  9. McRat

    Wildcat pass required for hikers?

    Let's all sing along...
  10. McRat

    Anyone here use "Polar Pure" water purification bottles

    War on drugs experiment #5,765,342 In the interest of science, we should check back in a couple of years to see how this effects both the availability of 'Polar Pure' and the availability of pure methamphetamine. I have a hypothesis, but it isn't very hiking related. :rolleyes:
  11. McRat

    Some Major Highway Closures in White Mtn Region (29-Aug-2011)

    Can't get there from here... Road closure/repair map for the great State of Maine.
  12. McRat

    Maine 4000 footer to save for last?

    You could be one of the few (or perhaps only?) to finish on Spaulding. It's the Zealand of Maine.
  13. McRat

    Hike Naked: Germany Opens New Nude-Friendly Nature Trails

    Meh. Most people are weirdos in one way or another - perhaps possibly even myself. So, as long as your form of weirdness is harmless to others, I'll stand in solidarity. They're pretty harmless. We're all imperfect, and they seem to have gotten over it while really taking the whole 'hike...
  14. McRat

    Views and Brews - My kind of list.

    I have to admit, I like hiking lists and I like beer. Last night, these proclivities culminated into finishing another list – the New Hampshire Views and Brews list. It did not suck. I have to appreciate the creation of such a list. It made me aware of several decent brewpubs that I hadn't...
  15. McRat

    Hiking Jokes

    Q: What kind of geological formation are the Uncanoonucs? A: They're monadnockers.
  16. McRat

    5 days? Yeah right!

    My, hasn't this been an interesting thread? I just hope no one is counting Mt. Washington for any lists. Darby Field already did it as a bushwhack when it was over 10,000' tall. All other ascents are unworthy. :rolleyes:
  17. McRat

    Good locations to reflect high NH peaks in water

    A bit of a hike, but I'd love to be able to retake this shot of Madison off Star lake with a better camera and conditions.
  18. McRat

    Wilderness Thoughts

    PSmart, sarcasm aside, I'm glad to see that someone is trying to be a reasonable advocate for the USFS here - and situtions like this do not make it any easier for you. Though we disagree in a few areas, I always appreciate your input (and find you more philosophically consistent than USFS)...
  19. McRat

    Wilderness Thoughts

    Can't say this doesn't add to the perception that the main impetus for removing the bridge was to do so before it achieved the arbitrary historical status within the arbitrary wilderness designation (like the decrepit remains of the old railroad bridge a short distance away from it). Anyone...
  20. McRat

    Middlesex Fells - Big changes proposed by Mass DCR

    Friends of the Fells and NEMBA are both decent groups of people who are at cross purposes over differences of opinion on trail use. The website, in a manner not entirely unfamiliar to people here, posted some fairly decent trailmaps of the Fells online for cyclists, and...