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  1. Frodo

    Black fly season White Mountains in NH

    I only wear a head net when I am doing trail work because I can usually out run them. The worst thing about wearing a head net is when you forget it is on and you spit... :oops:
  2. Frodo

    Jessie Whitehead's Wicked Big Fall

    I love old school adventures! O'Dell's is pretty routine for modern day ice climbers, but it certainly wasn't in 1933...
  3. Frodo

    25th anniversary of the start of Ice Storm of 1998

    The trail crews were very busy that Spring. I remember hiking the Hancocks in April 98 and it was more like a bushwhack...
  4. Frodo

    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    Sad outcome... I feel really bad for her and her family. I agree with Peakbagger. There is that turn you take about .2 miles from the summit that is typically icy this time of year, and once you get by it, the wind hits you. I was up there on Sunday trail running in Lincoln Woods and the snow...
  5. Frodo

    Mt Cabot Fatal

    What a horrible tragedy. I can't imagine what her fiancé, family, and friends are going thru right now... She passed away way too young! Like most of us here, her free time revolved around hiking. As Sierra pointed out, Danielle was a participant in the FOT48 for the past several years, and was...
  6. Frodo

    Winter Hiking Season over before it started.

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Heal quick! It was good to see you again at Pat and Audrey's 9 days ago.
  7. Frodo

    Rescue on Wildcat Ridge Trail

    I hiked the Pierce/Eisenhower loop on Saturday and wore microspikes the whole day except for snowshoes coming down Edmands Path. I had no problem with either of them balling up. There were some icy sections of the Crawford Path down low, so maybe she encountered ice...
  8. Frodo

    Snow totals for Snow-Demic 12/17/20

    We received 15" in the suburbs of Boston. Time for some local x-country skiing tomorrow.
  9. Frodo

    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    I like to use a Hannibal Lector mask when hiking. It doesn't prevent the spread of particles, but it scares people away (especially when they have young children with them). :eek: Being serious, I hike and cycle without a mask, but keep one handy if I encounter people. I was on the Lincoln...
  10. Frodo

    Mass just added NH and Maine to the travel restrictions list

    Looks like I am hiking local crappy mountains for the foreseeable future... The ironic part is NH should have banned us Mass people because we have higher daily positive rates than they do. Looking forward to 2022...
  11. Frodo

    Owls Head river crossings...

    Regarding water crossings in that area, I use 300 cfs of the East Branch of the Pemi as a barometer. I can rock hop across where the Thoreau bridge used to be if it is 300 cfs or less, which is harder than Lincoln Brook, but this is my personal comfort level. Others might have different comfort...
  12. Frodo

    Owls Head river crossings...

    The BPBW is no longer a BW. It is a well defined herd path that is close to being a trail. I was there last month (on my yearly Owls Head hike), and every year it becomes more defined. At some point, it will likely be made into an official trail. These days, I think the BPBW is easier to follow...
  13. Frodo

    More trail closings?

    I just received this update from my WMNF trail supervisor: "Good afternoon White Mountain Trail Adopters! First and foremost, I would like to share the big news that came from the White Mountain National Forest Leadership Team today. As of this morning, trail adopters are encouraged to resume...
  14. Frodo

    Old school VFTT

    More pics from the old days...
  15. Frodo

    Old school VFTT

    Fun times on VFTT!
  16. Frodo

    Old school VFTT

    To try and brighten this website in this dark "zombie apocalypse" time, I am looking for some of the old school VFTT'rs to post some pics from happier times back in the day. A little history: Darren started this site in the late 90's, which became kind of the Facebook of the day for NE hikers...
  17. Frodo

    Hiker rescue near Owl's Head

    A hiker had a medical emergency on Monday near Owl's Head in the Pemi. Unfortunately, he passed away. My condolences to his family and friends.
  18. Frodo

    Really Hot Humid Weekend Coming up

    I am planning on insulating my attic tomorrow. :eek: In all seriousness, night hiking can be a lot of fun this time of year, especially during the Perseid Meteor Shower in Aug. If you time it right and catch the sunrise on the way down, it can be an amazing experience. One time we were on...
  19. Frodo

    Books for holidays

    Here is one from VFTT's very own, and it just came out:
  20. Frodo

    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal?

    We are in the 11th hour and if you would like to have a voice on the Thoreau Falls Trail bridge removal please send your brief comments to Senator Kelly Ayotte I have been the MMNF volunteer maintainer of the Thoreau Falls Trail for the past 7 years...