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  1. grog

    Wapack Trail Map

    About 1 mile east of the main parking area of Watatic Mt. is a strip of 20 parking places on rt. 119 for the electric line trail , about 3/4 mile long that is strait up. I do the bear walk up about 1/2 up and get a great all round exercise and get ready for the Baxter trails I do in the fall. I...
  2. grog

    Pay-For-Rescue and Navigation

    You and your wife are wasting your time being haters. Maybe you have too much time on your hands.:p grog
  3. grog

    Hikers Rescued off Blue Job Mountain

    don't forget to check that the light actually works.:o grog
  4. grog

    Strem crossings on Liberty Spring and Drake's Brook

    easy Just did sandwich mt. trail up to noon peak and it was fine with microspikes over trail runners. The stream was no problem to cross. grog
  5. grog

    Estimating hiking speed...

    trick ? To get correct answer Billy must specify whether its time or distance when referring to half of hike, two different answers. Trick question? Whenever I go on trip, miles is most important. grog
  6. grog

    You know you are NOT a peakbagger when...

    When you know the answer is 42 and not 48. grog
  7. grog

    Best spots to find Gray Jays

    another hunt spur as light was vanishing
  8. grog

    Best spots to find Gray Jays

    Russel pond I see them at Russel pond BSP all the time and that elevation is about 1100. Also see them right below the Hunt Spur on hunt trail where the elevation is close to 3500 feet. grog
  9. grog

    11 types of people you meet on a hike

    People who enjoy Mother Nature and smoking it too.:D
  10. grog

    11 types of people you meet on a hike

    Omg The NANNY aaarrrggghhh!!!
  11. grog


    Rescue Me ( great Supremes song ) If they decide to go to Baxter then it is allways Katahdin. Hey Andrew, that's me. I was coming down hunt trail from Katahdin and at dusk I put my headlamp on and the batteries were dead! I was lucky as the last mile on that trail ( beyond the stream ) was...
  12. grog

    Got reservations for bsp 10/11 lean-to #3 Russel pond and for 10/12 for Davis pond. It's going...

    Got reservations for bsp 10/11 lean-to #3 Russel pond and for 10/12 for Davis pond. It's going to be quick I'm thinking leaving 6:30 am and arriving gate about 2:00. Takes about 3 hours to hike to Russel pond. Next day either a quick hike to Wass. lake and then to Davis pond, or straight to...
  13. grog

    Favorite Mountain Photo Opportunities in New England

    hell brook trail My daughter holding up boulder and climbing. grog
  14. grog

    may be sticking a fork in Crocs

    I use my water shoes as hiking boots and work boots. grog
  15. grog

    Sustainability in the outdoor industry

    moving towards minimalism I have some good stuff to donate to some one who needs it. Anyone on this board have a boy scout troop or something I could donate to? grog
  16. grog

    How to strain water when filling a Platypus?

    Cheese cloth and an elastic works well for me. grog
  17. grog

    Looking for an aggressive weekend trip

    That's the only trail I turned back down. I like hiking steep trails but I tried about 5 times to get by the smooth part near the top but couldn't do it. Huntington ravine trail is easy compared to The North Slide. This sounds like a great hike. Have fun. grog
  18. grog

    Why do you get tired?

    The biggest problem is not getting oxygen into the lungs, but getting it to the muscles where it can be used. This is where training and diet comes in. I always wear a sternum strap to keep pressure off my shoulders. I've had 2 dislocated shoulders playing football and multiple frozen shoulders...
  19. grog

    Why do you get tired?

    My chest hardly moves when I breath hard. I mostly breathe through my lower lungs, my stomach moves a lot more than my chest. If you just breathe through your chest you're wasting a lot of unused lung area. grog
  20. grog

    Camping Outside Baxter

    I agree about staying in park, much better. Teej - nice link to availability, first time I've seen that. Can't believe the chimney pond sites that are available. I just spent about 2 minutes setting up imaginary trips all in my favorite lean-tos. Until I finish my honey-do list my trip has to...