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  1. beverly

    2010: year of the deer fly?

    All things deer flies More ideas for thwarting flies from the New York Outdoors Blog: Patches do seem to work - see...
  2. beverly

    Ed Ketchledge dies at 85

    Whenever I am up in the Alpine Zone of the High Peaks, I think of his name and the work he did to preserve these fragile areas. Nice write-up here
  3. beverly

    Phoenix AZ hiking -- Suggestions?

    Do the Flatiron! It's about 40 minutes from Tempe down the road in the Superstitions - Lost Dutchman State Park/Siphon Draw trailhead. A great 3-4 hour roundtrip hike up to a spectacular scramble up to the "Flatiron". Or you can just go up the draw to the bottom of the steeper climb...
  4. beverly

    REALLY bad news - Governor's list of NY park closures

    Parks and Trails New York - Save our State
  5. beverly

    Crown Point ferry now up and running

    Oh no! But they are shutting down the Charlotte-Essex ferry after tomorrow until Spring, citing "ice." :rolleyes: Pretty bogus reason and short notice to a lot of folks.
  6. beverly

    Clarence Petty dead at 104

    Well said, Clarence.
  7. beverly

    Small plane crashes into Santanoni Peak

    This bit of information is interesting. You would think they would have turned it on by now, unless it was damaged.
  8. beverly

    Lake Champlain Bridge closed

    Latest news The bridge can't be fixed - it needs to be replaced. They are going to set up a free ferry service nearby as soon as feasible. The Charlotte-Essex Ferry is now free for the time being.
  9. beverly

    Lake Champlain Bridge closed

    Love the bridge - hate the speed traps on the NY side!
  10. beverly

    Lake Champlain Bridge closed

    Ferry service The Charlotte-Essex ferry has expanded its service, although it hasn't announced the winter schedule yet. It runs through the winter - depending on ice - but I'll bet they'll be sure to keep the channel open this year. It's a very sad...
  11. beverly

    Coyotes They don't think the coyotes were diseased, because they would be unlikely to travel together if ill. The only other reported...
  12. beverly

    Who: hikes, climbs &or backpacks with a dog?

    Another book Haven't seen it yet:
  13. beverly

    Unsupported ADK 46 Traverse

    Encore! A memorable adventure and a great read. Thanks!
  14. beverly

    Who: hikes, climbs &or backpacks with a dog?

    Ha! I'll second the recommendation of Tom about K9 Topcoat. Tucker has hair, not fur and loves the cold weather. But snow, especially fresh snow collects on him and turns his coat into a sea of ice balls. I got the Lycra suit - not insulated - for him. I got it from the website. He...
  15. beverly

    Finally got Carol White's book out of the library. Brings back memories! thanks!

    Finally got Carol White's book out of the library. Brings back memories! thanks!
  16. beverly

    Kids climbing the Seven Summits...

    Two words... Child abuse
  17. beverly

    Merry pranks on Gothics.

    Yeah, it happens all over! In 1994 I was hiking the Kungsleden Trail in Northern Sweden with my sister. We were hiking hut-to-hut and didn't see a lot of people on the trail. Along the trail came two, very large German women hiking in their underwear, seemingly oblivious that their appearance...
  18. beverly

    Vanderwhacker Mt (NY 3k) 8-15-09

    That's good to know. I haven't been to Vanderwhacker for a long time and the road is the reason why.
  19. beverly

    Etiquette of Get Out of My Picture, Please

    Funny Squirrel jumps into photo
  20. beverly

    2009 Perseids, Aug 11-12

    I went outside around 11:30 last night for a few minutes and saw one within 5 minutes. It was partly cloudy and the moon wasn't too high yet. I was going to get up before dawn and look for more - but the clouds had taken over.