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  1. MtnManJohn

    Easy Hiking Challenges/Quests in VT ?

    My friend's partner in VT is looking for easy hiking challenges which don't involve strenuous mountain climbs (thus, the VT 5 may not be up her alley). I don't know if their may be a waterfall challenge or something involving easier peaks for folks new to hiking. Thanks!
  2. MtnManJohn

    Hiking and Iron deficiency anemia

    I am writing on behalf of a friend who's an avid hiker, a 46er and is working on her W46. She has iron deficiency anemia. She loves hiking in the High Peaks, but dealing with the anemia is a constant struggle. She does struggle on the uphills, having to pause often before moving on. Her dr says...
  3. MtnManJohn


    (Photo Credit: Rebecca Swem) My enduring friend and hiking partner, Becky, has been working quite hard at her Winter NE111 (or W115, as some call it), of which fewer than one hundred people have achieved. With only three remaining - Katahdin, Hamlin, and North Brother (the northern-most peaks...
  4. MtnManJohn

    Hiker missing in NH Whites - Unfortunate ending (Claire Marie Cocuzzo)

    The New Hampshire Fish and Game Dept is asking people to be on the lookout for a missing hiker
  5. MtnManJohn

    Shawangunk Ridge Trail -- Requesting GPS Track

    I am looking for a GPS track of the entire Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT), from High Point State Park in NJ all the way to Mohonk Preserve. I've been unable to find one and not available on any mapping software (like Nat Geo Topo!). I am asking because I want to examine the elevation profile in...
  6. MtnManJohn

    Grand Canyon & Mt Zion NP Hiking - Advice needed

    Thank you all for your responses! I greatly appreciate it. I head out early tomorrow morn ...
  7. MtnManJohn

    Grand Canyon & Mt Zion NP Hiking - Advice needed

    I'll be heading out West the latter part of this week and plan on hiking the Grand Canyon (likely the Bright Angel trail, 15 mi loop), then heading to Mt Zion NP (hopefully the Zion Narrows if I can get a permit). This will be my first time west of the Mississipi. Looking at the weather for...