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  1. Kevin

    EMS Going Bankrupt?

    According to one news story, The Eastern Mountain stores closing are as follows: Christiana, Del.; Dulles, Va.; Foxborough, Mass.; Moorestown, N.J.; North Brunswick, N.J.; University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; Warwick, R.I.; and West Hartford, Conn..... No wonder Warwick was empty of...
  2. Kevin

    Sleds revisted..

    Actually a fun little sled; I have used it before and I am a bigger guy... It does work best on packed snow but have used it on a variety of hills/snow conditions and it worked well. I took one a number of years back for winter hiking and camping; really light weight, can be used as a shovel to...
  3. Kevin

    Suggestions for meals while winter backpacking

    Corn meal is a great food option too... in the morning it can be used to make a porridge with dried fruit, seeds & nuts... at dinner use it to thicken some soupy FD meals or make it into a cake; add some cheese cubes & pepperoni, dried tomatoes and saute in your pot; top with grated cheese a...
  4. Kevin

    Former Rainier Park Chief Under Fire for Questionable Deal with RMI Owner

    Classic NPS move... Even on small park levels I have heard enough stories of the biggest screw ups moving up the food chain...
  5. Kevin

    Rhinebeck NY

    Also check out Ferncliff Forest just 5 minutes from the center of the village... Also the trails in Hyde Park are less then a 1/2 hr away and there are trails in Staatsburg about 15 minutes south of Rhinebeck too... Plenty of options!
  6. Kevin

    Three Cups of Tea veracity questioned

    It was an interesting 60 Minutes piece last night on this... a little one sided I thought but then again, there are a few things to that seem off.
  7. Kevin

    Stissing Mountain

    I wish the NYNJTC would add this little gem to the South Taconic mapset... There are a number of trails up it, some on private land. The Nature Conservancy I think still maintains the land, but they were not receptive to an actual map or blazes. There was a small local group that did a lot of...
  8. Kevin

    Gaz stoves & lanterns - fuel

    Thanks for the heads-up...
  9. Kevin

    Part of AT in NY CLOSED due to brush fire

    BEEKMAN — Firefighters are battling a blaze along the Appalachian Trail in the Town of Beekman, where a stubborn brush fire has reignited after nearly being extinguished yesterday. According to Beekman firehouse staff, the fire was first reported about 4 a.m. on Saturday. Fire crews battled the...
  10. Kevin

    Why would someone eat this?

    Ahhhh my old friend the Chilkoot trail... I am sure Temsco LOVED getting this call, they charged me $1400 for my resuce, they must have salivated! I love that trail all kidding aside...
  11. Kevin

    Petzl Reverso 3 vs. Black Diamond ATC Guide

    I love using a GiGi... Does pretty much everything that the R3 & Guide do, but in a smaller foot print. I picked it up a few years ago after learning about it from old friend/Guide in the Gunks.
  12. Kevin

    Lost hiker dies of hypothermia in Catskills

    Thank you to everyone, your thoughts are being passed along to Seth's family...
  13. Kevin

    Lost hiker dies of hypothermia in Catskills

    Seth was a great friend, and the brother of a very close friend. The basic details were they hiked to the Batavia Kill Leanto on Friday night, hiked to the peaks on Saturday. After that no other details are known as of yet except for when they called their 911 calls. Alberto was found last...
  14. Kevin

    ;ay... Close friend and his hiking partner went up fri... Left bataviakill 09:27:40 on Sat to do...

    ;ay... Close friend and his hiking partner went up fri... Left bataviakill 09:27:40 on Sat to do the traverse. 1am Sun they called 911. They found one guy last night late. Still looking for my friend. That is all we know for sure right now.
  15. Kevin

    IMPORTANT... Anyone on the Blackhead Range this weekend?

    Anyone been on BH/BD/TC this weekend? How were the conditions? Did you see anyother parties?
  16. Kevin

    Tonight (Nov. 10): National Geographic Channel special on Appalachian Trail

    Mountain Crossings in GA is a great shop... I have dealt with them professionally and have had a great experience.
  17. Kevin

    Boots coming unglued?

    Becareful with SnoSeal, it can gum up leather products... Not a bad idea; but if youhave a Gore-Tex membrane that needs that leather to breathe, guess what? You just wasted money and ruined your boots. Some products like Nikwax's are water based and are designed for breathable footwear. ANd...
  18. Kevin

    The AT on NatGeo TV

    I thought many of you would enjoy.... My good friend Ralph is in it doing trail work... Looks like a great little bit of TV!
  19. Kevin

    Emergency Kit - 12 Items - Less than 2.5 Oz.

    John is a local to you in the Poughkeepsie area Tom... He does teach classes, you may want to check one out some time for some ideas or to play around in the woods...