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  1. LivesToHike

    Thoughts on Energy Gel's

    I like Clifshots. I use the Raz (Rasberry) flavor sometimes for cycling rides, and often on hikes. Although lately I've been more fond of granola bars on hikes. I still carry gels as a backup. The one downside is that on winter hikes the Clifshots and other gels I've tried often have the...
  2. LivesToHike

    sawyer r. rd. status

    Hmmm, good point David. Thanks. --Mike
  3. LivesToHike

    Lauky's last hike

    Ed, So sorry for your loss. Lauky truly had the heart & spirit of an adventurer. Thanks for posting Lauky's photo and sharing his stories. Have always enjoyed your postings. Best, Mike
  4. LivesToHike

    sawyer r. rd. status

    Raymond, Tim & Peakbagger, Thanks very much for your replies. As it turns out we found adequate parking in the Signal Ridge Parking Lot, despite our late arrival (9:30am) this past Saturday. The road to the West of the parking lot does look like a good alternative. Sure beats walking up...
  5. LivesToHike

    sawyer r. rd. status

    Hey Raymond, Thanks for your detailed information. You've been very helpful. A good friend and I were trying to fathom how much time to allot for this hike -- adding an extra couple miles to walk from Rt302 & then back again would have obviously made this a somewhat longer day. Last...
  6. LivesToHike

    sawyer r. rd. status

    Folks -- does anyone know how far up Sawyer River Road (FR42) one can park? It's been 20+ years since I've hiked Carrigan via Signal Ridge Trail. I wondered if the washout on Sawyer River Road between Rt 302 and the Signal Ridge Trail was ever repaired? Out of mere curiosity, how much of...
  7. LivesToHike

    missing hiker - Lancaster, NH

    Condolences to her husband, family and friends. So tragic. More details will emerge over time to provide a more complete picture of experience level, intent and maybe what exactly went wrong. Peace, Mike
  8. LivesToHike

    Strategies for keeping electronics warm?

    Padded camera cases or the smaller 1 liter OR insulated water bottle holders are helpful. As Doug suggested, putting the batteries closer to you helps also. Or as MtnRunr said - chem packs also help.
  9. LivesToHike

    Sandwich Dome & Jennings Peak via Sandwich & Drakes Brook Trails - Sunday 5/19/2013

    Sandwich Dome & Jennings Peak via Sandwich & Drakes Brook Trails - Sunday 5/19/2013 Sunday 5/19/2013 Trail Conditions: Took Sandwich Mountain Trail up and Drakes Brook Trail down. Both trails generally clear with a few blow-downs. Most of the uncleared blow downs were on the leg from...
  10. LivesToHike

    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    Flat Breads for pizza in North Conway. They are on the pricey side for pizza, but it's good. Also, I rarely stop for dinner on the way home from hiking unless I was planning to stop for dinner with the hiking group. Usually everyone is heading home. I'll try Mr Pizza next time I'm in...
  11. LivesToHike

    Adam Wilcox completes first Winter Full Hut Traverse - Solo

    Congrats, Adam! Great achievement! --Mike
  12. LivesToHike

    Extreme Sledding in or near the Whites

    Be careful on one section of Kinsman Ridge Trail, part of the way down from Cannon. In Dec 2011, on the way down from Cannon, I *think* it was after Coppermine Col, there was a washout section with a nice sheer dropoff. IHMO, didn't look like something that was easily repairable. That said...
  13. LivesToHike

    Ice climber dies on Mount Washington

    So sorry to hear and so sad. Prayers and thoughts for his family and friends. --Mike
  14. LivesToHike

    Staying Semi Thawed on Moosilauke 2/18/13

    Looks like you had a great day up there. Beautiful visibility! Nice trip report and photos, too! Mike PS It's a different experience on Moosilauke's summit in the winter without the benefit of wind-driven freezing fog! :)
  15. LivesToHike

    Coming to a trail near you - in the near future???? (Google Glasses)

    Nah, the grey jays are way smarter than to become entangled in beanie propeller props. Once more, as the large group with beanies/goggles would have been so distracted watching their heads-up displays, the grey jays would have torn open their packs and made off with all their food. :) Mike
  16. LivesToHike

    #575 and #576, Adams and Madison, 2/16/2013

    Congrats to you both! What a great accomplishment! Nice trip report, too! :) Mike
  17. LivesToHike

    Something for everyone - Extreme Mountain Unicycling!

    Wow. Well, I've seen a unicyclist on this year's Mt Washington Hill Climb. And I had seen a Banff Film Fest film short on unicyclists riding in woods, bike parks, and doing various 2 wheel tricks on 1 wheel, but this really tops it all ! :) Mike
  18. LivesToHike

    Snow Lovers May Be Rejoicing On Friday 2/8

    Maybe 18"-20" snow Southern NH areas around N Nashua... Hard to tell -- haven't dug out yet, but I'm guessing from a visual inspection we have about 18"-20" of powdery stuff and higher drifts in North Nashua/Merrimack/Amherst/E. Hollis, NH areas. While the summit wind forecast looks more...
  19. LivesToHike

    Views from the Carribean?

    St John also has an underwater trail. Facemask and snorkel are probably better than boots and a pack on this one! :) Mike
  20. LivesToHike

    The Cold Hard Facts Of Freezing To Death

    I agree - a great read. Thanks for sharing with us all. Mike