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  1. Adk_dib

    Central ADK Plus trip

    road to crane open all the way to trailhead. A little narrow towards the end. not bad but I wouldn't want to run into a car going otherway the last 200 yards. I like climbing the right trail. it starts climbing immediatly and it has nice view spots to rest. The last ladder Is tough if you have a...
  2. Adk_dib

    hows the hiking been during the drought

    havent been out in 3 weeks. even then the creek was dry at slide/catskills parking lot. How has it been this year and do you consider this a good weather year or not. Cant imagine doing a long hike with no water to filter and have to carry it with you.:(
  3. Adk_dib

    Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this

    cramps on the tendon on inner thigh, mostly my right leg. I stretch, drink plenty of liquids. I take potasium, calcium and magnisium. I drink tonic water after a hike. It started my 3rd year of hiking. My first two years I could go nonstop. first time it happened was on a cold dreary day hiking...
  4. Adk_dib

    Route 28

    When I grew up in Middleville on route 28 I had no idea I would be spending so much time driving on it! You can go from the southern Catskills to he southern ADK high peaks. I wonder how many peaks you could climb from this route? (sounds like a new list!):rolleyes: The section from Delhi to...
  5. Adk_dib

    Optical Illution

    Everytime I drive from Prattsville to Hunter, I wonder why the road seems to go downhill, alot. But the creek is going the other way. How?
  6. Adk_dib

    Are we over hydrated?
  7. Adk_dib


    Is the trail still closed because of land rights with the lumber company?
  8. Adk_dib

    vermont trails near Crown Point

    looks like Camels hump in vermont, and tounge range in NY. Thanks
  9. Adk_dib

    vermont trails near Crown Point

    Will be staying in crown point, ny. There is a bridge to vermont near there. What are some good 1500-2500 foot climbs within about 2 hours of crown point in Vermont.
  10. Adk_dib

    the garden

    thursday or friday august 16th or 17th.
  11. Adk_dib

    the garden

    havent been to the garden trailhead in about 6 years. I have been there maybe 3 times and everytime I found a parking spot at 6 am. with the increase in hikers, do you think a spot will still be available at this time.
  12. Adk_dib

    road to hunter

    Havent been on the website for a while so I dont know the specifics. I usually take route 23 to hunter. Has the bridge been repaired in prattsville. How to get there is bridge still out.
  13. Adk_dib

    Following Atticus

    Following Atticus. Just finished book and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the mountains. Got my juices flowing for a great summer!
  14. Adk_dib

    space man

    For years I have been going down route 30 from indian lake to speculator and have entertained by the green alien. Went by this weekend and he is gone. I was so disappointed. Where did he go?
  15. Adk_dib

    Walking Music

    For steep sections that kill your legs "ZZTop!"
  16. Adk_dib

    Walking Music

    Put The Bee-Gee's "stayin Alive" on your music player and put it on replay-loop. You would be amazed on how much ground you cover walking to the beat. Only thing missing is the Paint can.
  17. Adk_dib

    Paying for rescues

    I dont think in this case he should be charged. I do wonder how anyone can become separated from their group, Guy stops to tie his shoe, you wait for him."you never leave your wingman". You could argue anyone who attempts Marcy or Algonquin in the winter is foolish. At least he started out in...
  18. Adk_dib

    purchasing Kayak

    I assumed the going rate was around $1000 for a good one. If I can get a good one for $500 great. when is the paddlefest?
  19. Adk_dib

    purchasing Kayak

    Now that I finished my 46 list I am looking to stay low this year. I would like to purchase a One person Kayak and do some of the smaller mountains that you have to boat to. What brand is best? I am looking at around $1000 range. alson what are some good hike to combine boating and hiking?
  20. Adk_dib

    Pepper spray?

    I like to have mine in my tent with me, makes me feel safer at nignt. It doesn't take up much weight so a small one couldnt hurt