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  1. Forester Jake

    Long Trail: Nebraska Notch to Smugglers Notch

    Saturday was a nice sunny day for a "wintry" trek to the summit of Mt Mansfield via the Long Trail. Conditions were fresh snow and a mix of snow and ice at & above treeline. Parked at the Trout Club parking lot and ascended to Taylor Lodge / Nebraska Notch via the Lake Mansfield Trail, which...
  2. Forester Jake

    Long Trail: Rte 108 north to Rte 15

    Nice! I agree, there are several sections in this area that need reblazing and/or a few more. The section up & over Whiteface is really poor and in deep snow, extremely easy to lose the trail! On the same day as your hike I too was on the Long Trail- from Nebraska Notch to the summit of...
  3. Forester Jake

    Ruschp Sterling Ridge Trail

    Originally cut out by ski legend Peter Ruschp in the early 70s this trail was abandoned and nature took over. Over the past year volunteers of the Stowe Conservation Commission have been granted permission to restore this cool trail that traverses the top of Sterling Ridge. At one point there...
  4. Forester Jake

    Worcester Mountains (Stowe), Skyline Trail north

    Saturday 9/14/13 Conditions: cool & wet, socked in above 2600' Parking: Upper Pinnacle lot Trails (1): Stowe Pinnacle Trail to Pinnacle Conditions- damp trail with good drainage, a few wet & muddy spots. Heavy traffic up & down (very popular local hike) with some loud & obnoxious folks...
  5. Forester Jake

    Elmore Mountain 2-6-13

    This afternoon Fisher Cat and I needed to get out so we went for a quick hike up Elmore. Parking at the Elmore General Store, Scott donned his Micro Spikes and I wore my crampons. We struck across windswept Lake Elmore and up onto the Catamount Trail. Picking up the trail to the summit...
  6. Forester Jake

    Logging Artifacts on Flume Mountain

    A few weeks back I had an opportunity to do some bushwacking off of our adopted trail, the Osseo Trail. My goal was quite basic... not only get a feel for the remote lay of the land but (hopefully) also stumble across some cool things. As an experienced woods worker all my life, I've kind of...
  7. Forester Jake

    Vermont 4000 Footers in Two Days 9/8/12-9/9/12

    Very cool, congratulations!
  8. Forester Jake

    Setting Things Straight: An Easy Backpack 8/24-25/12

    Amen brother! Excellent series of photos and thoughts, I need to do the same... Last year we visited Welch & Dickey for the first time and thought to myself what an awesome place to enjoy a sunset-moonrise-moonset-sunrise overnight photography bivy :) Awesome my friend!
  9. Forester Jake

    Anybody for a Trail Worker's Story?...anyone?.....

    Great essay Fisher Cat!!
  10. Forester Jake

    favorite/most convenient town in the Whites ?

    Gotta say Lincoln... home of The Mountain Wanderer & great conversations with Steve Smith, the trailhead to the Osseo Trail :) & the Pemi Wilderness, and top it all off with brews and great food at the Common Man!
  11. Forester Jake

    5 Days, 5 Pics

    Hey guys, great pics and TR, nice work too! Sorry we couldn't get over to join you guys. Yeah, KC does a nice job blazing
  12. Forester Jake

    On the Comeback Trail! Part II- Acadia/Seawall and Sargent Mountain 6/19-20/12

    Great photos! I can't wait until I can actually get up there to explore & shoot... still on my to-do list :)
  13. Forester Jake

    White Mountains Hut Traverse, 7/1/2012

    Oh, and super cool photography!! iphone?
  14. Forester Jake

    White Mountains Hut Traverse, 7/1/2012

    WOW!!! Lriz, truely amazing and motivational! And a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll be cheering you on over here in Vermont for a smashing success in the Vt 100 :)
  15. Forester Jake

    OK Bokeh on Franconia Ridge

    Cool shots! Always fun to have the time to explore creative photography in the mountains! Have you ever explored the principles behind "tilt shift" photography? (think creating those super cool "toy like" images) I think you'll find it both fun & fascinating! You can create the effect with your...
  16. Forester Jake

    Hancocks,Bonds,Zeal,Hale,Twins,Gale,Gar,Owls,Flume ,Lib,Linc,Laf

    Wow, great mileage quite a summit list! There's a lot of cool country off the Osseo trail, just was curious where abouts your bushwhack was going to put you? Lots of beautiful open hardwoods below the switchbacks begin, gets a lot denser with softwoods up between the ladders & summit of Flume...
  17. Forester Jake

    Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this

    Two extremely painful herniated discs in my lower back just three weeks ago... not only is my mobility impeded, but I have to now find a trusty new (lightweight) pack :/
  18. Forester Jake

    Packs for Bad Backs??

    Does anyone out there have a good backpack recommendation for those who suffer from a bad back?? Three weeks ago was a turning point for me when my 38 years of playing and working too hard resulted in two herniated discs in my lower back- my legs were temporarily disabled and the searing pain...
  19. Forester Jake

    Counterclockwise Pemi Loop - a New PR, 6/16/2012

    WOW, truely spectacular accomplishment!!! FisherCat & I enjoyed our "slo-mo" meet on the Osseo last year doing trailwork.... maybe we should add some extra trail features to try to slow you down, as if the giant stone steps aren't enough :) the lower segment is perfect to go into auto-pilot for...
  20. Forester Jake

    Another stone structure in woods

    Wow!! Another great find out in the woods!! Looks to me like a very well constructed spring / well / fresh water source. Super cool find, beautiful stonework, great slab roof! Thanks for sharing the photos :)