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    More on NH hikers and driver's licenses

    Maybe not a huge fan of the Hike Safe Card The card is limited protection at best, totally aside from the issue of extortion (basically a bully trying to take your lunch money). Is solo hiking reckless? Is bushwhacking reckless? Officials have said yes to both in the past (admittedly not in...
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    Reckless Hikers Pay "Penalty"

    We are reasonably restrained here and even sometimes constructive in drawing lessons rather than taking the opportunity to display our superiority. This was a more general social media observation rather than forum-specific.
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    Reckless Hikers Pay "Penalty"

    Our phasing out of public pillories was not a completely positive step. I'm not saying throwing actual rocks. Necessarilly. Actually, we are reasonably restrained here and even sometimes constructive in drawing lessons rather than taking the opportunity to display our superiority. This was a...
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    Franconia brook trl/13 falls/twin brook trail region beta request

    Hike your own hike, sure. But you'll get pushback (whether it be contempt, ridicule or just trying to "set you straight" in a friendly manner) unless you take care to do it in a way everyone else approves. Internet discussion is here to help.
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    I have always listed compliance with regs as included in my selection criteria: always last but always on the list. The closest I think I have come in this thread to describing illegal camping is the 150 feet off-Trail at Garfield Pond. Every Ranger I've ever talked with about it regards those...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    The real protection is not the regulations but common sense, respect and courtesy. Also, the enemies of the land, water and other hikers are people who don't pay attention to rules anyway. If one has a real light touch, stealth camping (in the original sense of no impact or visibility) is a...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    I'm sure you're not under the mistaken impression that this bullet item is a regulation. That can't be, so I'm a bit confused as to where you're heading with this. The whole "Leave No Trace" section of which this bullet item is a part, is a simply a statement of some familiar and admirable...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    Hike with a Lawyer AND a Surveyor Never go on a multi-day trip in the Whites without a lawyer AND a surveyor in your party. OR just camp 1/4 of a mile away from everything: you'll be safe from the marauding-ticketing Rangers, plus you'll feel virtuous. OR (for the un-virtuous), know the exact...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    I have lost my source link to this text about the footage offsets of the Pemi Wilderness from its perimeter trails therefore, as is, it obviously has no authority: * 66 feet from Osseo, Franconia Ridge, Garfield Ridge Trails * 100 feet outside Galehead Hut permit area * 66 feet from Twinway to...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    That's an issue for the lawyers. Is the language there about "within 200 feet" talking about trails within the Pemi? That would seem logical as the regulation is about the Pemi so a trail outside the Pemi would seem not covered at that point; why would a Pemi regulation be talking about trails...
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    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    This 200 foot blanket rule, all trails and all water sources, applies to everyone but the elite. If you have to ask, you're not.
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    Hiker Rescue - I think they didnt have a map

    A couple/few Summers ago I had a string of passing 5 "lost" groups early evening on that ridge over the course of 3 trips. More than the total I had previously encountered over several decades! I never regarded them as emergencies, perhaps wrongly treating them too lightly. In one case a person...
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    Lincoln woods trail closure later this summer?

    0.6 miles seems a little further in than I remember but the area in trouble is the same they worked on a few years ago, trying to patch it uphill a bit. That was not going to work, as many tried to explain to them at the time.
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    Man Calls For Rescue Twice in Two Days

    Agreed that's a cliche. Not all New Yorkers are rich.
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    Trail Runners Rescued from Mt Lafayette

    Must be a lot of snow up there if it's reached the level of crap left by the Summer/Fall horde.
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    So We dont have a shiny Monolith

    Is the trail itself in decent shape? Last couple of times I tried it, it seemed to have become a permanent water feature for substantial stretches, including just past the monument (going up).
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    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    That would be "" It hasn't gotten quite that bad, yet.
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    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    I see the button to report the specific **** messages, but I'm not seeing a button to report the entire thread?
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    Pemi Rescue

    No map, flashlight, food, warm clothing, or plan. White Mountains, late November. Temperatures in the low teens, snow. What could go wrong?
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    Trail Trash in the Covid Era

    I am the only (totally reprehensible) person who read the thread title as referring to something else. I just move along, without comment. Except for the ones playing loud music.