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  1. Mad Townie

    Ski Descent of Katahdin's Chimney

    "Video...removed by user"...before I got to watch it!
  2. Mad Townie

    Google Maps jumping the gun?

    Symbol error. Somebody added "Inter" before "State Route 6." Amusing, though, in light of the public dialogue about the "East-West Highway."
  3. Mad Townie

    Hiking Food Suggestions for Winter, Above Treeline

    Well, winter comes right after Halloween, so I always pack a few of those tiny chocolate bars that the trick-or-treaters didn't get. Just pop them in my mouth and let them melt until chewable. For "real" food, PB & J on whole wheat loaf bread is great. As someone said earlier, the baggie works...
  4. Mad Townie

    Wildcat Winter Rules - Background and Discussion

    Reading this entire thread just now, I couldn't help but think about how fantastic the Saddleback people are. The ski patrollers recommend which trails we should climb, and the only thing they ask is that we check in and out at the highest hut so that they don't worry about us. Good folks. Oh...
  5. Mad Townie

    Winter hiking- what do you carry in your pack?

    I have an old (1981) photo from Bigelow in January that shows some of my gear at the time: Wool balaclava Wool shirt (heavy, black & red check) Wool pants (Green, "army" type) Wool socks, knitted by my mom (the love keeps your feet warm) Wool mittens Sorel boots with wool liners Underneath...
  6. Mad Townie

    Kahootla microspikes

    Another vote for the Microspikes--although, in fairness, I haven't tried the Hillsounds. My crampons are complete overkill (M-10s), so I only carry them when I'm going to be doing significant above-treeline hiking. The 'spikes have been fine for everything else. When I come to a patch of hard...
  7. Mad Townie


    A few years ago we were shut out of a Russell Pond trip on Memorial Day weekend because of snow and high water. Since this was a heavy snow year, it's possible the situation may be repeated. Memorial Day is never a sure thing in some parts of BSP.
  8. Mad Townie

    Sugarloaf & spaulding

    Yvon, les Bigelows sont magnifique! A great choice for a 115 finish. In fact, a great choice for a hike, period! Give yourselves enough time to enjoy them.
  9. Mad Townie

    Missing Hiker in Baxter

    Oh, it's started already. I nominate "comment sections after news articles" for worst tech innovation of the last 50 years. (TDawg, you gotta get to Baxter!)
  10. Mad Townie

    Lei Wang did it!

    Not much information, but here's the link to the brief report from IMG:
  11. Mad Townie

    How Bad Are the Baxter Bugs in June?

    TEO, I don't recommend throwing yourself off a ledge. In the time it takes your body to fall, the bugs will have totally consumed it. :eek: Seriously, the bugs are BAD in Baxter (and much of the Maine woods) in June. That stops some people, doesn't stop others. Impossible to say what effect...
  12. Mad Townie

    Saddleback 2/20--better for skiing

    I think you're probably right about that, Audrey. Forgot to mention that the ski conditions were very good. The snow was excellent, and the visibility was improved enough below treeline that it wasn't a problem for the skiers.
  13. Mad Townie

    Saddleback 2/20--better for skiing

    Able to grab a day "off", I decided to climb Saddleback and the Horn with my friend Shrink Rap. The weather forecast was good, with summit temps in the teens and a mostly clear day. Well, it was mostly clear--clear mostly everywhere around EXCEPT on the summits of the mountains. We got started...
  14. Mad Townie

    Saddleback from ski lodge 2.20/10

    Very helpful and pleasant Saddleback ski personnel suggested Grey Ghost to Tricolor trails for ascent. Hike up was quick to treeline. The summit was socked in, very limited visibility of 10-15 feet and 50-60 mph winds, mildly cool temperatures. Because of the visibility we couldn't find the...
  15. Mad Townie

    VFTT winter gathering 2010?

    Wow, I disappear for a few months and when I return I find out Giggy is single handedly organizing the Winter Gathering AND paying everybody's fees AND providing all the beer AND getting the bands (and probably the generator truck, too) AND serving as master of ceremonies AND leading TFW hikes...
  16. Mad Townie

    Presi record falls! Congratulations Farmer!

    Fantastic! Way to go, Farmer.
  17. Mad Townie

    our 48 finish now on SUNDAY (30th)

    OK, so it took me awhile, but here are a couple more photos. Alex is flying . . . . . . into her Dad's arms Trish being Mom after finishing her #48, too. Congratulations again to both of you!
  18. Mad Townie

    Trish and Alex's after party changed to Sunday 08-30-09

    2 more here. (Haven't replied before.)
  19. Mad Townie

    What's in your hike plan

    I write down the name of the hill and trails (if I've decided before I leave) and trailhead (ditto). If I know I'm gonna be late out of the woods I'll say so the night before. Oh, and if I have no clue where I'm going because I'll be deciding that with my hiking partners the morning of the...
  20. Mad Townie

    Sugarloaf ME 8/26-9/6: hikes? anyone around?

    Bubba, if you're thinking of doing Redington be sure to check out Mohamed Ellozy's website for the "trail." Also, I think MichaelJ posted a pretty good set of directions if you're doing the bushwhack from South Crocker. But if it's nice you GOTTA do the Bigelows!