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  1. king tut

    Playing in California

    Great photos! Makes me want to head back out there someday.
  2. king tut

    First Presidential Traverse, Madison to Webster 9/14/12

    Excellent read, the idea of traverse always sounded simultaneously awesome yet knee poundingly painful to me. Glad things turned out well for you, these trip reports get me excited to go out for a nice hike of my own someday when I get a free weekend. Til then I will live vicariously through others.
  3. king tut

    Hiker Dies from Fall in Acadia

    I wonder which section it was, I am struggling to remember any real treacherous section prior to crossing the ledge in the photos above. That must have been just awful for everyone involved that day. Rest in peace.
  4. king tut

    no more reputation

    This thread is interesting. I simultaneously agree with Michael J and Roadtripper. I feel no need to gripe about what the moderators choose to do, they put in the time that others aren't willing to, and do what others don't want to do. I don't agree with everything they do or say, but since I do...
  5. king tut

    Coe / Brothers / Fort - inquiry

    I did this hike 6 1/2 years ago, and posted a trip report. Quick summary, about 11 miles for all four mountains, 4600 or so vertical, and it took me about 8 hours, two of which was lost hiking fort and destroying my clothes on the herd path and trees. Good hike, just don't descend the Coe slide...
  6. king tut

    Arizona and Utah 2012

    Those photos are spectacular. I need to get my butt out west and check out those places.
  7. king tut

    QR Codes on the Trail

    It all sounds interesting to me. If used properly, it could be useful and informative info at a trailhead. The thing that bothers me is how polarizing these subjects are. If you support this, then you are a rich yuppie who will need to be rescued by a helicopter. If you don't support this, then...
  8. king tut

    The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lying Around, the Stitches and the Loose Wardrobe

    Developed a "sports" hernia playing hockey 3 months ago, now two months out from open surgery. If anyone else has this open surgery, I would recommend not pushing your body after surgery, I really tore things up 2 weeks ago trying to ride the exercise bike to rehab, just getting over the pain...
  9. king tut

    DSLR Lenses?

    I have a Nikon D3100 with a crop factor of 1.5X. I am guessing I might need one of the smaller zoom lenses mentioned by the folks in the prior posts?
  10. king tut

    DSLR Lenses?

    I bought a new Nikon Dslr camera and got a 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lens. Question is, what would you camera gurus suggest I get if I were to get one more lens? I would generally be taking pictures of people, landscapes, and maybe shots of small interesting things like flowers, drops of...
  11. king tut

    Retiring to Maine?

    You might want to check out the area between Camden and Belfast. It has small mountains, lakes, ocean and is within an hour and a half or so from Portland, Augusta, Bangor and Acadia national park. I lived in Camden for a few years and it was a nice place, a little slow in the winter for a 20...
  12. king tut

    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    What an absolute bummer. The Alchemist was awesome, as is all of Waterbury. The town got completely hammered by the flash floods, while 20 minutes up the road in Williston where I live, there are virtually no signs of anything more than a sprinkle yesterday. Some towns like Burlington have...
  13. king tut

    Slides on Gothics and Upper Wolf Jaw.

    Awesome pictures and report. I was curious to see whom might be crazy enough to hike those slides, now I know. I feel like a gigantic wuss for having hiked these peaks via the blazed trails. It is nice to live vicariously through others whom are more manly/insane than me. Congrats for kickin butt.
  14. king tut

    #'s 66 and 67- Whiteface and Passaconaway from the Kanc

    Thanks for all the replies and info. Randalls, good luck with Killington, it is a pleasant mountain to finish on.
  15. king tut

    #'s 66 and 67- Whiteface and Passaconaway from the Kanc

    Many moons ago, I was a scrawny little blond haired kid rocking an Incredible Hulk tank top. The first “real” hike I can remember was when my parents took my brother and The Hulk up to Mt Katahdin to go backpacking. I was somewhere around 8 or 9 years old, and the first hiking memory that I...
  16. king tut

    The Knife Edge 8/5/11

    What a fantastic trip report and photos. You really captured the beauty and power of the mountain.
  17. king tut

    New England Waterfalls on Channel 5's Chronicle on Monday, August 8th

    Congrats. I have enjoyed checking out the cool waterfalls in Vermont based on your recommendations.
  18. king tut

    Sleepin' with the Pyramids, 07302011

    Nice report. While doing the 10 or so stream crossings on the Downes Brook trail, i wondered how the hike on Kate Sleeper over to the Tripyramids was. Now, i know.
  19. king tut

    Cathedral Trail on Katahdin Question

    I have a fear of heights, but I didn't think it was too bad. There were a few tricky spots where I had to use all six foot two of me to reach hand holds and figure out how to ascend, but all in all, I think the knife edge has more exposure and thus scares me more. Cathedral is steep, but at no...
  20. king tut

    3 hikers die from fall after crossing warning barrier in Yosemite

    A dozen deaths out of 4 million visitors to a rugged national park is not a high number. I am willing to wager that more than a dozen of those 4 million people died after visiting the park this year via car accidents, natural causes, etc... Deaths are likely up due to the river volumes being up...