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  1. islandside

    Heel blister problem

    I had the same trouble with many different boots. Tried sock liners and they didn't help. What I did find that helped was to use one of these Dr Shoals heel lifter/supports. It kept my foot from moving up and down within the boot.
  2. islandside

    What to use to carry my Hillsounds Pro and BD Contact Crampons

    Having a puncture resistant bag may come in handy if you happen to have a fall on them...
  3. islandside

    Recommended Shorter Winter Hikes?

    You mean "Spring Hike"! First full day of spring this year was March 22, 2011. ;)
  4. islandside

    Frazil Ice in NH?

    Frazil Ice on Mt Major? I found this rather unusual site on Mt Major the other day. It appears there had been an ice dam that caused the stream to overflow it's banks along the orange trail on Mt Major. The stream must have scooped out most of the leaves from last fall and deposited them in...
  5. islandside

    Whiteface (belknap) and Piper Question

    Maps at Alton library The maps can be found there for only a few dollars. They have a few different ones including one with routes for a traverse. They have been very handy for me.
  6. islandside

    Belknap hike

    Map of the Belknaps A map can be purchased at the Alton public library for only a few dollars. They are a great tool to help explore the wonderful Belknap Range.
  7. islandside

    Fisher Cat

    I do admit, I simply went to Google and found the clearest recording I could find but can't myself verify what the recording is of. See this link though, there is a video near the bottom of the page of a young fisher and it makes a fuss when their dog gets too close.
  8. islandside

    Fisher Cat

    Fisher audio clip A very unnerving sound when the night is dark and quiet!
  9. islandside

    Do you hike in the dark?

    Night Hiking Stuck at work all day makes "evening" hiking the only time I can get in a hike during the weekdays. I have hiked Mt Major in Alton every Tuesday and Thursday for more then two years. The best times are almost full moons during a snowfall. The woods are just so bright, it's...
  10. islandside

    Mount Jackson - Webster Jackson Trail

    March 8th, 2010 Trail Conditions: Conditions were very good for 90% of this trail. Some blowdowns have been walked around enough so the heard path are all quite of the 8th at least. However.... the real trail was lost somewhere around the last 1/2 mile and we defaulted to the...
  11. islandside

    Yes, we are playing every Sunday till the first week of September.

    Yes, we are playing every Sunday till the first week of September.
  12. islandside

    Tri-Pyrimids Loop from Livermore 8/1/09

    Hiked the Tri-pyrimids loop on Saturday. Not many cars in the lot, or many people on the trail. My concern that no-one has been hiking this loop much this summer due to the wet conditions making the North Slide dangerous were indeed warranted. The last time I hiked this loop with my son, about...
  13. islandside

    3 days in the Whites, then music!

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Jah Sprit Band is playing at Harlow's in Peterborough NH on Friday March 27th, and then next, Islandside band plays at Saunders in Rye Harbor NH on Friday April 10th, then Jah Spirit Band at Partners Pub in Fitchburg MA. on Saturday April 18th. See you on the trails!
  14. islandside

    3 days in the Whites, then music!

    ...or my idea of a good time! We got a nice condo in Jackson for Sandi's birthday Thursday with a plan of getting two more 4000 footers of each of our lists. We hiked Wildcat A in the rain on Wednesday. Temps were warm and the rain was not constant, just enough to make us uncomfortable...
  15. islandside

    Lost - Sigg bottle

    Moderators - not sure if there is an official "Lost and Found" forum... Lost on Mt Cabot on Friday March 20th 2009. Teal colored Sigg bottle in a red insulated sleeve. WE think it was lost somewhere up high where the tress just reached out and grabbed it! If someone finds it, please contact...
  16. islandside

    All NAtural Energy Drinks

    Hydration I usually try to hydrate as best I can the entire day before a big hike. Then on the ride up to the trail, I also drink electrolytes, and usually skip any caffinated drinks that morning too, as caffine may make it harder for one to stay well hydrated.
  17. islandside

    Tecumseh, 1/4

    Sandi figured he was ready to get on with the hike up the mountain....she noticed he was much more willing to visit on the way back down! First things first, he is a true White Mountaineer!
  18. islandside

    Tecumseh, 1/4

    It was a wonderful day on Tecumseh. The weather was fine, and the folks you meet on the trail are, as always, some of the best people in the world! Sandi was very excited to finally meet Atticus, oh, and you too Tom!! We have been following the blog and were very concerned a few months ago...
  19. islandside

    Ice Storm Trail Clean Up

    Mt Major trails Hiked up Bay View Trail, and down Boulder Trail on Sunday morning. Cleared these trails. There were a few blowdowns, but mostly bent over smaller trees as opposed to large blowdowns These are now clear. I plan on checking on the Bee Line and Cross Link Trails this afternoon...
  20. islandside

    Another Moosilauke Hiker heard from

    Mount Moosilauke - Glencliff Trail December 6, 2008 Trail Condition - Parking lot and lower section of the trail were nearly snow free. Stream crossings on this trail were no problem. No blowdowns to speak of. As we gained altitude the snow depth increased. We donned our Microspikes within...