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  1. sapblatt

    Will the Dry River Trail be opened.

    I talked to a ranger about this on the Crawford Path a few weeks ago - the trail was open up until Irene - the damage is unreal - mentioned a spot on the trail where the erosion caused a 100' drop from where the trail should be. They are evaluating this year - and will likely come up with a plan...
  2. sapblatt

    Zealand / Bonds - Out and back, or traverse? ...for our 48 4K finish!

    Traverse! Traverse - it is really an easy walk after you get off will have 48 peaks to discuss -which is only 5.33 per mile. You basically have a choice of doing a 20 mile hike with no elevation for the last 9 miles, or having plenty of elevation gain in the last 9 miles!
  3. sapblatt

    Four Soldiers Path

    Hiking eastbound away from the Pond of Safety this trail becomes impassable about a mile in. Large area from past ice storms is totally overgrown with thick, thorn covered brush. After two blazed trees it was anyone's guess which way to go. I descended via bushwhack and reached a brook which I...
  4. sapblatt

    Vermont 50, Sunday September 25 2011

    Awesome report Wu - trail running rocks!!! quite an effort based on your training!
  5. sapblatt

    the Moats

    Awesome pics as usual - I am pretty sure Ansel Adams took more bad pictures than you ever have! Incredible stuff Patrick
  6. sapblatt

    flowers of Tuckerman Ravine in July

    Patrick - these shots are amazing as usual - nice work!
  7. sapblatt

    Save the date: Saturday November 6, Pat and Audrey's potluck

    Hey everyone - sorry we will not be able to make it this year - have a blast and eat a platter of great food for me! :D
  8. sapblatt

    Three nights in Baxter/Traveler Loop

    I agree that is the way to do it - I think going up clockwise would be a pain and would leave a very tough descent for later in the day.
  9. sapblatt

    Galehead, South and North Twin

    My camp is near the North Twin Trail and I hike up to the crossings a lot for a quick hike...they have been very manageable this year - and as stated - no need to tangle with the first two at all. Have fun! :D
  10. sapblatt

    Galehead, South and North Twin

    hey Hi - I have done this - did the Twins first - and I would prefer it that way - to me, you get an easier walk out, and you get the hut earlier in the day for water refills. If you are super strong and fast it really makes no difference... Some things to consider - GRT is an easier descent...
  11. sapblatt

    Baxter State Park - Northwest Basin

    Jazzbo - thanks!
  12. sapblatt

    Three nights in Baxter/Traveler Loop

    awesome trip and report and pics! Traveler is a tough one - but very worth it!
  13. sapblatt

    Baxter State Park - Northwest Basin

    Nice pics Marty - a great time for sure. Audrey - the rain cover made it look that was only around 35 pounds...not too bad. I have it trimmed way back - probably by 15 pounds over my first backpacking trips! :cool:
  14. sapblatt

    Northwest Basin Trail - BSP

    Very wet - tough going after first mile or so. Stream crossing was high, fast and tricky - slabs were wet and marked so-so. Above Davis the trail is a stream, but not tough to avoid wettest spots. Wild and I loved it!
  15. sapblatt

    Baxter State Park - Northwest Basin

    LINK TO TRIP REPORT Hi all - I am trying to consolidate all of my writings into one place - so this time my TR is on my blog - report is long, but not as long as usual and has pics embedded - at the bottom of the review there is a link to many more pics (from each of four days) and a panoramic...
  16. sapblatt

    Chomp finishes the JMT

    congrats Chomp - that is the one long trail I hope to do...some day...
  17. sapblatt

    Whitewall Mtn. and a scary little knife edge

    LarryD and I hiked along there a couple of weeks ago and looked up the slide and said no freakin' way! Very cool shots...I have thought of trying to get in their by taking a heading off the A-Z...anyone done that. Great pics as always...will miss your WMNF stuff, but look forward to Utah pics -...
  18. sapblatt

    Camp at old Desolation Shelter site?

    the fs treats the old shelter sites the same as current ones - (to my recollection) - in other words you cannot legally camp within 1/4 of mile of the site
  19. sapblatt

    Fun action on the Jacksons - Weld, ME

    great report and pics - very cool spot Marty! Keep the knee together!!
  20. sapblatt

    What's on your feet? (Three-season hiking footwear)

    Hardly... FWIW - my 7 year old is working on the 4ks and does not like boots - he loves regular sneakers and does not care if he is on rock, roots or in a needs boots