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  1. askus3

    Baxter & northern 100 Mile Wilderness - 9/16-24

    I am leading a trip and have two vacancies (one male & one female/each in a separate gender cabin)...any interest out there. This is not a backpack trip but a hiking trip. First we will explore Baxter State Park high points. Climb Katahdin from both sides. Also hike AT northbound from Abol...
  2. askus3

    2012 - 4,000 Footer Club dinner-award ceremony

    I have been to Pawtuckaway and with all of you confirming I can take my dog, that firms up Saturday morning. I found some info about the Sweet Trail. Is that worth taking my dog on. How strict is it and how popular is it if I could let my dog off leash (small shih-tzu). He stays with me like...
  3. askus3

    2012 - 4,000 Footer Club dinner-award ceremony

    NH Tramper: Are you sure I can take my dog into Pawtuckaway? On their website it says "Dogs are not allowed in the park." Stratham Hill looks like it is OK for Friday afternoon. If anyone has a specific preserve they'd recommend - let me know. Remember, I have a dog. I already signed up for...
  4. askus3

    2012 - 4,000 Footer Club dinner-award ceremony

    Dog friendly walks I am excitedly looking forward to the Saturday evening event and meeting all you folks. I am coming up Friday mid afternoon and staying thru Sunday AM. Aside from fenced in dog parks, are there any nice places to walk a dog 1-4 miles in length (preferably no leash) relatively...
  5. askus3

    Fire Tower cards

    My brother came upon this collection of fire tower cards from the mid 1960s. Thought I'd share. Does anyone else have these? i scanned the reverse of one card which is the same for all with Nelson Rockefeller's signature. In case you can't read the one in pencil from 8-17-66 was from Mt. Beacon...
  6. askus3

    2012 - 4,000 Footer Club dinner-award ceremony

    Is anybody going from here? I am going to receive my New England 67 award/certificate/scroll. What do you do with your dog during the dinner & ceremony?
  7. askus3

    4,000 footer dinner

    On October 17, 2011, I and two friends completed our New England 67 Peaks on Killington Peak at 12:50 PM. Now we are curious when the 4,000 footer dinner will be scheduled. anyone know? Want to save the date in my calendar.
  8. askus3

    Favorite Ponds in the White Mountains

    Two other ponds that I have visited and would put high on my list: Wachipauka Pond and the view from Webster Slide Mt. It is nice that the trail to the pond is unsigned - only the left when heading south on the AT going up Webester Slide. So alot of thru AT hikers just zoom right by. great...
  9. askus3

    Vermont Open

    Yes I know about that road intersection/junction. I even took a leak at that spot instead of paying closer attention to the blazes. Wound up at a pretty pond on the Catamount ski trail (although I started getting suspicious that I saw no blazes after awhile but kept going that was...
  10. askus3

    Vermont Open

    Now if someone can answer my question (post #3). The folks at GMC said hopefully but no promises and it is bridges out. But I also heard mudlsides since there are no major stream bridges over Killington. Also, while I am at it. You can't approach the Long Trail from the west (US 7) on Kelly...
  11. askus3

    Vermont Open

    Does anyone know or can guess when they think the Killington section of the Long Trail from US 4 to VT 103 will be opened? What is the official reason for closure: a) access roads not in good shape b) bridges on the trail out c) blowdowns are extensive and need cleared d) erosion and ditches...
  12. askus3

    Welch Dickey

    Hiked Welch-Dickey on Sunday, Sept. 11. Fun hike. I saw no damage or problems with the trail due to effects of Irene. Trail report found here.
  13. askus3

    White Mountain Trip XXI - Southern Fringe - Part B

    See my trip report on this trip which was postponed due to Irene from Aug 27-31 to Sept. 8-11. Link
  14. askus3

    Southern fringe of the White Mtns. - Part 2 - 9/8-9/11

    Thursday, Sept. 8. Route AT from NH 25 (Glencliff) to Jct. with Wachipauka Pond/Webster Slide Mt. Went to both landmarks and returned. Trail conditions: AT muddy, no difficulties encountered. Webster Slide Mt - a couple of blowdowns but also no problems. Wachipauka Pond - no trail sign...
  15. askus3

    Ashland Booze and Vittles...Friday 9/9/11

    Coincidentally I will be camping in Campton on Thursday thru Sunday. So you can count on my friend and I coming for dinner. On Friday we are hiking Mt. Stinson & Three Ponds Loop, then after showering we shall come over. It will be nice seeing the VFTT group again. Saturday if lack of flooding...
  16. askus3

    Magalloway Mtn - what's this?

    I was there on August 23, 2006...who is going to own up to stealing the bra. Now this sounds like a fraternity prank. Here is the photo from a year earlier. Now I'd rather see the underwear than the business cards. Did you know that moose are so prevalent up there that they are for sale! This...
  17. askus3

    I see where you are a very infrequent participant of the VFTT boards lately. Anyway, I am sure...

    I see where you are a very infrequent participant of the VFTT boards lately. Anyway, I am sure you will always remember our climb up Tripyramid. Well it has been six years since then and now I am coming back I am doing some less aggressive but scenic hiking this time around. Any chance while I...
  18. askus3

    White Mountain Trip XXI - Southern Fringe - Part B

    On August 27-31 I am leading a trip to the southern fringe of the White Mountains. We are staying at riverfront campsites in Pemi River Campground for the four nights - Sat. PM thru Wed AM. Here is the hikes planned schedule. All are welcome. Let me know if interested. Sat. Aug. 27: Travel...
  19. askus3

    White Mountain Trip - Southern Fringe - Part 2

    Now that I have completed the NH 48, I am focusing on odds and ends in the White Mountains. Anyone interested in this trip which will feature these hikes: Sat. 8/27 - Wauchipauka Pond & Webster Slide Mountain (en route on trip north) Sun. 8/28 - Stinson Mt. (on 52 list) & Three Ponds Circular (2...
  20. askus3

    Pretty, Easy Hikes in the Upper Valley NH/VT

    I don't know what you mean by upper valley but I loved Percy Peaks. It is a 5 mile loop that is spectacular. Way up in the Nash Stream wilderness. Mt. Monadnock in VT is another peak that is a petty 4 mile hike (2 miles each way) to a restored fire tower that I feel is worth doing.