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  1. hikehike

    Great Yoga Book for Hikers

    Sorry, I don't know the difference. I typically use the yoga book(s) to improve my stretching capabilities and my knowledge of yoga beyond that is pretty limited. And I agree, definetly should warm up before stretching. I usually stretch in the morning (after warming up) and then sometime in...
  2. hikehike

    Great Yoga Book for Hikers

    I thought I'd pass this along to this group as this might be of some help for anyone who stretches before or after hiking. I have been using the following book for the last year or so in my stretching routines and have found it excellent. The book is called "Hatha Yoga Illustrated" by Martin...
  3. hikehike

    Greylock 12-28-11

    trails used: Hopper Trail to Summit. Descent route included Hopper Trail to Sperry Rd to Stoney Ledge to Haley Farm Trail to Parking Lot trail conditions: From 2500 ft elev to summit, the trail had ice with 1" to 2" of wet slush on top. Approx 3"+/- of snow in the woods adjacent to trail...
  4. hikehike

    Plateau 12-26-11

    trails used: Notch Inn Rd (off of Rt 214) to Long path then N to Plateau conditions: Light snow cover with a dusting at lower elevs to 2 to 3" from 3200 ft elev to summit. Almost no ice patches and I was easily able to avoid them by walking around them. Temps 25+ to 35 deg. Windy in am...
  5. hikehike

    Plateau 12-26

    Thanks for the heads up, Tom Also, I've had to revise my start time. Looks like it will now be closer to 8:30 to 9:00am.
  6. hikehike

    Plateau 12-26

    I plan on hiking Plateau in the Catskills from Rt 214 via the Werner Creek Trail (LP) tomorrow 12-26. I have never accessed via this trail so am looking forward to it. Anyone know trail conditions or whether this trail ices up? Anyone wish to join me is welcome. Please let me know as I have a...
  7. hikehike

    Chic Choc Mountains, Gaspesie, Quebec - Week of 2-22-10

    Thanks everybody for your replies... I really enjoyed the trip... And, Prino some people we met told us about Mt Logan.. I definetly want to go back to this area. Looks like a great area.... From our trip, I feel that we just scratched the surface of what the area has to offer. There...
  8. hikehike

    Chic Choc Mountains, Gaspesie, Quebec - Week of 2-22-10

    Spent last week mostly in the Gaspesie Region of Quebec. Most of our time was spent in the Chic Choc Mountain area at the Auberge in the National Park also very close/bordering the Adjacent Matane Forest Reserve (Reserve faunique de Matane). The Chic Choc Mountain Lodge is accessed by enclosed...
  9. hikehike

    hurting knees

    Thank you HWK for your comments. You definetly have to find your own way with your own personal issues such as knee pain.. I find, if nothing else, I feel great after stretching and my muscles don't seem to freeze up afterwards, if I do stretch... So for me with all of this ... it seems to...
  10. hikehike

    hurting knees

    Hi Tim Thank you for sharing/redirecting to your posts. Lots of good information here which will definately help me and others. Thanks again Andy
  11. hikehike

    hurting knees

    Hi Sandy, I hope you the best with this. I will be watching the board to see how you make out. My heart goes out to you and I hope to see you on the trails someday!!! Andy
  12. hikehike

    hurting knees

    Knee & Leg Pain - Possible Solutions I am attaching my comments to the thread because it seems the most appropriate place. If it is not then moderators please feel free to move it. In the last few years I have had a few issues with my knees and legs. I thought I'd write down my thoughts on...
  13. hikehike

    Hey Coldfeet!! Congrats on getting Lone & Rocky on 1-25-10! I was just catching up reading...

    Hey Coldfeet!! Congrats on getting Lone & Rocky on 1-25-10! I was just catching up reading some posts and saw that you got these two. Those two can be lots of Fun!!. You probably don't remember me, I met you in the Indian Head (?) parking lot in am before a hike. Your party was going one...
  14. hikehike

    bike training

    Indoor Spinning Indoor spinning can become pretty monotonus (sp?). I hope I am not repeating what has already been posted here, but I thought I'd add a few thoughts... A couple of ways to keep your interest in using an indoor bike.... Record your mileage after each session. Get some state...
  15. hikehike

    ADK Bike Routes

    Good Website for Bike Rides The following website called "Map My Ride" has lots of routes in LP and the ADK's...
  16. hikehike

    Your road bike.

    My Bikes Hi Folks... Great Thread!!! I have the following bikes Surly Long Haul Trucker - Touring Bike (steel frame) decked out for overnight touring/camping. This bike has 700c wheels/tires and I have outfitted it with "wall climbing" gears (basically mountain bike gearing with the high end...
  17. hikehike

    AT Lion's Head N to Bear Mtn 3-21-09

    Weather: Beautiful sunny day. 25 deg F to 45 deg F with little wind Trail Conditions: In many sections the trail is clear and has no snow. In some sections (ie such as the N side of Bear Mtn) trail has some remaining snow and some icy areas. Some areas have considerable blowdown, some of...
  18. hikehike

    Little Moose Mtn SAT 3-07-09

    AKA Little Squaw Weather 35 to 40 def F, sun breaking thru clouds at times, up to 20mph+/- wind gusts Access via Rt 15 TH just W of Greenville Jct Conditions Approx 3'+ of base with the the trail was previously broken. Some week old+/- "fresh snow (1 to 2"+/-) on top. Mushy snow due to...
  19. hikehike

    AT/LT Rootville Rd N to Rt 11

    Further Description of Trail Location This section of trail is located just S of Bromely Mtn and at the northern fringe of the Lye Brook Wilderness Weather mid 20's windy, mostly sunny Trail Conditions Approx 1'+/- of new mostly powdery snow since the last hikers passed thru Up to 2'+/- snow...
  20. hikehike

    Pierce & Jackson 2-15-09

    Crawford Path is well established and easy walk to Pierce. 3' + of base under trail. Traverse to Jackson via Mizpah Hut/ridge trial also has established trail with lesser, but considerable traffic. Ditto for Jackson Brook cutoff and Webster Jackson Trail. All in all, snowshoes advisable...