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  1. Ed Poyer

    if you go out in the woods today . . . .

    I took this at Carter last week. May be black bear, or raccoon?
  2. Ed Poyer

    Monroe 2/17/2014 Holy Wind!!

    Hi: That trail packing was done by my group of 4 from the Narragansett Chapter on Saturday. We slept very well... Ed
  3. Ed Poyer

    Training courses for Backcountry Safety

    AMC's Mountain Leadership School MLS is a 5 day (Wed - Sun) experiential learning course which covers all the topics you listed on a three night backpack in the whites. Survival in extreme conditions is not specifically covered. MLS focuses on leadership skills essential for running...
  4. Ed Poyer

    Congrats on finishing the winter 4s. Ed Poyer

    Congrats on finishing the winter 4s. Ed Poyer
  5. Ed Poyer

    York Pond Road Status?

    OK ao 1/23/10 Hi: Some friends of mine did Cabot via Bunnell Notch on 1/23, and reported no problems with the road. Ed
  6. Ed Poyer

    Fitness for Training Old Farts 55+

    Intervals pushing 57 here... I assume that by 'recovery' you mean that your breathihg & heart rate take a long time to normalize after a hard push. (rather than how you feel the next day). Have you tried interval training? There's lot of info on it, so I won't go into details. It has...
  7. Ed Poyer

    Keeping my Stuff Dry

    Trash Compactor Bags I use a trash compactor bag to line my backpack and my winter day pack. It will last dozens of trips, and holds about 4000 cubic inches, maybe more. It is very waterproof, flexible in the cold, sturdy, and can be wiped clean in case of a spill. Mine is tan, so it is...
  8. Ed Poyer

    Hiker OK After Getting Stuck On Mount Moosilauke

    Condensation and a group bivy Rick: One review of the Adventure Medical Thermo-lite Bivy described condensation as a real problem. How much of a problem was that for you? Did you emerge with wet clothing? It looks like the Blizzard Survival Bag would have the same drawback. Has anyone...
  9. Ed Poyer

    Hiker OK After Getting Stuck On Mount Moosilauke

    Great save, Rick I'm so glad that you made it out okay. You had excellent preparedness and skills, and the clear headedness to use them. It's easy to snipe from behind the internet bushes, but you have the courage to stand forward and discuss what went right, and what went wrong. This is a...
  10. Ed Poyer

    It's not funny

    there is a potential trap here... aome folks might plan a loop hike expecting that their exit trail is broken out, based on a bogus trail report. They could get in over their head if they arrive at the Garfield trail at 3 PM, find it two feet deep in powder, and they've left their snowshoes in...
  11. Ed Poyer

    AMC Executive Director pay

    please clarify Hi: was he classifying Mass Audubon as running, or not running, a tight ship? Just curious. Ed
  12. Ed Poyer

    Recommendation for breakfast

    Patches Market Tried Patches on Saturday morning. Good, inexpensive, quick, and used by the locals. Thanks for the suggestion. Ed
  13. Ed Poyer

    Restaurants in Lincoln area

    Cascade Coffee House ...has interesting sandwiches, great desserts and good coffee. It is on Rte. 3 opposite from the Woodtock Inn / Woodstock Tavern. Ed
  14. Ed Poyer

    Marcy, Tabletop, Skylight, and a cold night in the woods with immersed feet. 5-11&12

    Thank you Hi Dom: Thank you for posting your report. Not everyone would be quite so forthright, and it provides a great learning moment for all of us. kudos on having the fire making tools and skills, and the basic survivor attitude. This was a great example of what Lawrence Gonzales wrote...
  15. Ed Poyer

    Sierra in late September

    thank you thank you for the info, Ed
  16. Ed Poyer

    Need suggestions for overnight hike w/in 2 hours of URI

    Pachaug State Forest, CT Pachaug is just west of the RI / CT line, about 30 minutes from URI. Several loops possible between CT & RI. Spool Mill Brook Shelter is east of Green Falls Pond in Pauchaug. I suspect a permit is required. You may be able to tent near it. There is also a regular...
  17. Ed Poyer

    Sierra in late September

    I have a nine day backpack planned in the southern Sierra, to start on Sept. 3 Our plan is to enter from Onion Valley (Kearsarge Pass), hike south, tag Whitney if things go well, and exit from Horseshoe Meadows or thereabouts. We're all experienced four season backpackers, and have backpacked...
  18. Ed Poyer

    Getting the weather forecast in the Whites

    Weather Once you are on the road Hi Bob: If you are already on the road, you could use one of these handy telephone numbers: AMC (front desk) 603-466-2725 Mt. Washington WxPhone 603-356-2137 National Weather Service 603-225-8791 You could also stop in a coffee shop, such as the Cascade...
  19. Ed Poyer

    Go Lite Packs

    I have an Odyssey and I like it I've used this pack on an 8 day backpack in the Sierra, in September, during which it rained on and off during 4 days and nights (very unusual). As always, I used a trash compactor bag inside for waterproofing, and lined my down sleeping bag's stuff sack with an...