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  1. GNR

    School trip suggestions

    Thanks everyone! All the ideas are great...I appreciate the thoughts and if there are more, I'll keep reading! Monadnock is out as it's too much for many of our students, and the idea of an emergency that far from our home base is unappealing. Drive is too far as well and I already stress a...
  2. GNR

    School trip suggestions

    Hi all, Been a while since I've been here, but thought I'd try to get some ideas about a school hike for the upcoming fall. We usually hike Mt. Wachusett successfully but wanted to see if there's other options to vary the yearly hikes. We are a small special education school (30 kids, 13...
  3. GNR

    Greylock Hike 1/23/10

    Thanks everyone! Had a great hike and brought along more winter gear than I'd have if I hadn't posted and gotten support. Thanks again.
  4. GNR

    Greylock Hike 1/23/10

    Just asking for advice on an easy snowshoe route...I've done some hiking in the Whites but not much in winter. I've got snowshoes but was wondering if this is a true winter hike or if it is a bit less intense that up north. Any thoughts would be welcome about the route. Thanks.
  5. GNR

    light backpack suggestions

    Granite Gear packs Check em. Nimbus Ozone is great, but they have others too.
  6. GNR

    Keene NH EMS Store Closing

    EMS Keene Closing Any skis left at the Keene store? Thanks.
  7. GNR

    Mitten Shells

    Try these
  8. GNR

    Whats on your wish list?

    Check it out Hit up and check out the gear that they sell. I'm a member there, but get nothing for referring you there...just really cool lightweight stuff. GNR
  9. GNR

    Gloves for When It's 35 Degrees and Raining?

  10. GNR

    Garfield Pond Cut-Off (Abandoned Trail)

    I haven't either but... ...I'd be interested in trying to find it with you. PM me if you'd like some company. GNR
  11. GNR

    Type of Cord for Ultralight Tarps

    Triptease Because of the tooth it has, Kelty's triptease doesn't slide over branches easily, and when it does, it can cut into tree. Check out the spectra choices at Really light and tree-friendly. Expensive, yes.
  12. GNR

    How would you do these 2 peaks?

    I've got the next 4 days off, and need Owl's Head and W. Bond for my list(then Jefferson for 48). I'd like to do both this week in a 3 day, 2 night backpack, but can't seem to get a plan that I am happy with, mostly because of too much backtracking. What would folks here do. I can do a good...
  13. GNR

    Old AMC and GMC guidebooks

    WMG at Boston Public Library The same thing has happened at the BPL. I have looked at the 1936 and 1940 guides there, and wanted to look at others, but many of them are missing.
  14. GNR

    Rare RI question

    I have been hiking/mountain biking in Arcadia Management Area recently...great riding. Anyone familiar with the area know about the abandoned camp structures that exist near Penny Hill? Lots of buildlings are still there and while most are falling down, a couple still live. There is also a...
  15. GNR

    Caution North Conway hikers!

    Lawsuit warning The NH tourism bureau is currently filing a lawsuit against this guy for keeping 4th of July visitors away, including me, as my wife is now protesting my plans to head up north for a couple of days...thanks.
  16. GNR

    Cabot Cabin and Unknown Pond

    The spring now has a sign 3 weeks ago or so, the spur trial had a sign and was obvious. Couldn't hear the flow from the main drag though.
  17. GNR

    Sad News For Everest (Chinese building a road to base camp)

    Um... That is Pat Robertson's website with the report. The 4 months thing is possible if you follow his workout regimen and buy the carbo-loaded food he sells.
  18. GNR

    Base camping and Day hiking

    Try this... REI Flash. I have never used it as a stuff sack, but I really like it as a day pack. I roll my thermarest in it, stuff what I need in the tube that is created, and voila, a legit day pack. $25 doesn't hurt and 9oz doesn't either
  19. GNR

    Self-heating Trail food?

    What is 'Homestyle Chicken Booyah'? And why am I eating it if the USPS won't ship it to me?
  20. GNR

    MSGT this spring

    Anyone interested in a 3 day, 2 night traverse of the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway this Spring? I was thinking late April or first weekend in May, before black flies, Friday-through Sunday, northbound... PM me if interested so we can chat. Laurence