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  1. surf88

    The Info on Mt. Cabot

  2. surf88

    Monadnock 1/16

    Conditions were beautiful for a hike up the White Arrow Trail. Traction was pretty essential for any area that wasn't exposed to wind and sun, but once above tree line I was able to bare boot on rock to the summit
  3. surf88

    Monadnock 12/23/16

    Trip Report
  4. surf88

    New AMC Hut in Crawford Notch???

    The concern mentioned by the AMC about splitting up the 14 miles between Zealand and Mizpah has already been addressed by the AMC Highland Center. Its not a hut, but it was conveniently not mentioned.
  5. surf88

    Moosilauke 9/4 Beaver Brook

    Link to my TR on my Blog Moosilauke 9/4/15
  6. surf88

    New AMC Hut in Crawford Notch???

    This is on land owned by the people of the State of New Hampshire. I have always bristled at the fact that Lonesome Lake Fee's are more for a NH resident (NH member) than for an AMC member from Massachusetts even though it is supposed to be a collaborative deal. I am not a "hut person" or an...
  7. surf88

    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal?

    I'm guessing that with it being a hot day most of the parked cars were swimmers going to Franconia Falls and not hikers. I've had some exciting stream crossings myself. I've found this website helpful in guessing what stream crossings may look like...
  8. surf88

    The Weeks over Waumbek (9 peaks - sort of)

    Wow this is like a matching description of my account of when I did this same hike out and back a few years ago, water issues and all. I found similar conditions after Waumbek, even a dead Moose on the side of the trail. I had burned through my 2 bottles on the way back and was eager to get to...
  9. surf88

    Poop in the campsite: a tragedy in four acts

    This was taken this past winter. Sorry to get graphic, but yes that brown spot in the snow in front of Kinsman Pond Shelter is Human Poop and TP. I could not believe that someone who had enough appreciation for the shelter to hike there in the winter would at the same time have so little...
  10. surf88

    Boots vs Trail Runners

    I burn through trail runners training on my local hill several times a week and I'm too poor to go with La Sportivas or the like.. New Balance for me too. I loved the 476 but they stopped making it, The 481 is close but the sole doesn't seem to grip as well on rock, I think the rubber may be a...
  11. surf88

    2 X Mount Washington. Over and Back 7/19

    An over and back day on the Rockpile has been on my bucket list for a while and I finally crossed it off on Sunday. My Trip Report on My Blog: Mount Washington x 2 Over and Back 7/19/15
  12. surf88

    Madison -Pine Link 6/20/15

    Another TR from a great day to be in the Presidentials Mt Madison 6/20/2015
  13. surf88

    Monadnock Main Trails Continuous Hike -Planning

    I'm using the state park's official map's definition of "Main Trails" According to there map Cliff walk is a "foot path" but I agree it seems like it should be considered a main trail and I think its a good idea to add it instead of back tracking. Thanks. I think it will be easier and more...
  14. surf88

    Monadnock Main Trails Continuous Hike -Planning

    I hike Monadnock quite a bit and have now redlined all of the trails on the current official map plus most of the abandoned trails that were on a very old map that a park employee shared with me, after I took an oath not to blog about them :). Looking for a new Monadnock challenge, I would like...
  15. surf88

    Ladder Trail Acadia Maine 5/9/15

    Got out for my first mountain ascent of the year which didn't involve earned turns. Ladder Trail Trip Report
  16. surf88

    Mt Monadnock 1/3/2015

    Trip Report on My Blog: Monadnock 1/3/2015
  17. surf88

    Mt. Cabot Advice

    If anyone has gone up the old route from Heaths Gate lately and wouldnt mind sharing some beta on conditions, please PM me?
  18. surf88

    Kinsman's 12/26

    I hiked out to the Kinsman's yesterday, trail conditions were great! Really fast firm packed trails and the stream crossings had receded since the rain. Link to my blog. Kinsmans 12/26/14
  19. surf88

    Monadnock 11/29/14

    Link to my blog:
  20. surf88

    VFTT ad

    Ha! Anyone see this yet?