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  1. vinovampire

    Best place to live for hiking

    I would recommend either Burlington, Vermont or Bend, Oregon. If you want to stay in the east, then Burlington is a great choice. You have the Green Mountains <30 minutes away and the ADK and White Mountains within 2 hours in either direction. There's the great big lake, Lake Champlain, and a...
  2. vinovampire

    Foliage Report

    Things were really popping in Vermont this weekend. A bit hazy on Saturday, but Sunday was spectacular. Great reds and yellows, still green in some places. By next weekend we should be in full swing the Green Mountains! Let's hope for great weather. View from Mt Hunger, Vermont on September...
  3. vinovampire

    VT 4ks options...

    Sounds like a fun plan! The easiest option would be to hike Killington, drive to the Lincoln Gap, hike north on the LT over Mt Ab, Mt Ellen, Camels Hump, and Mansfield (and all the other <4,000 foot peaks in-between) to Route 108. From 108 just hitch a ride down to Stowe, which should be...
  4. vinovampire

    Mob scenes on the trails last weekend

    Have you seen All Is Lost with Robert Redford? That may wreak havoc with your prediction...
  5. vinovampire

    Mob scenes on the trails last weekend

    The trails were quiet in Vermont on Friday evening. I was surprised; I thought the moon would bring some more people out. Rather than go early (~5 or 6 AM), as my buddies and I used to do, we've started late this summer. We've been starting out from the trailhead around 5 or 6 PM, depending on...
  6. vinovampire

    Cooking in Your Winter Tent

    I've seen this link before and it's always bothered me just a bit. Specifically this quote: "My mind was changed when I realized that virtually every Everest expedition used compressed gas hanging stove set-ups at the highest camp, the South Col, which is at 7960 meters. Arguably the South Col...
  7. vinovampire

    White gas or isobutane stove for winter camping?

    During the past few winters, I've used an inverted canister stove with good results. Inverting the canister solves the pressurizing issue. Specifically, I've used the MSR WindPro and now a WindPro II, which is made to be inverted unlike the previous version. MSR WindPro II in Winter Conditions
  8. vinovampire

    Top 25 "Scenic Hikes" in New England?

    I'll focus on Vermont, since that's my stomping grounds. I think your list hits the perennial favorites, but I would add my own personal favorite peak: Burnt Rock Mt. The views from that mountain never fails to blow my mind. View looking South from Burnt Rock Mt, Vermont on March 6, 2013...
  9. vinovampire

    Giving way on the trail with snowshoes

    The tradition of the downhill traveler yielding to the uphill traffic makes a lot of sense to me. I've seem way too many downhill-headed, out-of-control "trail runners" and hikers on the trails around here (although it seemed even worse out west). There are several benefits of this system...
  10. vinovampire

    Boott Spur Link questions

    Yup, only a 67% chance of that happening. ;-) Enjoy your trip!
  11. vinovampire

    Boott Spur Link questions

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems like you'd get the best view from Lion Head. This is just a quick picture I snapped along the Lion Head trail last January on the way to the summit, but you get the idea.
  12. vinovampire

    Recent Abe/Ellen & Sugarbush Intel?

    Nice blog, mtruman! You took some really great shots. Thanks for sharing.
  13. vinovampire

    Recent Abe/Ellen & Sugarbush Intel?

    Nice trip report! I'm looking forward to your pictures and longer trip report. I hiked Burnt Rock Mt earlier last week and we had some amazing views of right where you were hiking. Thought you might enjoy this one, since it shows right around where you were hiking. View from Burnt Rock Mt...
  14. vinovampire

    Where is the best place to get mountain weather reports?

    This won't help those of you in NH, but the best forecasts for the Green Mountains and ADK is NOAA's Mountain Point Forecast. It gives you forecasts for most of the major mountain summits in Vermont and upstate New York. If they have a similar resource for NH or Maine, it's not something of...
  15. vinovampire

    When gear goes bad...

    I suspect that most of us who have spent enough time hiking and backpacking over the years have had gear break down. I try to keep an eye on weak spots, but sometimes things just fail. When hiking the Long Trail, back in 2007, I had a catastrophic pack-seam disaster. Fortunately, we got to a...
  16. vinovampire

    Views from Wherever - What are your favorite viewpoints for various summits?

    In Vermont, I love the approach to Mt Mansfield driving up the Mountain Rd towards Underhill State Park. It has to be my favorite (non-trail) view of a mountain in the state. -Vino Vampyr
  17. vinovampire

    Molly Stark Mt via The Long Trail 2/3/12

    Trail Conditions: The Long Trail North from the Ap Gap to Molly Stark's Balcony was a "River of Ice." There were light amounts (less than an inch) of snow on the trail in places, but mostly just ice. Due to weak-, steep-ice and running water; one short 15-foot section of the trail on the way to...
  18. vinovampire

    Mt Mansfield With Only a Few Profanities - 1/19/13

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing pictures from your Mt Mansfield trip.
  19. vinovampire

    Let's bee honest and tell the truth.

    I added one vote for: Dumb Poll. There are quite a few things wrong with your poll. First, the term "ranking" suggests that we should be able to provide some sort of ranked order to a list of options. As far as I can tell, I'm not able to rank anything on this page. Second, you're asking two...
  20. vinovampire

    No more New England snow depth map from NOAA??

    The Snow Depth Map (Updated Daily) for New England and Upstate New York still exists. I was just looking at it this weekend. This is the link: Enjoy!