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  1. KenC

    Pretty strong hints that its not a great stretch of weather to go hiking

    Yup! Good few days to NOT get an award from Mr. Darwin!!!! K
  2. KenC

    I need crampon suggestions

    I've had very good luck with the BD Contact's for many years. They offer a Stainless model now with ABS inserts for those warmer sticky snow days as well. This assumes your looking for FULL crampons. I also use Katoolas when the ice/trail/angle conditions are right. K
  3. KenC

    Mt. Monadnock Trails

    That is a Great Loop Captcaper. I enjoy those less used trails on the S,SE and E sides of the Mt
  4. KenC

    Saying goodbye to an old friend...Terra T Traildog Oct 13 2003-November 15 2016

    I'm so sorry for your loss of such a good friend that traveled so many journeys with you. As a huge dog person, I know how hard it is to say so long. My thoughts are with you and those whose lives Terra touched. Run free Terra!
  5. KenC

    More Efficient to Hike or X-C Ski?

    I've only been BC Skiing for the past 2 years (alpine prior) and i really enjoy skiing in /out/ down. So far i've found its faster than hiking in most conditions. In my case i'm short and have short legs so shuffling even with a half arsed glide i'm able to cover ground faster than my hiking...
  6. KenC

    Monadnock 3/4/07 - not according to plan

    Hey Ron, I enjoy that side of monadnock. There are some great trails that are not used much on the Toll Rd side. Unfortunately as you found there are no blazes on most of the trails there and as SteveO mentioned most of the interstects are marked on rocks. I think the rangers just like to...
  7. KenC

    Doug Paul injured in a back-country ski accident

    Doug, My best wishes for a speedy recovery that puts your 2 feet back in the woods and mountains we all love so much. KenC
  8. KenC

    Does Scarpa T4s fit crampons and snowshoes

    I've used my Black Diamond Sabretooth's on my T4's and the fit is secure. My BD Contact Strap on's wouldn;t fit. Ken
  9. KenC

    Last Minute Owls Head Crossings 411 Needed

    Just wanted to leave a "Thank You" to everyone that responded. I did decide to call it off for a variety or reasons. Having been trained in the conservative "stay healthy to hike another day" school. With the rapidly changing weather lots that i considered: 1. Having seen other crossings...
  10. KenC

    Last Minute Owls Head Crossings 411 Needed

    A buddy and i were planning on Owls Head tomorrow from Lincoln Woods for our 44th and 45th. I've heard a lot about the crossings!! But this is our first time to the Owl. With so much rain on it's way and a flood watch issued, what are the chances were going to be turned back with unpassable...
  11. KenC

    Who was Louis Tainter?

    Thanks Jay, I wondered also when i saw the palque. My hiking buddy and i sat and kept him company for lunch on a recent Whiteface/Passaconaway loop.
  12. KenC

    Another Earthquake near Acadia

    My wife and i were up there for the earlier one in September and felt it! I can think of a good bunch of trails i'd rather NOT be on up there with the ground shaking! We were on Beehive earlier the day the first occured. The funny thing is that it wasn't even a big item of discussion in the...
  13. KenC

    Howker Ridge Trail question?

    I really enjoy Howker. It's certainly doable with a full pack. I did it as part of a 3 day backpack a couple of years ago. On decent if the visibility is poor keep an eye out as the markings aren't real noticible on the eay down. On the way up if it conditions are poor there is always the...
  14. KenC

    Northhampton Beer night?

    Good question Toe Cozy. Is there still a plan for a Wednesday in NOHO and time? Unless something comes up at work i should be able to make it, Ken
  15. KenC

    What lightweight tarp to buy?

    I'll throw in another thumbs up for a SilTarp. The one i have is a Gray, Integral Designs and has plenty of tie out points, very strong, very light, and stuffs into a compact little package. The Sil's are a bit pricier due to material costs, but looking at the long term i think there worth it...
  16. KenC

    Northhampton Beer night?

    I don't know how i missed this post!! NOHO is right in my backyard, well close anyway, so i'll pencil in the 13th! Ken
  17. KenC

    Lincoln Brook Trail from 13 Falls Info Needed

    Thanks all for your help. Sounds unanimous, wet and muddy, which i expected. The ranger at LW agrees! I'm glad to hear that with some attention it should be no problem. Happy hiking to all..
  18. KenC

    Lincoln Brook Trail from 13 Falls Info Needed

    Planning a Pemi trip in 2 weeks. Wondering how evident the treadway is on the Lincold Brook Trail from 13 Falls to Owls Head. I've read/heard it can be a tuff one to follow and with things as wet as they have been i thought i'd see what the collective knowledge might be. Thanks in advance. KenC
  19. KenC

    Howker Ridge Trail

    The Howks are Great and well worth a visit. As long as you don;t mind the UD's ( i can't call the howks PUD's cause they aren;t pointless). I've always had good weather but above treeline in bad weather the trail might be harder to follow. Worst case pick up Osgood. I've also done the Pine...
  20. KenC

    Wildcat Ski Trail Decent Question.

    Thanks for the 411 Darwin..