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  1. Wanderer1

    Politically Correct?

    Everyone have a safe, white and Merry Christmas. And a happy new year.:)
  2. Wanderer1

    Do You Ever Hike Drunk?

    I voted no. I have never drank anything alcohol before, during or after a hike. Or for that matter, any other time of the year. It's one of those things I never had any use for.
  3. Wanderer1

    Why do you (or don't you) hile solo?

    I always hike and backpack alone. Not so much by choice but if I waited for someone to hike with, I'd never get to go. I don't have one friend that is into anything outdoors. And when I camp out in the winter they all think I am insane. Yet I have been doing outdoor activities all my life...
  4. Wanderer1

    Hiker Type - Summer/Winter/Year-Round?

    I voted year round as that is what I do. But like alot of you, fall is my favorite time of year for the same reasons many have said. I would say fall is my favorite with winter a close second. I really enjoy hiking and climbing in the winter. Next would be summer and last the spring time. I hate...
  5. Wanderer1

    Do I Look Like An Idiot?

    I agree 100%. It's all in how it is given. Most people don't like to be told anything in an arrogant, know it all or boastful way. Or in a way that makes you feel like an idiot. There are many ways to give advice in a nonoffending way. It is always much easier to receive advice in a caring...
  6. Wanderer1

    Maine's "Get Out of the Woods Free Card"

    When I hiked the Colorado Trail back in 2002 I bought one of these for $3.00. CORSAR cards, . It is included in a sportsman's licence if you buy one. It doesn't cover everything but for three dollars I thought it was well worth it plus it...
  7. Wanderer1

    Goggle fog

    Thanks for the reply. I was doing some checking and see has the Knowledge Turbo Fan OTG (over the glasses) model on sale for $104-$120 depending on the lense and $128 for the Prodigy Turbo Fan model. Plus an additional 15% of sale items through tomorrow with the code 15WRAP. That...
  8. Wanderer1

    Of all the things I’ve lost in life, I miss my mind the most!

    I feel much better knowing I'm not the only one who loses or forgets things. Hell getting old. Actually I haven't lost much hiking but I lose things around the house all the time. It is very frustrating trying to remember where I left something. But others losing things is sometimes your gain. A...
  9. Wanderer1

    Goggle fog

    Those goggles look interesting. What type of battery do they use and how long does one last? I'm guessing it is a lithium battery so that the cold air does not affect it and it's about the size of a watch battery. Fogged up goggles or glasses are a pain. I've tried a lot of things including Cat...
  10. Wanderer1

    So What's The Coldest You Ever Been Out In?

    Looks like a lot of us have been out in very cold temperatures. Glad I'm not the only insane one. That is what my family and friends think for doing such things. My coldest hike was up Mt. Washington when the air temp was -24F and the windchill was -86F. I was plenty warm while moving. Didn't...
  11. Wanderer1

    Traffic ticket for stickers on rear window

    I live in rural western New York and they obvisously don't enforce that law around here. I see pickups with full murals across their back window and young adult's cars with the name of their car, in big letters, across the top of their windshield. I have also seen some wild decals across the...
  12. Wanderer1

    Does biking train one for hiking?

    I agree with what everyone else has said. Biking is good and much better than nothing but is no substitute for hiking. You use your muscles different and you can't duplicate the weight of a pack on your shoulders and hips or the stress's on your knees and ankles. I do a lot of both but I know...
  13. Wanderer1

    Resole Hiking Boots?

    I have never tried this place but have thought about getting two pair of my favorite hunting boots resoled by them. I have read about this place a few times over the years and they seem to be very reputable. I believe Backpacker magazine had an article on them a while back. The link is...
  14. Wanderer1

    Camping with back problems - OR Mats?

    Here is a link to what is now my favorite pad. The Synmat 7 Pump Dlx. I have 7 Thermarest pads. The deluxe Ridgerest, Ridgerest, Zrest, and 4 various models of the self inflating ones from short to long. I only used the Ridgerest and Zrest as...
  15. Wanderer1

    Strange Rash

    Here is a link to boot lacing techniques with visuals that might help. Just don't click on the selections to the right of the boot as they don't seem to work. Instead click on the page number at the bottom of the article and it will step you through each technique...
  16. Wanderer1

    Our Mistakes?

    I can think of a couple dumb things I did while on the Colorado Trail. Not that I've only done two but I vividly remember these two. My pack was very heavy as I was carrying a weeks worth of supplies. I had hiked several miles and decided to make camp. The first thing I wanted to do was get...
  17. Wanderer1

    Mustard and/or Mayo in tubes?

    This site has all kinds of small packets of products for travel.
  18. Wanderer1

    Fresh snow... no, really

    I live in western New York, about 2000' elevation, and we had snow off and on most the morning. It didn't stick as the ground is too warm. Not what I wanted to wake up to in the middle of May. On the bright side, it looks like the weekend is suppose to be great. If you can believe the...
  19. Wanderer1

    A Poll about Poles

    I have written this a couple times but I'll add my $.02 again. I found a couple of other benefits of the poles besides the many benefits already mentioned. When I was hiking the Colorado Trail I used them every day. One day after picking up a supply drop I had to make about a five mile road...
  20. Wanderer1

    Western NY Snow Storm

    Yes, it was all a lake effect snow storm. I live about 45 miles southeast of Buffalo and we got nothing. It was windy and cold all day but the sun shown brightly all day. It was strange as we are usually the ones getting dumped on and not the city. That is the way with lake effect though. All in...