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  1. BlackBuffalo

    Colorado hiking?

    There's a great sense of adventure following a recommendation like that.
  2. BlackBuffalo

    Colorado hiking?

    Manitou Springs, no too far away. The famous Barr trail is a very even footed trail. It could take you all the way up Pikes Peak. We only went a couple miles up Mt. Manitou to see the top of the Manitou Springs Incline. Athletes train here. This hike is a great preview to hiking in Colorado. Dave
  3. BlackBuffalo

    Winter in the Whites and being prepared

    Done tons of winter hiking in western mass & southern NH, never the Whites. I read the AMC winter hiking guide for gear, I fall real short in preparedness. I read Not Without Peril, learned a lot. In spring, summer and fall, I'd be over prepared for hiking the Whites. I really would be hesitant...
  4. BlackBuffalo

    127 Hours ~ New Movie

    dug, I own the dvd "Touching the Void." I watch it at least twice a year. That one does merit to Joe Simpson's book of the same name. It rules!! Dave
  5. BlackBuffalo

    127 Hours ~ New Movie

    I do love adventure films and this could be good. I'll watch the movie when it almost immediately goes to video. But I have to say...I read half of his book and I was disgusted how irresponsible he was in his endeavors. He even admited to it many times. I feel for the guy, he got himself saved...
  6. BlackBuffalo

    Roads condition: Alander, Frissell, & Brace - MA / CT /NY

    Retract Papa Bear - the map from Hilltop Orchards to Perry's Peak is $5. I was incorrect. I do remember to views weren't fantastic due to tree growth but with good company and a couple apples, and some wine samples, it should make for a great trip. Dave
  7. BlackBuffalo

    Roads condition: Alander, Frissell, & Brace - MA / CT /NY

    Perry Peak I accessed last year in the town of Richmond. Starting at the Hilltop apple orchard, they provide a map of the route for free.
  8. BlackBuffalo

    Roads condition: Alander, Frissell, & Brace - MA / CT /NY

    From what I've heard East Street is blocked off near the CT state line. You can access Mt.Washington SF and the trailhead for Riga/Bear Mtn. Motels - try Great Barrington, not too far away. I do a large loop hike there a couple times a year for conditioning. From the Mt.Wash HQ south via...
  9. BlackBuffalo

    socks , socks , socks

    Carthart - marino wool - they rule. Smartwool I like, but don't protect my feet as well.
  10. BlackBuffalo

    Solar Chargers

    Unless you're willing to redirect the solar panel each time the sun moves, in direct sunlight for hours on end, it's not going to do the job. Don't buy into the marketing of these products. The tech for this type of product is not there yet. DaveG.
  11. BlackBuffalo

    Hiker shoots himself in the A..

    I believe in the right to own. But I think the trail isn't the right place to be carrying. Maybe if I were in the bush in Alaska, I might feel safer with a cannon. I da know. Too many out there with their right to carry can be very dangerous. My 2 cents.
  12. BlackBuffalo

    Camels Hump - 08-20

    Monroe to Dean, LT to summit. Down on Monroe. All of my 4 summits I've gone this way, cause of a few opportunities to get a nice picture of the summit. I like the scrambles before actually getting to the drive to the summit. It's a nice and very quiet approach. Hate to say (write), but after...
  13. BlackBuffalo

    Camels Hump, VT

    Well, this post inspired me. I have to plan a vacation day and drive up. I've hiked it twice and love this peak. I remember that the only downside for me is the drive up to Waterbury takes longer than the hike itself. DaveG.
  14. BlackBuffalo

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    nh08 pic - Mt. Cranmore, easy.
  15. BlackBuffalo

    Breakneck Ridge 5/30/2010

    J.Dub, I was there that Sunday, started a little later. The trail was tough and enjoyed most of it. Noticed too many not prepared for the hike. I figured being a holiday weekend, many fools would be out. Too many without water or pack. One guy swigged a beer and loudly bragged about the car his...
  16. BlackBuffalo

    Baby bats at Marshfield Station

    Last week on CT public TV, a naturalist studying bats said that the white "stuff" was visible at only real cold temps. She also stated that Europe has documented the disease has been a problem for years there. Hope these bats aren't infected. DaveG.
  17. BlackBuffalo

    Glastenbury vt

    hammerhead - could have been 10-12 hours, it was June 06. Started in the dark, ended in the dark. I corresponded with Marc Howes, who did it a month prior. I figured if this guy could do it, I can. Well this was a humbling experience. The northern section of that mountain I'll never attempt in a...
  18. BlackBuffalo

    Glastenbury vt

    20.2 miles roundtrip from Rt. 9. It wasn't as bad as I imagined. It's a long day but bearable with company. No boogeymen, bigfeet, insect like monsters or UFOs. H.P. Lovecraft had me worried.
  19. BlackBuffalo

    Greylock Post Hike Restaurants?

    Here's a few: Angelinas Subs in Adams, Jack's Hot Dog Stand in NorthAdams Hot Harry's Burittos in Lee (just like Chipoltte) Friendly's in Lenox & Lee Dakota Steakhouse in Lenox
  20. BlackBuffalo

    Would you climb Mt Everest?

    I've read a lot of books on that place. So, from what I learned, I can honestly say, never, even for a million bucks.