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  1. deadpoint

    Giant Trail Conditions

    I'm heading to Giant this weekend and I'm curious to know what the trail conditions are like, are snowshoes and crampons needed? I was hoping to not have to carry snowshoes if they aren't needed. Thanks!
  2. deadpoint

    Elk Lake trailhead

    Does anyone know when the road to the Elk Lake trailhead closes for the winter season?
  3. deadpoint

    Grivel closes shop. :-(

    You can still purchase Grivel at The Mountaineer in Keene.
  4. deadpoint


    Just wondering if anyone has been back to Wallface recently and can comment on the water sources? I'm heading back there next weekend to climb a few routes and it's my understanding water can be scarce when it's been dry I'd like to know how far I'll have to hike to get water. Later, Darin
  5. deadpoint

    ice axe technique

  6. deadpoint

    ice axe technique

    there is no reason to tape up the handle as you should never be holding it by the handle and always by the head. another reason to not tape up the handle is while your walking and snow clumps up on your crampons your going to clean said clumps by hitting your boot with the shaft while your...
  7. deadpoint

    My mountaineering sled!

    i wouldn't be concerned about it not being waterproof, a little snow or even alot of snow should be an issue. i use a huge duffel and never had a problem. i would recommend that you add a bunch of eye holes so you can strap your bag down to the sled, i can't tell if the black straps are...
  8. deadpoint

    IMCS or EMS climbing schools?

    nothing beats hooking up with experienced people or persons who are willing to take you under their wings! a google search for "mountaineering gear lists" is always a good place to start looking for ideas.
  9. deadpoint

    IMCS or EMS climbing schools?

    a friend and i took the EMS 3-day ice climbing course 3 or 4 years ago in lake placid with guide chad kennedy and it was great. it totally got me hooked on ice climbing. i personally can't see taking a mountaineering course on the east coast, the mountains just to small, there are no glaciers...
  10. deadpoint

    Outer Layer(s) for winter

    The champ pants use the schoeller extreme dry skin material, which is the same used in the MEC Ferrata pant/jacket. they are basicly the same pant but the ferrata's are like $70 less.
  11. deadpoint

    Anyone tried the Plastic Mountaineering Boot/A.T. Bindings thing ?

    if the lhotse's accept a toe bail crampon, which they do then they should fit.
  12. deadpoint

    Goggle problems

    what kind of goggles do you have? my bolles rearly fog up
  13. deadpoint

    Anyone tried the Plastic Mountaineering Boot/A.T. Bindings thing ?

    take a look at this thread over at NEIce, it was just discusses in detail. I just picked up a pair of FRITSCHI FT-88 off ebay for $35.00 total and they fit my degre's like a dream, see the picture of my boot in one. the NEIce thread...
  14. deadpoint

    Outer Layer(s) for winter

    softshell tops/bottoms are the best action/outer layers. all you really need under then are light weight undies.
  15. deadpoint

    Pants for winter hiking

    Schoeller, Schoeller, Schoeller!!! nothing beats pants from the Schoeller, IMHO. the breath great, they dry super fast, and they're warm. i've been to -40 with my MEc ferrata pants and 2 pairs a light weight underwear bottoms and was fine as long as we kept moving. i only wear the gore-tex...
  16. deadpoint

    winter hydration

    i use a regular bladder all year and i never have a problem, you have to manage it will. check the below links. see this thread i've posted on NEIce, it's what i do... views thread from last year...
  17. deadpoint

    Msr's? - moved from Q&A

    here we go again :) i don't feel that they're "big and heavy" and i've slogged up a few big mountains with mine.
  18. deadpoint

    Exp. Weight Long johns Question

    instead of expedition weight why not pickup of pair of the MEC Magma Pants for camp? they're more expensive but far warmer, even with wet, they layer very well, and weight about the same.
  19. deadpoint

    My mountaineering sled!

    hi fish, i figured that is what you intended the fins for :) not just the back of the sled is going to slide, the whole sled will slide. having the sled slide downhill when traversing a slope isn't as noticable as you might think. while hauling loads around windy corner on denali the trail...
  20. deadpoint

    My mountaineering sled!

    in my use of sleds i've found that you really don't need a break and i would think that fins would make the sled less manoverable, you want it slide around. if you want to make a braking system just pickup some 6mm cord from your nearst ems, tie a few overhand knots in it and attach it at the...