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  1. KZKlimber

    Mt Hunter, Alaska - Where the Road Ends and Life Begins!!!

    Here is a link and photo of the 2 Brits we met - Jon Bracey and Andy Houseman:
  2. KZKlimber

    Mt Hunter, Alaska - Where the Road Ends and Life Begins!!!

    Just returned from 13 days on the West Ridge of Mt Hunter (14,573 ft) - Alaska Range. It was the most physically demanding thing I have ever done. We flew in to the Kahiltna Base Camp on a beautiful afternoon (see video on photolink below)- the intimidating Moonflower Buttress of Mt Hunter is...
  3. KZKlimber

    Arizona hiking trip

    I climbed Humphreys in April 2004. Still needed snowshoes and ascended via the ski trails to Agassiz vice the hiking trail. The view of the Painted Desert from the summit was incredible. Can't wait to see the pics!
  4. KZKlimber

    Favorite California Hikes

    Thanks for the advice - I fly out Monday for 10 days in Yosemite, Tahoe, and Mendocino. Tuolumne Meadows (Lembert Dome), Glacier Point, Mariposa Sequoia Grove, and Mt Dana are on the Yosemite to do list (along with the valley of course). I'll post a link to the pics when I return.
  5. KZKlimber

    Mount Dana (13,053ft) Via Tioga Pass

    Fom the map, it looks like a little over 3000 ft elevation gain from Tioga Pass to the summit - what is the distance? How long did it take round trip? I'm leaving for Yosemite on 8/15 and we're planning out what to do each day, any beta would be appreciated. KZ
  6. KZKlimber

    Couch to Emmons Bushwhack.

    As I sat on Couchsachraga looking across towards Emmons I thought that must be some of the most remote wilderness in the Northeast. It will be an experience like the first Adirondack climbers had. Let us know how it was!
  7. KZKlimber

    Crazy glue for the skin - OTC

    Bah - real men just cauterize using the white gas stove!! :D
  8. KZKlimber

    What's The Best Country You've Hiked In?

    I've hiked in Ireland, Switzerland, & Austria, but nothing so far has topped Alaska!!! I'd love to see the Himalaya, Andes, and New Zealand. At the rate of 1 trip a year I'll have to keep going into my sixties to finish the wish list!!! :eek:
  9. KZKlimber

    shoreys shortcut?

    I'll never forget how close Basin looked shortly after starting off on the shortcut only to watch it get higher and farther away as the trail drops - knowing you have to make back every foot of it :mad:
  10. KZKlimber

    VFTT's Rainier crew on the summit!

    NICE!!!! Of course you know this will just be the beginning.........
  11. KZKlimber

    Rainier update from the VFTT crew!

    I may be interested and have a climbing partner who definitely wants to do it. We both lead NEI 4 and have climbed NEI 5. Have you done the route before? I was thinking of doing Emmons/Winthrop my first trip and perhaps Liberty Ridge on a subsequent trip. I could be persuaded with the right...
  12. KZKlimber

    Rainier update from the VFTT crew!

    If you think Ranier is huge you should see Denali! :eek:
  13. KZKlimber

    Rainier update from the VFTT crew! Video link to where they are - best Ranier video I've ever seen!!! If this clip does not make you want to climb this mountain nothing will!!! Planning for the 2006 VFTT Ranier expedition (unguided) is underway for next June. Can't wait for the...
  14. KZKlimber

    Cliff has a bad rap!

    A bad day on Cliff is better than a good day at work!!!! :D
  15. KZKlimber

    Panther, Couchsachraga, and...Panther?!!!

    I think almost everyone gets lost up there at some point. We wound up doing Santanoni first because we were on the wrong herd path out of Time Square. Realized this too far along to turn back and just switched the order.
  16. KZKlimber

    Noonmark (that’s right, Noonmark)

    I finally got around to climbing Noonmark this weekend after years of saying "I have to get up there some day" while driving through Keene Valley. Best little hike in the ADKs!!! Terrific views, rocky summit, steep climbing all packed into 2 miles.
  17. KZKlimber

    basin and saddleback

    I agree with Tracker. Going over Basin and then Saddleback is preferable. There is a decent handhold to make the one move you need to get over the slab at the Saddleback summit, also you get to climb up the long ladder on the approach to Basin and not descend it. The approach to Slant Rock is...
  18. KZKlimber

    Santanoni: trail conditions 7/20/05

    Bradley Pond Trail usually varies between waist and chest deep.
  19. KZKlimber

    Marcy by bicycle

    "stopped for a cigarette" on a 160 mile bike ride and Marcy Climb - hilarious irony! :D KZ
  20. KZKlimber

    Yosemite hikes July 9-11

    I'm heading there in 3 weeks - your pictures are great and have made me really anxious to go!!! We were planning to spend 1 day in the valley, one day hiking in Tuolomne, and 1 day Hiking at Glacier point, maybe climb Half Dome the other day??? Any advice on what not to miss? KZ