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  1. jbreen

    Dmso ?

    I believe they had issues testing this on people because it also gives garlic breath, making blind trials impossible. The other risks make garlic breath pale in comparison though.
  2. jbreen

    Winter Quotations for Snow Lovers

    It's not specific to snow, but is more of an all occasion quote. "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." -- Ranulph Fiennes
  3. jbreen

    Need Nat Geo TPO files

    I've been using Topo! since the 1990s, and over the years had downloaded many TPO files from National Geographic's Map Exchange website for the Catskillls. This week, I went to download the TPO files from Map Exchange again (new computer) and it turns out that Nat Geo took down the Map...
  4. jbreen

    nylon repair

    well, as long as you're going to make a day of it, I would heat seal any frayed or torn fabric before sewing. Otherwise, the thread may pull through.
  5. jbreen

    The road to success is paved!

    Really. A trail to the UK's second highest peak is getting paved.
  6. jbreen

    Help with Waterproofing Questions, please

    I've had good luck with the Nixwax spray on, but if the garment is not too (over) used, you can run it through a hot dryer and that will restore the dwr properties.
  7. jbreen

    Thermarest Repair Question

    I used that type of repair kit a few years ago and when it was new, the tube was hard. Heating it softened the glue. You apply the glue to the mat, lay on the patch, then put the pot of hot water on top for a minute. Still holding up for 7+ years.
  8. jbreen

    Camelbak in-line water filters

    I didn't know they made an adapter. I've been using a short piece (about 1 1/4") of 1/4" copper tubing jammed in the hose end.
  9. jbreen

    How to make skiis less slippery

    Maybe if you cant the skis so the inner edge cuts more, they will keep tracking straight. That may also add enough resistance to slow them down.
  10. jbreen

    UL packable down parka

    I have a 650 fill EMS jacket I bought on clearance for $45 two years ago. While I wanted something in the range of 850 fill, the extra coin won out. I use it just as you describe. It packs down only to the size of two 1L Nalgenes, but in the shoulder seasons, I have the space in my pack.
  11. jbreen

    New fangled footware, really wierd

    looks like an open invitation to stubbed piggies.
  12. jbreen

    New Hunter lean-to

    is this where the old one burned down (above the horse watering barrel)?
  13. jbreen

    Survival Game

    I forgot a first aid kit. But then again, I have done that on occasion myself.
  14. jbreen

    TV show helps Utah boy survive night solo in woods

    There was the time Bear found the way to the highway The important thing the kid took away from the "entertainment" is he believed could make it. Now that he's back home, maybe Bear will do the right thing and ring him up, and set him straight on the difference between entertainment and...
  15. jbreen

    Lost back country skier sues SAR for taking too long While I feel for his loss, I think he is deflecting responsibility.
  16. jbreen

    Marmot Precip durability?

    The outer fabric of my precip is holding up well, but like others, the inner membrane on the back below the hood and on the shoulders is flaking off after 5 years. To restore the DWR, put it in a hot dryer for 20 minutes or so. This works with Hyvent, GTX, and others as well for the first few...
  17. jbreen

    Thule vs. X-Cargo

    True. I have a 10 year old box where that happened when I first got it. Shortly thereafter, I cleaned the locks, added graphite to the internas, lubed the mechanism inside with wd-40 and all has been fine since.
  18. jbreen

    anyone ever ACTUALLY use a magnesium fire starter ?

    Instead, I melt old candles and pour the wax into cardboard egg cartons filled with wood chips. I've never used more than one "egg section" to start a fire. The wood chips are leftovers from woodworking, and the candles are usually those decorative ones and were headed for the trash too.
  19. jbreen

    Our Mistakes?

    Mistakes? In addition to all the above (I unconsciously like to learn from my own mistakes not others), I gained life lessons from these: * When carrying a Nalgene upright in the winter, you can strike the cap against a rock to break the ice holding it closed; but striking it real hard will...
  20. jbreen

    keeping wet snow off crampons

    I thought I read about this fix here... I pop-riveted a piece of plastic milk jug over the flat area of the crampon plates. Only used them once with no issues but it was fairly cool that day. I sold the snowshoes at a garage sale and strangely, the buyer didn't ask why the milk jug pieces...