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  1. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Don't climb every mountain - This year's climbing season on Everest and hazards

    Mt. Everest is for people with more ego and money then brains.imo:p
  2. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    West Bond Whack

    I believe the standard route to whack off of West Bond is to follow the ridge out to the end then continue more or less straight down to Hellgate Brook and follow that downstream to the Franconia Brook Trail. I've never done this myself though. If you're planning a loop over the Bonds with this...
  3. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    bear and moose smell like ?

    I would assume a moose would smell similar to a big deer. :P bears on the other hand often stink pretty bad... like a very stinky wet dog. Often the area they've walked through will continue to smell for 30 minutes or more.
  4. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    The road to success is paved!

    "...the only part which has been tarmacked is three separate stretches totalling only 100 metres."
  5. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    2010: year of the deer fly? I doubt they can fly that speed for very long.
  6. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    2010: year of the deer fly?

    I would imagine those deer were unsuccessful in their escape attempt. Deer and horse flies can reach speeds of 90mph. No, that's not a misprint. :eek:
  7. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    2010: year of the deer fly?

    I encountered two on a hike a few weeks ago. I left them lying in the trail wingless and I haven't seen one since. Thanks for keeping them busy for me. :D
  8. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Good Businesses In the Whites

    Places I like: Fabyan's next to the Cog base road. Outstanding service. The Mountain Wanderer Bookstore in Lincoln. G H Pizza in Lincoln. I don't care for Elvios pizza :p Country Bumpkins Campground in Lincoln. Family campground, not a party place. They have the cleanest bathrooms I've ever...
  9. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    red rocks

    Red Rock Ravine has a few of those rocks as well :p
  10. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    This might be the place to ask about nh6. We know mountains. They know Winnipesaukee. ;)
  11. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    NH6 looks like Winnipesaukee from the Gilford area, maybe the yacht club. Edit: The yacht club was built in 1985, so I'll go with the old Gilford Marina. The Ossipee Mountains and the White Mountains are visible in the background and it doesn't look like Alton Bay.
  12. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Hiking Toward Employment

    I wouldn't hire any of you. :p
  13. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Could/Would you walk or bike to work if it was safer ?

    I walk all the way to work 5 days a week...and I walk the 50 yards home to. ;)
  14. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    South Twin from Twin Brook?

    I was just looking at the topo map and noticed when they made the map they put the 4,000'-4,600' contour lines awfully close together...I wonder why they did that? It makes it hard to see the lines when they're that close together. I've had some very bad experiences in ravines that were open to...
  15. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    One day pemi loop?

    If you find you can't get 14-15 hours out of the Pemi Loop, you can always throw in Galehead, North Twin, Zealand, and West Bond...and if that's not enough, there's always Owl's Head. :) My feet hurt just thinking about long hikes. ;)
  16. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Bear euthanized after biting photo taking hiker

    Perhaps I misunderstood your post Peakbagr...but what Hobbitling was saying was that female black bears don't reach 600 pounds, males do. FWIW, The record is 880 pounds.
  17. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Headlamps and Battery Drain

    Now you know why the petzl user's manual states to remove the batteries when storing the headlamp. :) When the batteries get real low they tend to leak no matter what brand they are. ...and this doesn't just apply to headlamps. Many electronic items and even cars consume a small amount of...
  18. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Osceola's via Dog Leg Slide 2/7/09

    Pics are up...finally. An Awesome day. I can't wait till the next trip.
  19. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    Thursday (1-8-09), post-snow storm hike

    I'd like to get out Thursday and break-out a 4k or two. I'd prefer something in the southern Whites. Anyone interested in helping me break trail, or interested in watching me break trail, post or PM me.
  20. NH_Mtn_Hiker

    MSR Denali Evo Strap Keeps Breaking!

    The Lightning Ascents suffer from the same strap breaking problem. I broke both front straps this past weekend climbing the Hancocks. A Cascade Designs rep. confirmed that the common problem is from the strap rubbing on the deck of the snowshoe when the binding pivots forward.